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  1. I got the tic refund Minus 50$ exchange rate. As the airtickets... I tried for a week to cancel my KLM flight but they srnt me to cheapoair where i wIted over 6 hours to tell n still i dont think they cancelled I left message for both ssker n airlines all over, so worst case scenario i ll sue them.
  2. Sure the govt takes the appropriate neadures. So far anyone from sny country can enter freely
  3. finally someone talking sense! well done, michal n all the others? the cat ate their tongues??
  4. thats what the Israeli monistry of health says: [apart from 14 days isolation for anyone coming to israel now] Restrictions on Mass Gatherings and Conferences All large community events or mass gatherings of more than 5,000 people are forbidden. All international travelers in the last 14 days are to avoid attending any gatherings of more than 100 people. International conferences in Israel are forbidden. Israeli residents returning from international conferences out of the country must be placed under a 14-day home isolation (for those returning on or after March 4th 2020 - non-retroactive). For older adults over 60 and people with chronic background diseases such as heart conditions, diabetes, hypertension, respiratory diseases or immunosuppression, it is recommended to avoid gatherings, contact with international travelers, contact with sick people, and contact with people suspected of a coronavirus infection.
  5. good for u u have taken the right decision as for refuns, i think we should unite n sue SC and/or ISU and/or quebec autorities
  6. we all have the urge to go if we r not refunded [me included] however, its like playing with fire, getting burnt n then wondering why? what did i do to deserve it? i, for one, believe i have received too many sings as to why NOt to go. my flight back is cancelled 14 days isolation or quarAntine once i am back managed to cancel my non-refundable hotel without having to pay i do believe that instead of going n risking our lives n other ppls lives, we should stay at home n sue SC, Enenko and/or quebec govt for NOT cancelling n putting us at risk. if they dont n ppl choose to go n do get infected, who will u blame then? urselves? i doubt it
  7. sure thing n that's how it should be normally. but those r nor normal times. going for a pre-event holiday without knowing if the event is going to take place? that would be find if ur holiday destination is indeed montreal or canada
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