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  1. Is anyone selling discounted day tickets on the 6th for two seats next to each other?
  2. Oops, quotin' too many people, sorry. Idk how to delete this message, lol.
  3. I'm still going with a friend! We're ganna make it the dopest Christmasy/zoo/skating themed Vancouver trip ever, haha. Anyone actually like to ice skate?? They have a lot of outdoor rinks in Vancouver and other things to do. I think we can all still make the trip worthwhile! https://www.bcmag.ca/99-things-to-do-in-vancouver-this-winter/ https://english.kyodonews.net/news/2018/11/8d68d7405fb6-figure-skating-despite-injuries-hanyu-wants-to-skate-in-grand-prix-final.html He honestly still might go though, even if that's a really bad idea. But either way.
  4. How can all of this be seen? D: None of the streaming links here work in the U.S.??
  5. Does this mean that I couldn't bring a DSLR into the building, when they security check your bags, or you just can't take pictures? I don't have anywhere to put mine, 'cause I don't want to leave it in the hotel, so even if I don't take pictures, I'd like to take it into the venue. People still looking for hotels? Or most already have rooms?
  6. I don't think the K+C had any seats available at all, actually.
  7. You just have to buy each event individually. There were definitely some for the gala left at least. East bleachers
  8. Call and ask to talk to a representative. That was the only way I was able to get tickets, because I got kicked off the website after trying to get tickets over and over and trying to sign in again once someone else took those tickets. -_-
  9. Wait, so there will be no tickets available left when the General Sale opens in an hour? What is happening?? Haha
  10. Why are there two SrMens Freestyle events on different days?? How do I know which one Yuzu would be in when I buy a single event ticket?? I know it's a diff year, but, I mean, if the schedule is similar.
  11. Are East Bleachers or seats near the kiss and cry better? Trying to figure out the best choice.
  12. The information on this forum literally saves lives... lol Anyways, I was also looking at sight-seeing options, and I found this link of 99 things to do in the winter in Vancouver. https://www.bcmag.ca/99-things-to-do-in-vancouver-this-winter/ If you like Christmas, you're a good!! lol Otherwise, you will cry. So many Christmassy lights!! <3!! ^^ lol Which days are the events for men's singles? 6-7 competition, and then 10 gala? I'm looking at when to schedule other activities. And I'm trying to schedule cost, but I haven't seen anywhere how much the single event tickets will be. I want to know. lol ㅠㅠ
  13. How many seats? Will there be a legitimate chance of getting some? Or will they be gone almost instantly? Also, is this for the Gala, and the Freestyle/Short programs? Or just a specific one of those? Is it just at the skate Canada website? Where will I be able to buy them? I will need to be ready and waiting the second they become available!. hahaha. Also, EB just meaning it is only in one location/section, and we won't have much choice? Not sure what that means.
  14. Oh, ok, thanks so much! So what's this I hear about having to wake up and get to the event at like 3am?? (And then starving 'cause you can't bring food?) If you have an assigned ticket, why does one need to get there so early? :o Also, is it doable to sneak in some snacks? :o So many questions, hahaha. Do you guys hangout before/after/at the event too? Thx again!!
  15. I have never been to a skating competition event, so I have so many questions. The all-event tickets are sold-out, so I will have to get individual event tickets. How do I get notified as soon as they will be available, so I don't miss my chance to get them? And, how much do these normally cost (competition or gala tickets). I want to see Yuzu skating at least once, which event has the best chances of seeing him (but preferably for as long on the ice as possible ^^)? Would the Gala be too far reaching? Which event is most worth buying? I'm not sure which event I'd buy a ticket for, thanks so much!!