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  1. Hi satellites! Spoiler alert: sad post. Unfortunately I wasn't be able to watch Yuzu's free skate because my grandfather died today. Call it destiny, call it randomness but he died in the exact moment Yuzu was skating. I appointed my boyfriend to watch it for me because I obviously could not. I'm so sad, I can barely be happy for Yuzuru getting to the GPF (and I'm gonna be there!!!) It will take me some time to realize what happened today but i'm sure I will find the strength to overcome everything. Looking forward to cheer in Torino with all of you who are coming ♥️
  2. Morning everybody! To the Italian fellows out there: how will you be watching the competition? I landed yesterday evening in Rome and didn't know ISU YouTube channel was geoblocked here -.-
  3. Totally agree on Wang/Liu. Papadakis/Cizeron's strength is actually their smoothness, but I would dare to say that their lifts looks so effortless and easy also because they are not the most complex ones in the field. Their finnsteps were not as good as in IDF and I was happy to see they initally got level 2 for them (which then magically turned into level 4 -.-) I also agree that Gabi is very good at presentation, but she really needs to work on the technical aspect, her twizzles are just not there and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't get all those Level 4s if she was in another team. Imo, Guillaume has always been the pillar of the team. I really like their choreographies (Moonlight Sonata is a masterpiece in this sense) and I appreciate how always refined and smooth their moves are, but I would like to see them challenge themselves more technically. Which I doubt it will ever happen, since they get a new WR every time they step on the ice.
  4. It's Moulin Rouge Anyway, am i the only one who find Papadakis and Cizeron waay too overscored? I must admit I sometimes find it difficult to understand ice dance criteria but really, i don't see that much difference between them and other teams, especially in the RD.
  5. Mens short program is due on Thursday, so I guess they all gonna practice before it
  6. And we're back to romantic mood. And having watched Samarin, maybe it's better like this
  7. I guess the only non romantic exhibitions will be Sasha's unstoppable and Samarin's Joker...
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