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  1. hope I’m asking in the right place. Of course I know tickets prices varies depending what country they are hosting it. I was trying to lookup worlds 2016 as a reference for worlds that are held on North America but I can’t seem to find any info i think a few of you gere prob been there. What were the ticket prices there? I just want to have an idea if I’m planning for 2020. I found info for the Helsinki and Milan one and they were like $800-1000?
  2. Hi guys sorry I don’t know where to ask u guys think it okay to come in the middle of competition is fine? Or they won’t let u in until the discipline that is competing done...? Im a noob when it comes to FS event, this is the first, only been to basketball games and concerts For example tmr I want to be there just in time for the juniors ladies SP but nothing before that(since I will be sightseeing too)
  3. Seems like I’ll be missing the men’s SP due to work, I see that someone posted a list of live streaming links available, do u guys know which one after the live will have like a full replay?
  4. Thanks for the info was waiting for single tickets can anyone suggest what are some of the best seats? Like center but not judge side , or at an angle but on judge side? Which would be better? For sure I don’t want a view where it’s like obstructed
  5. ^^ thx for the link guess that where I saw the fixed cost... if they have Uber will be so much easier
  6. Hi LucyH! Thx for your reply. About Uber... I thought they don’t have in Vancouver? i was mainly looking about route from Yvr airport to ubc/west coast mainly...I thought I saw an airport service thing and according to area there’s only a max amount they can charge you, I saw it was $35 to ubc area from airport.. I don’t know where I saw that and I didn’t bookmark the page
  7. Wow didn’t don’t FS fans are that intense or only yuzu fans? And I thought me arriving in the morning for an evening concert was crazy ( was standing pit so no assigned seats plus I’m short I won’t be able to see anything if I’m in far back) but I’m passed these days I feel old to do this now. By the way those there are familar eith ubc and Vancouver how I get to airport to west coast , any good site where I can get info, seem like must take a transit? And i read somewhere in Vancouver if u take a taxi there’s a max amount they can charge so for certain areas?
  8. Wow didn’t know we can upgrade our seats? I would love to too since I’ll be traveling there would like to get a better seat to enjoy the events! how Should I go about it? Just email them and ask?
  9. Wow the price o_0 guess I try to only get certain single tickets ...
  10. Damn! The ice show thread move like 70+ pages since I last viewed it O_o

    1. Babyn1994


      In less than a day haha now I can slowly read them since no work tmr 

  11. is the ticket link available just to view ? i try searching on ticketmaster but i dont even see anything related to figure skating event.
  12. anyone stay at the carey centre before? it walking distance to the arena but seems like it on the costly side with the room and stuff they providing compare to triumpf house which have more amenities and relatively the same price (well that's why it's sold out for a reason) but would anyone recommend staying there? i would have totally book westcoast suite but it's full
  13. Hi all! So I finally have time to look around for flight and hotel. So I need to make sure, the event tickets say for dec 5-9 Is their a schedule out yet? The 9th is the gala for sure but when does fans start ususally should I make sure and book my hotel/flight for dec 10? dec 6-8 the events dec 5 is the practice?? And are they ususally held in morning/noon? Those who have experience with GPF should i book/depart for dec 4 to make sure I can attend practice or dec 5 should be ok?
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