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  1. icecreamy

    Planet Hanyu Banner Competition 2.0 - VOTING

    Too difficult for me to decide on one Is it just me?
  2. Hi I am not sure if the following has been answered/researched by anyone, basically I was wondering if Helsinki Ice Hall the venue itself has any luggage deposit service. My friend and I are arriving at noon time on Fri. We will just take a cab to Helsinki Ice Hall with a carry-on bag, hoping to catch OP. Does anyone know whether they can help us store our luggage? Or can we just leave it in the hall, like some did during SCAC? I tried calling them but found out they close at 3PM.
  3. Thanks a lot, buddy!
  4. Tried the code on all events page because that’s the only page I can get to, doesn’t seem to work upon pressing the lock button. Anything else that I need to make sure of bro?
  5. FYI - got words from skate Canada confirming that throwing flowers and plush onto rink is ALLOWED! Pooh and goat, everyone!
  6. To which email? Their common customer service one?
  7. I asked them too. They replied no, but then SC had presale, so I chose not to believe them.
  8. icecreamy

    ACI Tickets Market

    I've heard again that they won't take off glass panels, if that's the case there is no point lining up for seats, and we will have plenty of time to chat and drink and hang out but hey!!! where is full list of athletes!!! when will those get posted!!! BTW I just realized it's the wrong thread, I was away for a few days and didn't realize that we thread out to have market place for each event. Sorry!
  9. icecreamy

    ACI Tickets Market

    If so, Sat. dinner may be the easiest
  10. icecreamy

    ACI Tickets Market

    Updated schedule: https://skatecanada.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/2018-ACI-Block-Schedule.pdf
  11. Thanks for sharing! Now you got this Vorschmack thing planted in my head too. If I can’t shake it off for the next three months ... I guess I will try it too. I hope Helsinki 2018 a great memory to all of us, with or without dear Vorschmack!
  12. Got my flight booked today. Was wondering if anyone still needs a Thur. ticket ? I remember getting it for $15 at presale.