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  1. So potentially a meetup before the competition starts on Friday? Since it sounds like people will be arriving on Thursday or earlier. It would be nice to meet some fellow satellites before the start of the competition!
  2. My flight is booked, I will arrive quite early on Thursday so hopefully I can catch Yuzu's practice, and I will leave on Monday. I haven't booked a room yet so if anyone is interested in sharing theirs for those days, feel free to let me know!
  3. I got a seat in A2 row 11, but got a bit turned around so I don't know if it ended up being on the edge towards the center or towards the corner. But at least I got my ticket!
  4. TeaFrida

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Um... so what is going on here?
  5. I'm trying to convince some family members to come along, but if they decide not to then I'm up for sharing a room with someone.
  6. I will definitely try to go, it also coincides with my birthday so it'll be my present to myself