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  1. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    I'm worried about Hanyu's stamina for the free skate.
  2. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    This makes me extremely nervous and I suspect that the injury is not completely healed and the sad thing is he needs that team event short program. He needs it in order to get himself momentum because right now he has zero momentum. He'll be going into the Olympics was a 0 momentum which will make it very nearly impossible to squeak out a win let alone get on the podium. I strongly feel like he needed this team event hopefully he'll prove me wrong.
  3. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    I have a question How likely do you think it is that Hanyu will win the Olympics or even be considered a favorite for gold now. I mean with his injury and being off the ice for months it's not looking good I'm not expecting him to podium to be truthfully honest. And I'm saying this as his biggest fan.
  4. Amura365

    [2017] GPF - Men SP & FS

    The Grand Prix final doesn't feel like the Grand Prix final without Hanyu, Chan, and Javier. It really is a Nathan versus Shoma Grand Prix Final. Nathan seems off I'm thinking he's still not over his blade issue and Shoma was Shoma ( little mistakes costing him).
  5. Amura365

    [2017] GP IdF Trophy - Men SP & FS

    The GP needs to be moved to Spain in my opinion. I mean there was hardly anyone in the seats and they awarded plastic stars it's as bad as a plastic medals from last year!
  6. Amura365

    [2017] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    I feel like I'm watching Evgeni Plushenko when watching Sergei.
  7. Amura365

    [2017] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Kazuki Tomono is in the final flight!
  8. Amura365

    [2017] GP NHK Trophy - Men SP & FS

    Jason Brown is a week younger than Hanyu.
  9. Amura365

    [2017] GP NHK Trophy - Pairs SP & FS

    I'm watching on The Olympic Channel
  10. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    First Chan and then Javier now Hanyu golly what the heck is this season! All three out of the GPF! Who would have thought? NHK won't be the same without Hanyu. I guess this is a golden opportunity for the U.S. men.
  11. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    Apparently Hanyu has withdrawn from NHK
  12. Amura365

    General Yuzuru chat

    Worried Hanyu will withdrawal like kohei Uchimura did at 2017 World gymnastics Championships. Praying that he's Ok! Figure Skating is bad for my health. I'm pulling another all nighter to watch NHK.
  13. Amura365

    Costumes we love to hate

    Gabriella Papadakis' FD dress is way too plain. The cut of the dress isn't flattering on her.
  14. Amura365

    [2017] GP Cup of China - Men SP & FS

    I agree I think ever since he finished off the podium at World's last season I feel like his confidence has been dashed like he's second-guessing himself.
  15. Amura365

    [2017] GP Skate Canada - Men SP & FS

    Well Skate Canada was not as good as Rostelecom Cup. Heck the judges are just going to town on the PCS. Who would have thought Patrick Chan in Canada not winning or even making the podium! And Jason Brown getting silver I mean I'm happy for him but I never saw that coming. Shoma I don't hate him I just can't get into the skating his and his jumping technique just bugs the heck out of me. However, Shoma did win best costumes in the men's. Shoma nearly getting 200 points in the free skate for the free skate that he put out the judges are really really on there Shoma chosen one train. And his combined total was over 300 now I just can't. If things keep up with Shoma's scores and Medvedeva's scores the judging is going to become a joke.