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  1. Okay, many thanks. Being patient about this is hard though. Hahaha.
  2. Hi! I'm curious what happened next after winning. Did you win specific tickets in a specific section, and had "x amount of days" to pay for them? Or did you get something like a redemption code for the ticket sit, but still had to go through a bloodbath moment after tickets went on sale? I guess, what I'm saying is... once you won tickets, was the stressful part over? Thanks!
  3. I'm already considering plans for Nov. 2019. I also have a lot of friends in Japan. But I'm also reading a lot about needing a Japanese phone number, AND having that same phone on the day of the events in order to get in. Or if I'm inferring correctly, having that Japanese friend attend the event with me? That won't be possible for me as most of my friends are in Tokyo and Kansai. Did you have a successful experience getting tickets by having your Japanese friends enter the lottery than give you the tickets, without them also attending? Any advice - to quell my already-building anxiety - would be so well appreciated. Thanks!
  4. I just found this doc, that has something of a schedule on the last page.
  5. This is my first ISU event. 楽しみ! I found a schedule on the ISU’s website at http://www.isuresults.com/schedules/gprus2018_ColouredTimeSchedule.pdf but boy is it hard for me to decipher it easily. Does anyone know of a cleaner schedule that, like, uses full words?
  6. Hey, I'm C4, Row 2, Seat 6. Sell it to someone fun, okay? hahaha.
  7. Yah, a billion thanks to everyone who helped!! I'm so glad I had the support of this chat.
  8. ....I just realized that in never received a ticket alarm email in my inbox. Did anyone? lol. When will that arrive, I wonder.
  9. 残念!I'm in lounge 11. That would have been cool if we were in the same one. I feel a bond with all of you, after this long 20 hours.
  10. No, I did it too. Hey, maybe you'll share a lounge with Yuzuru's family? You never know. haha.
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