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  1. I still didnt get any notofication For dkate canafa i did get I m beginning to feel strssed. They didnt ssy when it starts nor gave a link?
  2. i didnt get the notice can u pls post thet link? and when does it start? tks
  3. So To sum things up Isu says end of may Italians say in about 2 weeks And then somebody else says... not before end of summer Now i understand... not. At least with the canafians and worlds we know where we stand
  4. me too also booked accomodation waiting with the flight. what if i dont get a ticket?
  5. in some top european unis they offer courses solely in english as well, for foreigners. i also know of some in korea but doesnt yuzu do e-studying?
  6. no uni is but he actually attends classes and as u say it will be nice if he also passes those courses
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