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  1. Letting go an P1 all-event ticket Section 124 Row C. Original price 2100CAD, now asking 1400CAD, or best offer. Also a Men's Free/Free Dance single day ticket, Section 106, Row A, asking for 300 CAD. Please message me if interested.
  2. Selling a P2-level all-event ticket Section 111, row F. Long side, on the right hand side of judge, to K&C side. Price is negotiable. Please message me if you are interested ~
  3. On behalf of a friend who will not be able to make it to WC, letting go of a P2-level all-event ticket, section 122 - Row A, paid CAD 1680, willing to offer discount. Front row among P2 level tickets, opposite to the judge's long side. Please message me if you are interested, thanks!
  4. Is it normal that there is still no detailed schedule yet? How do we figure out, for a given day, which OP will occur at which arena?
  5. Selling a P3 level all-event ticket, Section 109, row E. Paid CAD 1370. Paypal preferred. Please message me if you are interested!
  6. On behalf of a friend who will not be able to make it to WC, letting go of a pair of P2-level all-event ticket, section 115 - Row G, paid CAD 1680, willing to negotiate. Two seats are adjacent, can take either one or two. Please message me if you are interested, thanks!
  7. I just called Bell Centre. 1. All event tickets are not transferrable through evenko account, even though the email says so. 2. Single day ticket should be transferrable through evenko account, guess let's hope so? Customer service suggested direct emailing the PDF file attached if you need to transfer.
  8. Does anyone know how to transfer a ticket to another evenko account? Their email says "To transfer a mobile ticket in your order, please use the transfer option in your Apple Wallet or your evenko account." Does anyone know how?
  9. According to website and ISU documentation it says 4:00-6:30pm whether we shall believe it or not is a different question
  10. At this point I want my WC ticket delivered and detailed schedule out. Can’t even book flight since no one knows when is Sunday going to end. Now they are saying no tickets till Jan 31?! Oh great ... and now what? 2020 SC?
  11. Is it announced already? That they will start selling SC2020 this EARLY? That’s insane ...
  12. Me me please, although I will only be in Montreal Fri. to Sun., it's time to re-join the gang ~~
  13. Letting go a P2 level all-event ticket in section 101 L. Long side, opposite to the judges. Willing to take considerable discount, please message me and discuss if you are interested. Thank you~
  14. If you are interested in some first row tickets please msg me. I have four in a row, price highly negotiable.
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