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  1. it's platinum' mo? centre middle long side should be ok, very ok i am not very far from u
  2. try astor hotel in booking REasonable price and not far u need to find a place near metro station M1 bus 18 or 74 or near Lingotto
  3. that is probably so but now they seem to have more tix than what they started with
  4. i know its a joke thats why i am surprised they send their best 2
  5. only the americans sent their best skaters? javi is not enough for europe and den is not so much help
  6. it should me too although last time no problem push continue again they dont start on time?
  7. i dont think those packages include the dubious gourmet food and hostess. and even if they dont- its outrageous the price they charged for that totally unnecessary service
  8. same same here ia am just about to book the flight to Vegas [alreasy booked the one to kolowna] but u have it wasy for me its flying twice in a month to canada, as if i were a pilot or a busuness woman [not talking about worlds now]
  9. but ACI is somewhat of a party as well. no? i wish he could participate there too, since anyway i am going to see HIs Grace there
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