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  1. News came about 4cc team on Dec 24 last year, right after Nationals
  2. Looking for a 12/8 ticket in front row, preferably in section 108. Thanks! Also looking for a pair of 12/8 tickets in adjacent seats.
  3. icecreamy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    You are not the only one my friend. After coming back from Finland I started to develop this wierd feeling. I tired to shake it off because it felt like non-sense; and after the short I was determined it was nonsense. And then ... However although I am sad right now, I feel the future will be fine. It will be fine for him and for us. On the bright side, he can finally take some decent rest video games anyone?
  4. Oops, misread it. Can't help with that question bud
  5. When you transfer through Ticketmaster, you will need to fill out that person’s full name and email , and that email needs to match their Ticketmaster account. Once you transfer, you will see on the ticket that it’s transferring, and you will receive email about it. At the same time that person will receive email notification to accept the transfer. When they accepted it you will get notified and that ticket will be marked as transferred. From that point on the other person should see and print the ticket off their account
  6. icecreamy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    He said he won't retire, not until 4A. I do sympathize with a lot of what you wrote, especially the hard decisions Yuzu has to make in the coming days/months, yet I trust his words as always, and looking forward to what he would have become, against all obstacles and doubts. He will come back, and let's pray for our boy to come back healthy and wise.
  7. Selling following Wed Dec. 5 OP tickets on behalf of my friends. [Dec 5 OP] Section 118 Row 3, Seat 4 $33.65 (CAD) [Dec 5 OP] Section KC Row 4, Seat 1 $33.65 (CAD) [Dec 5 OP] Section KC . Row 4, Seat 2 $33.65 (CAD) Also a Gala ticket on Dec. 9 [Dec 9 GALA] Section E-BL, Row 2 $76 (USD) Accept paypal, tickets can be transferred directly via ticketmaster, or PDF via email. Most of the ticket prices negotiable, please message me for details.
  8. Selling tickets for 12/6 and 12/7, both in KC area: 12/6: Section KC, Row 2, Seat 7 137CAD (SOLD) 12/7: Section KC, Row 4, Seat 4 193CAD (on hold) Paypal preferred. Can transfer to paypal account, or PDF via email.
  9. icecreamy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I was trying to persuade myself to sell my GPF tickets during the past 48 hours. As two friends of mine asked me to help sell theirs I am forced to think of my own. I just couldn’t do it. Logically I know that it’s about time to let go, unless I really want to get further bankcrupted but mentally I’m not able to. Somehow I feel that doing this cuts some kind of bounding, and it surprised me that I ‘ve happily lived with that bounding for the past few months. Anyways sorry for whining here since even I myself is getting tired of the feelings of sadness and powerless. As a fanyu I wish Yuzu a speedy and painless recovery and I don’t want him to come back to any competition without fully healed, including GPF. However I am still having a hard time letting go. Call me stupid ...
  10. icecreamy

    General Yuzuru Chat

    No worries, not gonna happen my friend. He has to visit Niagra Falls first ...
  11. Is this your wedding my friend? If so congratulations otherwise ... I sometimes got away with phone and earbuds; last time I did it by a campfire by hiding in a corner .... freezing but I got that precious few minutes.
  12. Please do film my friend! I am still at work, won't be able to catch up with first two day of OPs. Feeling so miserable, truly miserable right now If the chat thread is open for all Helsinki attendees, can someone add me too please? Also anyone who's talked to me during SCAC please knock on my shoulder when you see me this time! I have extremely poor facial recognition ability but I've got different gifts to you all ~~~~
  13. icecreamy

    Planet Hanyu Banner Competition 2.0 - VOTING

    Too difficult for me to decide on one Is it just me?
  14. Hi I am not sure if the following has been answered/researched by anyone, basically I was wondering if Helsinki Ice Hall the venue itself has any luggage deposit service. My friend and I are arriving at noon time on Fri. We will just take a cab to Helsinki Ice Hall with a carry-on bag, hoping to catch OP. Does anyone know whether they can help us store our luggage? Or can we just leave it in the hall, like some did during SCAC? I tried calling them but found out they close at 3PM.