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  1. Has the Reign of Pooh shortfilm by OIP been shared yet? Was checking Jordan's channel for any new Yuzu content from WC and found it So fun!
  2. Pretty sure I saw one on YT yesterday with over 30t views already
  3. Beautiful, calming, poetic MV (fan made) - the title sounds like Thousand-years prayer
  4. This is cute...can imagine him washing his hands with intense focus
  5. I was thinking it might also be a charity thing to support fight against the fires, in which case I could imagine Yuzu actually talking for longer than 5s.
  6. Chris was actually very respectful and trying to say something positive most of the time, it just seemed his view is very western-limitted and it was clear he did not expect Yuma to get the gold at all. He did a shout out to Yuzu during his comments though so I am appeased
  7. Noah, the young Swiss skater talking about his training at TCC and Yuzu... Has anyone watched the Youth Olys? The live chat of the stream for Men FS was hilariously full of confused fanyus asking when Yuzu will skate
  8. Have you read the new Rafael A interview? He mentioned Yuzu in a complimentary way 4 or 5 times - https://fs-gossips.com/rafael-arutyunyan-girls-shoudnt-compete-with-women-its-not-fair/. Lately I feel there is too much drama in FS fandom, let's look on the bright side and search for the positives
  9. Is this a rare sighting of a fitting suit
  10. Eteri is a bit scary, but this is kind of making me like her
  11. you need to go into their 2019 ACI playlist, there are multiple vids including Yuzu
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