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  1. I mean, there's a time to cheer and scream and most of the time it might not necessarily be at practice time. That's the time when all the skaters need to focus and concentrate on their work. Even when it's your favorite singer trying to rehearse on stage, the last thing they need is applause for every high note they hit. All the figure skaters need practice and warm-up or they may make mistakes or forget the program they're trying to skate. As for when it's okay to get their attention, it may be something where it's at a gala or even the medal ceremony. Just after the skaters got their picture taken and did a tour around the rink, I had no problem shouting "Omedetou Gozaimasu" to Yuzuru, especially since the music was so loud back then. THAT definitely got his attention because he noticed, smiled and waved back at me BUT it was also at a more appropriate time. Granted he also paused a bit before moving on because I dropped my banner to wave back, so the moment lasted for half a second longer. It's when that sort of attention is welcome because it was a victory celebration. Screaming and shouting during practice means you're not being considerate to the other skaters or the people around you and that you're only thinking about yourself. I wouldn't be surprised if any of the male figure skaters felt a bit annoyed at any unwarranted distractions such as that. You'd be pissed too if you're trying to concentrate on your program and can't remember it because of such distractions like that, even when it's not directed at you.
  2. Doesn't anyone at Xylitol even think before making these designs for him to wear? It's too overly done for Yuzuru. Anyone who is thinking about buying these posters is clearly wasting money like that.
  3. That has got to be one of the most adorable moments EVER! It would be so EPIC if Yuzuru actually reacted to it on Twitter!!
  4. I think this is why we have to remember Yuzuru Hanyu is still a human being with his own thoughts and individuality. Only a small portion of his fans think like that while everyone else puts him on a pedestal. Moments like the ones that you just mentioned are when it's actually starting to bother him a bit. When I was at the event, during the men's practice there were still some cheering for him and I clapped along even though I was also trying to pay attention to the other skaters' practice too. I even felt uneasy during these times because I felt guilty for getting distracted by that applause. We need more considerate fans like ourselves so it doesn't feel like we are alone empathizing with him.
  5. So I have a couple of questions and one is about the skater's gift box this year. Why was it mostly gifts rather than cards or letters? I didn't see a lot of those in the box on either Friday or Saturday. I put in a Bentley bag with a Pooh Bear and a package on Friday and it was half full when it got emptied out. It had Yuzuru's name in Japanese and English and inside was a letter (with a translated copy), stickers, a copy of my Pooh Bear drawing, pictures and a self addressed envelope. I'm not even sure if he'll use the self addressed envelope let alone listen to my concerns for his health (as in injuring himself). I'd have hoped he would try listening somehow, but with his latest interviews suggesting overexerting himself, I feel worried as hell. Especially when he said he was training quintuples in a harness (like quads aren't enough work to land!).
  6. I actually have a Winnie the Pooh plushie and a package for Yuzuru himself. It has a letter to him (including one translated in Japanese, some Winnie the Pooh stickers, pictures (one of myself) and a copy of my drawing of Winnie the Pooh skating (the original went to JSF mailing address). I even included a self-addressed envelope with my forwarding address and a stamp. This is my second attempt at sending him fan mail, so I hope that by giving these to Skate Canada to pass to him will actually work.
  7. So, what time should we be at the arena? I'm already getting up around 4-5 AM for a shower and morning routine on the Thursday the show will start.
  8. I have a question, what should you wear to a figure skating event? Just wondering since it will be cold in the arena and warm outside.
  9. @KateYoo Do you still have the all event pass or did you already sell it? I would have bought it from you and sell my extra tickets.
  10. @lesea Do you have another Saturday ticket for sale? I have Thursday and Friday tickets but I really need the Saturday one. Please tell me how many Saturday tickets you have.
  11. @LittleLottie1881 It's alright. I know you mean well. Thanks anyways!
  12. @LittleLottie1881 Hi there! Is it possible to get the other set of all event tickets from you? Please let me know very soon!
  13. Hi there, I am still looking for a Saturday ticket. Please DM me or email at [email protected]
  14. Just got an email from Maha Yammine from Skate Canada: Maha Yammine (Skate/Patinage Canada) Jul 30, 08:56 EDT Hello Cynthia, The 2019 Autumn Classic International event is sold out currently and single tickets will not be offered. Sorry for any inconvenience. Sincerely, Maha Yammine - Skate Canada 1.888.747.2372 | @skatecanada Apparently they may not release more tickets either now or later. I am dead serious about getting a Saturday ticket because it's my first time watching Yuzuru Hanyu live and traveling 5-6 hours from Ottawa! PLEASE message me if you have a spare Saturday ticket!
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