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  1. I honestly hope fanyu will only buy the ticket the last minute possible. Only and only if Yuzuru will be there. This fed and ISU trying to milk us with every chance they get while ignoring unfair and corrupt judging altogether. How convenient!!!
  2. I share your sentiment tbh. I mean, Med might have Yuna's record but there's no way her performance could ever match up Yuna's. Technique wise, even artistry wise, Yuna is way above Med.
  3. Funny how JSF think Dai has more potential than Kazuki. I mean, I get that Dai's artistry is better but artistry alone won't make him competitive internationally. I wonder what JSF wants to achieve by placing Dai at that special list.
  4. If Yuzu is competing, then the most popular discipline would be senior mens. Yepp, ISU should already recognize that Yuzu is the biggest factor of mens FS popularity. But considering Yuzu's not there, I can say that ladies are currently the most popular? I mean, we have two ladies doing 3A and one OG gold medalist.
  5. I feel you. Especially now that he finally qualifies with full points and highest score. But yeah...his health comes first. When I'm feeling disappointed like right now, I always remind myself that it must be much more disappointing for Yuzu not being able to participate in GPF. But that's life, I guess.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Right now it is about time Yuzu has to set up priorities for the bigger events, which is Worlds next year. Assuming that the injury is not as bad as last year, he'd have just about enough time to heal and prepare himself for Worlds. I still want him to win Gold at Worlds for at least once more. Three is a miracle number.
  7. At this point, what I hope is he'll do anything that makes him happy. Forgive me for saying this, but I really wouldn't mind if he becomes a skating monk again this time around. I mean, what we define as happiness might be different from what is happiness for him. So I guess I just want him to do whatever it is he wants to do. Of course I'll be happy if he gets to play his favourite video games, but again...all is up to him. In the meanwhile, I'll be binge watching his vids whenever I feel like I miss him (which literally means every few hours).
  8. Now, I need a seer to just do us a favour and predict only good things for Yuzu.
  9. I got so curious about this Dmitriev that I binge watched a lot of his videos on youtube. And imagine my surprise when I find out that he -no offense here- is just an ordinary skater. I mean, the guy obviously still has problems with some of his triples. But well, that doesn't necessarily mean he can't do the 4A tho. Watching his skates really convinced me that him putting 4A into his layout was meant more for boosting anticipation for his skates. If he can do it then it's history, if he can't then it won't matter much since he's not even in the league of the elites. I just don't like the way Mishin is trying to make him bigger than he actually is. Nahh...probably I just don't like Mishin after all.
  10. Considering our recent discussion on General Hanyu thread about the impossibility of prerotating axel, I doubt that Dmitriev would be able to land a ratified 4A. I think him putting that 4A in his program is more likely to boost the anticipation for his skating. I wouldn't be surprised if he'd end up botching it into a triple or even a single A. As for Yuzu, I'm more content on believing him fully. I know he's trolled us a lot in the past, or even now he might as well is still trolling us. But having faith in him will spare me the anxiety of thinking when, where and how will he perform Nessie. I trust Yuzu to have the best judgment on when, where and how. Even if he's not the first skater to land it (God forbid!) I'll still be happy if he can land Nessie with an ideal form and score.
  11. It is true that when new skating fans watched Koola before they join the larger fandom, they'd have this stigma towards some specific skaters, but in my opinion, as long as fans can filter information then TSL or Koola is okay. I like watching Koola's videos because I like to know the details on jump techniques. I also follow chiburahakai and mirakyun on twitter and I learn a lot about skating technique from them. I think if we talk about performance that "GOES OUT", then I'd pick Daisuke over literally everyone, tho.
  12. Sometimes evil me had a thought that they like Shoma just because he's Yuzu's rival. Like...he's a fellow Japanese and also a top skater. So easy to compare him with Yuzu.
  13. THIS also!! I know that Shoma goes to US every summer for jump training, and his jumps (other than the floop) have been getting better -though I have to add that he still prerotates a lot too-. I just...don't understand why judges never called that floop. I really appreciate it when skaters (like Zhenya, Satoko and Mao) tried their best to improve their technique. I also appreciate Shoma for going for jump training in US and it'll probably take a few years to really correct his floop, but...I don't know, I feel like his floop isn't getting any better up until now.
  14. I know what you mean and I do enjoy Shoma's skating. His spins and edge work are one of my favorite amongst mens single. About the transition score, I think even with what Yuzu performed in Helsinki's Origin, the transition there was still better than Shoma. But yeah...judges are never consistent with their scoring. I expect that if they score Yuzu lower, then they should score Shoma even lower than that.
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