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  1. Thank you for answering my question (although I don't know WHY that link was included). Simply put, I have been out of the loop for so long, so I just needed to get up to date about Yuzuru nothing else.
  2. Do you know when he has returned to Japan? How did you know about that?
  3. Could you all just clarify with me here if he has actually GONE to Japan? I am just getting mixed up here. Haven't been up to date with Yuzuru Hanyu in the past couple of weeks.
  4. Already received the refund this morning. My credit card has -$1759.82 and I need to transfer it to line of credit. Experiencing technical difficulties getting through to the bank, so might need to call them later. UPDATED: Went to the bank teller in person to transfer the refund from credit card to line of credit so I have $117 leftover.
  5. It doesn't look like we have a choice but to wait. Also, since they have processed the refunds already, the banking process is going to take a long time before it gets to us.
  6. According to Evenko, all the refunds have been processed so it will take 10 business days (or even 15).
  7. Yeah, maybe I will just call Evenko and ask if they have started the refund process yet. First time I called them on Thursday and Friday, they didn't know. I hope they have at least some idea about what to do next now that I heard from all of you.
  8. I mentioned the timing of the ticket purchases because I thought some ticket purchased had more priority over others to be refunded first. Also, if other people said they have already been refunded, maybe I should check with Evenko again?
  9. Doesn't that depend on WHEN you bought the tickets too? I mean, I bought mine near late December to early (or is it mid?) January. They were all separate single tickets too.
  10. Just to clarify, I am talking about Evenko. So is there supposed to be a receipt with your refund along with a deposit that says so? I wonder if it will take longer for me since I bought a lot of tickets.
  11. Was this for all the tickets you bought or just a few of them? Also, I bought tickets for all the days which is almost $2100 to $2400 on my credit card. My friend said they might not refund everyone that much, so am I at a greater loss of not getting one?
  12. You mean to tell us Evenko didn't owe you a refund back from that email? Or was it a fake? Chances are, we'll need to wait 10 business days for everyone to get a refund back. I'm afraid of having to hunt them down myself just to get money back. Evenko is liable to refunding people back even though it was the Minister of Health in Quebec who made the call to cancel Worlds.
  13. I never implied anything negative about her self-quarantine. Just commending her for doing so.
  14. Why did they pull out at the last minute, I don't know either. It's bullshit, EVERYONE knows there's a virus going around, PULL the plug out of it when you still can. Even the Tokyo Olympics in Japan is still proceeding and people are acting like Japan has some sort of death wish. How the hell can you ask for a death wish at such a urgent time like this I don't get it. Kudos to the wife for voluntarily self-quarantining herself while she just tested positive though.
  15. Received the email too, but I paid for these tickets on a previous credit card. I now have a new credit card. Seeing how we just got the new email about refunds, should I wait to inform Evenko about my new credit card number so the refund can go there instead of the old credit card number? Seems a bit soon to do that (this is what I just found out today when I was on the phone with them). **UPDATE** The old credit card number is not valid anymore so the bank will transfer the refund to the new credit card number.
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