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  1. According to website and ISU documentation it says 4:00-6:30pm whether we shall believe it or not is a different question
  2. At this point I want my WC ticket delivered and detailed schedule out. Can’t even book flight since no one knows when is Sunday going to end. Now they are saying no tickets till Jan 31?! Oh great ... and now what? 2020 SC?
  3. Is it announced already? That they will start selling SC2020 this EARLY? That’s insane ...
  4. Me me please, although I will only be in Montreal Fri. to Sun., it's time to re-join the gang ~~
  5. Letting go a P2 level all-event ticket in section 101 L. Long side, opposite to the judges. Willing to take considerable discount, please message me and discuss if you are interested. Thank you~
  6. If you are interested in some first row tickets please msg me. I have four in a row, price highly negotiable.
  7. Take great care of yourself for now, I will pray for your health and return!
  8. You are not the only one my friend. After coming back from Finland I started to develop this wierd feeling. I tired to shake it off because it felt like non-sense; and after the short I was determined it was nonsense. And then ... However although I am sad right now, I feel the future will be fine. It will be fine for him and for us. On the bright side, he can finally take some decent rest video games anyone?
  9. He said he won't retire, not until 4A. I do sympathize with a lot of what you wrote, especially the hard decisions Yuzu has to make in the coming days/months, yet I trust his words as always, and looking forward to what he would have become, against all obstacles and doubts. He will come back, and let's pray for our boy to come back healthy and wise.
  10. I was trying to persuade myself to sell my GPF tickets during the past 48 hours. As two friends of mine asked me to help sell theirs I am forced to think of my own. I just couldn’t do it. Logically I know that it’s about time to let go, unless I really want to get further bankcrupted but mentally I’m not able to. Somehow I feel that doing this cuts some kind of bounding, and it surprised me that I ‘ve happily lived with that bounding for the past few months. Anyways sorry for whining here since even I myself is getting tired of the feelings of sadness and powerless. As a fanyu I wish Yuzu a speedy and painless recovery and I don’t want him to come back to any competition without fully healed, including GPF. However I am still having a hard time letting go. Call me stupid ...
  11. No worries, not gonna happen my friend. He has to visit Niagra Falls first ...
  12. Saw the news this morning still can’t believe it now. What a sad loss to his family, all of his fans and the world! So sorry ....
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