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  1. SOLD Selling one all-event ticket: W-BL, Row 5, Seat 40. It's West Bleachers, right in the middle. The map is here: https://www1.ticketmaster.ca/event/1100542BBE9E6350?did=firstaccess Price is CAD$252.5 (or USD$194.12). I accept PayPal. PM
  2. Hey! Hey! We are happy to have so many fanyus in the row Looking forward to seeing you))
  3. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll grab a great seats! It seems that the whole sectors with excellent view wasn't on sale.
  4. Hi! My friends and I have C4 Row 2 seats 1-4. Nice to meet you))
  5. I've missed everything( Can somebody give me a link? Save me, please! I hope the tickets is still aviable...
  6. Yes. That's new wierd rumor (Jenya is half-armenian). Personally I think it's ludicrous.
  7. I've used CDJapan Proxy. Their service fees is reasonable, I think. But I have to wait till July to get my shirts and clear files
  8. I haven't received tracking number yet. And I choose the Ci t-shirt cos I am planing to go on work in it))
  9. What proxy do you use? I have never ordered like that so I desperately try to find the service now. Thanks)))
  10. His "spasibo" was very good today. I can give him GOE +2 for this element! I've listened 5 times. But I'm still not sure what language he used.
  11. Oh, really? Did he say "присядьте" ("prisjad'te")? I thought it was "Please sit down. Thanks" in english
  12. Oh! I haven't heard about it... Who it was?
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