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  1. Oh no I was going to do my predictions yesterday but forgot. I'll do them now and just skip ice dance
  2. 1st for SC I really don't know how I managed that, the last place from SkAm seemed much more reasonable Ah yes the power of not having had time to pay attention to ice dance
  3. Good luck to the skaters! And Yuzu, show us what you can do!
  4. I'm here for the men's practice but I need to leave right after Yuzu's runthrough as I'm going to meet up with some friends (nevermind that I'll be 4 hours late... )
  5. Go go go Zu! Ganbatte! I'll see you guys on the other side!
  6. I overslept Not sure what made me wake up but I guess my body knew Yuzu was about to skate. God luck to the skaters in this group! Especially Yuzu!
  7. Except for how deep the back is I really like Zhenya's costume Nice 3A Rika!
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