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  1. Oh no!! Why?!?!? Well he says why but I still don't get it...
  2. Thanks for joining, everyone! And special thanks to translators and subbers Here's the chat!
  3. yeah how can Jason be underscored getting 100+ without a quad 🤣
  4. wao haha drama? poor amber, she finally has 1 skate of her life (though that's probably why she didn't get picked) but gets passed over. congrats to karen for her 2nd worlds (if it takes place). honestly neither karen nor amber are gonna get 3 spots for the americans anyway.
  5. A r+j 2.0 B. h&l C. phantom D. believe E. baby yuzu costume?? F. otonal?? G. requiem?? H. no idea
  6. oh no, what a downgrade jk not
  7. @LadyLou thanks for posting! just wondering is reuploading not allowed?
  8. waiiit i used to hate this spin but it actually looks pretty good now!! wow yuzu, way to always be stepping it up
  9. huh? so are we gonna see 5T before 4A? lol
  10. this is so soft and beautiful. thanks for sharing
  11. what ice show? i didn't see anything about it yet, was it on twitter
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