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  1. I won't be able to watch the sp live, so good luck to all the ladies!
  2. At my morning commute trying to catch up on what's happened, and trying not to cry at the practice reports The 4Lo, the 4T+3A high kick I'l have to get caught up on the presscon later today, and the second practice will have happened, and... there's not enough time, how will I manage the actual competitions
  3. So glad to see he has finally arrived but I genuinely thought he had ninja'd his way into Japan 3 am, why am I considering this... but I'll get up at 5 anyway so I'll aim for being a responsible adult and sleep the extra two hours, and if I wake up before my alarm I'll know why .
  4. Good luck both Javi and Misha! I don't know if I can watch...