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  1. I don't necessarily read his blog/tweets to begin with. But everyone is free to keep following him. And what I meant was not about pointing out mistakes. If I click/visit/comment on his blogs that's a free traffic for his blog, liking and rt-ing his tweets would also mean more people will read his twitter. I refuse to do that. There are many other reliable news source in twitter. Rather than giving Jackie attention, I would look for information from other source.
  2. Yes, he's a journalist and that's even more a reason on why I refuse to give him any attention. I mean, if he can't show a decent objectivity when doing his job, then why should I give him a free support for his platform?
  3. I won't even bother. He's shown over and over again his bias towards N/A skaters, and he's also made fun of and/or blocked fanyus who criticized him. Currently he's only riding the waves with Hanyu appearing and us cheering with joys. That kind of person doesn't deserve our attention.
  4. My thoughts exactly. And as much power the USFSA has, they actually HAVE NO RIGHT to inflate or overscore. No feds have that right, as neither judges have. There's reason why ISU made guidelines on judging. And if they are not applied, what are they for? And what value will this sport have? If judges would score skater based on their feds power, then don't even bother holding a competition. Just give those medals to US or Rus skaters. Sorry...this score inflation still leaves a bad taste on my mouth.
  5. God, I miss Yuzu even more... what's with this tv station showing Shoma and Dai
  6. It's difficult to find the male counterpart I guess. Not many Japanese male skaters have the muscles needed for pairs or dance, tho that can be trained I guess.
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