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  1. huh... it’s kind of upsetting that he apparently feels like he needs to be hyper aware of how he presents himself even in his private life to avoid negative commentary. i wish the focus was more on dismissing the people pointing fingers and causing talk than on yuzuru restraining/changing himself in any way.
  2. i ended up buying a ticket for friday because it’s so cheap but i’m not sure if i’ll even be able to make it in the first place gonna wait for assignments to come out before i decide if i want to spend more money
  3. to be honest, as a person who isolated themselves heavily in the past and in retrospect wishes that someone had insisted that i get out and experience things so that i wouldn’t have had to deal with the mental/emotional consequences, i do kind of worry about yuzuru when he talks about never going out and pretty much having nothing social but skating going on in his life. i struggled a lot with admitting that i was unhappy because it seemed so normal to me, so i’m cautious about implying that everyone who acts like a hermit just needs to be left to their own devices because they know what’s best for themselves. obviously i’m just projecting though... and it’s not like i’m a two time olympic champion either, lol. i just have to hope that he’s genuinely content.
  4. my gut reaction is to find a lot of the things he says about his relationship with yuzu odd too, but i try to remember that we only get brief glimpses of what's going on, and even then we don't really know. it's not really brian's fault if yuzu is introverted and doesn't want to talk about his personal life, especially in english. and anyway, yuzu is obviously content enough with how they do things to have stayed all these years.
  5. that’s true! on that note, pretty interesting how there’s been no peep about any romantic conspiracy regarding boyang’s move to tcc. love that sexism
  6. well ultimately i don't know what goes on behind the scenes and i can only hope they've reached the point where they can be on the same page communication wise, even if it looks a bit weird from an outsider's perspective. i just don't really get why he'd explicitly ask about evgenia and not boyang, when it's boyang that yuzuru is going to be competing against...
  7. this is kind of a crazy attitude to me considering all the communication issues they've had in the past lol but hopefully it's all fine
  8. maybe this is just projection, but i've always had the sense that the situation with yuzu and javi worked out largely thanks to javi's personality. i'm not sure that if it had been someone else they would have been able to navigate that relationship without things blowing up. and even still, there was obviously friction at various points. even if i'm wrong, i hope tcc aren't just coasting on the assumption that they'll be able to keep the same dynamic no matter who else comes to stay. not to be condescending or anything, they obviously know what they're doing better than i do, but i'm still wary. i dunno, i really hope this works out well for everyone involved but...
  9. oh sure, i'm not trying to suggest that i know what the situation is better than borser or anything. i only mean that even so, he's just as susceptible to cultural biases etc as anyone else, and across the years he's brought up yuzuru living with his mother at various times as if it's something noteworthy or odd. maybe there's a good reason for it but with the limited information i have it's just personally annoying to me. from the way he's spoken i imagine that he wants yuzuru to have more things going on in his life than just skating, which is probably where it comes from? but even if yuzuru was living on his own in toronto i get the sense that he'd still be just as much of a hermit anyway.
  10. i don't really know what this is meant to illustrate, honestly. i'm friends with people in wildly different living situations from me and it's not an issue, lol. i wish he would bring up their differences in personality without falling back on the fact that yuzuru lives with his mother every time.
  11. omg... does anyone have a video that shows scott looking frustrated? i totally missed that.
  12. concurring with anyone who said something fun/upbeat for the sp and something dramatic/romantic for the free, choreographed by jeff and shae respectively. i kind of want him to skate to final fantasy music for the ex. or okami. or nier... or any other japanese video game with a good soundtrack
  13. eteri should be grateful if she brings her a slap in the face, never mind flowers
  14. yeah, i couldn't remember if she had them listed or not so i wanted to make sure before i gave myself a heart attack. all this drama is making me paranoid
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