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  1. ^^ I think Uber wasn’t available in Vancouver ( think they are working on it though) but Toronto/Montreal they are
  2. I think if yuzu competing in 20/21 season then I will prob say he will go for it and I’m also thinking if yuzu wins this coming season at worlds he might think about retiring, like leave on a high note..
  3. Seems like the latest travel date eligible for the deals is only till February 2020
  4. Does anyone know what letter might be for the first row offering for P3 on 118-120 section? The earliest letter I see was M? Is M probably in the back, middle? I doubt it’s near the front Side note, the ticket system is horrible!!
  5. Hello to those who been to a number of events if I plan to get orange level ticket which part would be the best view, I’m just afraid if the view is obstructed . I remember sitting at the judge side to the left a little and the view was bad ... for the picture, I circle #1 and #3 orange area which will you recommend getting , and #2 orange area it’s near the kiss and cry.. but I’m afraid view might be obstructed there please let me know what u guy think, thanks^^
  6. Damn! The ice show thread move like 70+ pages since I last viewed it O_o

    1. Babyn1994


      In less than a day haha now I can slowly read them since no work tmr 

  7. Thanks for the translation! Great read, really like the encouragement he gave to Yuzu
  8. Same here I don’t know how many times and different version/commentary of his worlds FS I have watched
  9. It will be interesting to see both Shoma and Yuzu in nhk, don’t think they care, think they both can get 1 and 2 rank
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