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  1. what i read was before test skates. maybe he changed his version a bit. anyway its a shame he did
  2. from what i read, it's not michin idea to ditch white crow but misha's he says he cant skate to the same music too much
  3. i loved both his progs last yr they were simply exquisite shame he ditched them the free was so balletic one could see Nur hiself there for me its such a shame if they dont come i was looking forward to dasha, misha n daniil- this kid we can so rarely see him i might just cancel y trip to the US if they cant make it will think of rostelecom instead and/or russian nats [if i can get a ticket]
  4. shit shit shit i was counting on the russians while buying the tics for skate america n flight tickets from half the world
  5. luckily got [shitti] ticket for SC [boughy it last week] and a better one for S AM not bad as att and ACI which means i will have to travel half the world twice in less than a month
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