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  1. Yes, please add me to the discussion also, thanks. I'm really at a conundrum.. Google says I'm a 6.5 hour drive away (if traffic is amazing crossing the border from my area), we'd have to rent a car, probably about $400+(for 5 days??) to rent for the trip (idk), but I'm concerned about the possible weather which my mom doesn't want to risk driving in. Train is 12 hrs though and $400 + fees for two people both ways. Plane is 1 hr 15 min, but over 1k.. Is there any clue of what the schedule looks like already? There aren't a ton of flight/train time options, so it might cut into some of the competition. I don't have a huge budget or schedule free from work, plane would be a lot, train takes full work days, driving could be dangerous in unknown Canadian locations that time of year with directionally challenged internetless people, but I definitely want to go in the safest way. Any advice is appreciated, I'm coming from a little over an hour south of Seattle. Thanks!!!
  2. Is this where I can get tickets to see Yuzuru in Kelowna? :o https://skatecanada.ca/2019-skate-canada-international/
  3. You know what's weird? I had a dream he won Worlds last month, and I've never dreamed about skaters or competitions before.. and then I saw a suggested news article on my phone about it being the aniversary of his Olympic win and I was like Whaaaaaaatt is thiisss sorcery, I didn't even pay attention or realise it was coming up... it's just like energy senses or something. Hopefully we can tell the future, lol.
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