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  1. TBH I don’t have a concerte plan on how to do it yet but if it comes to that point I am sure there will be quite a few channels to resell. Underdtand your eyesight concern; I have similar problem, to make it worse I have astigmatism. On the bright side while others see only one copy of him I see double. Can’t help feeling my money’s worth
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    This blue and yellow hue somehow got stuck in my head all day. And I have to say that after staring at all the photos for so long I miraculously started to get used to it. Does this happen to any of you too?
  3. I guess it depends on how much you want to make sure you will be able to attend it, and also your interest level in all displines of the event. A few of us bought all event ticket and now wai for single event tickets with better seats to be released.
  4. You are sure in our friend with the url. I guess we also need to coordinate with other fans to sing the birthday song together somehow. I hope we get a chance to do it; maybe some experienced satellite would shed light on that experince when time get near
  5. No my head won’t be able to hold 23 candles 23 heads each with a candle, big one. Those with light bulb on top maybe? Man, what kind of math level are we on! 24 bro it’s one plus 23. Guess we are all jinxed by ISU!
  6. General Skating Chat

    I am not worried about Yuzu anymore, because I feel that judges, even under the current system, do not really follow their own scoring system. Nor am I that worried about assignment neither. I am mostly worried about the lack of mathematical skills of those ISU folks, they seem to hit the wall with just the basics. Um, really worried ... if they can get two digit addition/subtraction right, I guess assignment will come out in one piece.
  7. Proposed changes for next season

    Finally able to read this whole thing and did some calculations on my own. I had to do it because what’s described here sounds unbelievable initially. Good lord, I’m so pissed! You raise or lower the bar in sports, you don’t raise part of it and lower another part of it so the selective some win or lose. This is sad
  8. For anyone that already registered to get notification from Skate Canada yet received nothing during this round of pre-sale I strongly suggest you check your email junk folder. Most likely it got thrown in there. You need to mark it as not a spam for next set of notices to reach your inbox.
  9. We need many heads, of course! And huddle together to look like a cake
  10. So if all goes well Yuzu will celebrate his birthday on ice this year. I am going to wear a candle hat, anyone here with me? I need another 23 candles
  11. So sorry to hear about your story! That must be so devastating to you at the time!
  12. You should really wear a T-shirt with that sale URL printed, we will all hug you in WB, if we don’t get upgraded on single event later
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    OMG my right eye is double folded and left is single folded. So does that mean I am half way stuck in the evolution process and thus have to pay the price of thicker eyeliner on the left every morning? life is so unfair!
  14. It's included in full event tickets, and according to the Q&A section, full event tickets can be used separately, meaning you can let someone else attend an event that you don't attend.