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  1. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Yeah, for some reason the fed dislikes Gubanova. Given the landscape even if she skates lights out she is not making it to major international events outside of Russia. I wonder if she can switch countries? Or can she learn a 3A or quad? Otherwise why bother...
  2. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Damn, so close. I like Konstantinova's style. She's theatrical. I think the only thing I don't like is her jumps.
  3. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Eh, I don't think Worlds spots should depend that much on who "earned" it in the first half of the season. It should be about who is in the best form now, closest to Worlds. Same with Olympics spots (but moreso with Worlds because spots are on the line). If Liza isn't at the form she was at in the GPF, then whoever can score the highest should go. It's like Wakaba who made the GPF last season but Kaori performed better closer to the Olympics so Kaori went.
  4. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Now that she's not with Eteri, why do they love Evgenia so much? How does politics work... I mean, I prefer to see her at Worlds than Liza, personally...
  5. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    The TES was quite high. She landed her jumps but they weren't as good as in the practice runthrough. (Speaking of which, FS is so popular in Russia they broadcast runthroughs now?) Maybe the GOEs were a bit high.
  6. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    Hey, that was pretty good except for the 3A. And her 3A was never super consistent.
  7. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    I agree that it's the best part of the program. Eh I don't usually enjoy Zhenya's programs, and I decently enjoyed that haha.
  8. yuzuangel

    [2019] Russian Cup Final (18.02-22.02)

    I really like the step sequence, it's so dramatic and she hits the notes.