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  1. lost the streaming can anyone provide limks pls?
  2. in some top european unis they offer courses solely in english as well, for foreigners. i also know of some in korea but doesnt yuzu do e-studying?
  3. no uni is but he actually attends classes and as u say it will be nice if he also passes those courses
  4. u r not becoming horrible. u r just frustrated and venting out not too many ppl though attend one of the best unis and still r the top of the top athletes. plenty r college students who het enrolled because of their achievements in sport and not based on merit.
  5. well, i guess the sense of bitterness stems from whom u root for and how they r doing. i dont understand about jdging, but i did like a lot alina and the kazach's girl performance. the kazach landed a perfect 4sal. the japanese [admin edit: please write out the word Japanese, otherwise it becomes a slur.] girls didnt do so well ]in my ignorant opinion anyway], and others did better. yuzu certainly stands for what FS should be about [and so does or did JAvi], but unfortunately apparentty that;s not the criteria anynore. as for nathan being a full time Yale student and achieving those outragrous results, it only stands to reason they talk about it all the time. he doesnt dedicate solely to skating, but also actually attending one the of the most prestigiuos unis in the worls. why shouldnt they talk about it? didnt they also talk nonstop about yuzu being a survior of an earthqauke? lets just hope to see a great comp today
  6. those 2 golds r certainly amazing thing. wish he could get a 3rd. and i do like or ove him very much, just not blind...
  7. tnks for the info also montreal worlds r supposed to be on sale in those dates. no?
  8. well, he has to learn how to lose as well... and how it feels when the center of attention is not focuses solely on him. not a nice feeling i am sure i think he hurt his leg when he fell in the 6 minutes warmup. he looked pained as as if it was real hard dor his to finish his routine lets hope hw will do better in the free
  9. the libk says select a channel anyway i see it on youtube japan