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  1. You can cross it out, but abuse is abuse, and poor Pooh-san has really suffered for Yuzu's companionship over the years
  2. I did all that and it just kept saying off-line, no videos until Dec 19. BUT my screen just suddenly changed and now the live stream is visible. YAY! Thank you!
  3. I can't figure out how to see today's stream.
  4. I'm confused. It says the next even is Dec 19th???
  5. Hi guys. It's been a long time since I visited (busy protesting in USA and trying very hard not to kill myself,) but I've been keeping up with Yuzu news through Twitter, so THIS NEWS made me come running back to the Planet. I am 100% positive that our little tech glutton, sound equipment collector, and gaming enthusiast who is obsessed with the future of figure skating bought this tech for himself and can't wait to use it on the ice. In fact, I think he wrote this thesis so he could "kill two birds with one stone." He probably plans to use it to help him land Bessie.
  6. Yep, that's my only seat. But I only have 100 charms and I intend to hand them out to PH members on Tuesday before men's practice, when we get together to pick up the tote bags. I will be in my seat after that. But I've made the difficult decision to only watch Men's events with Yuzu, since I have a lung condition and I'm worried about catching the coronavirus. See you there.
  7. Oh, I don't give them credit for strong emotions (unless greed is an emotion.) It's all about the money they know they're going to lose if they don't do something to trick us into forgiving them.
  8. As an American, it WOULD make me proud of Nathan if he won a deserved silver metal, after working hard to improve. Right now, I think he looks clumsy next to Yuzu.
  9. I'm saying it again - Yuzu is the very reason for this award show. They're trying to find a way to woo us back, by making a big deal of our boy. He will get the Most Valuable Skater Award. Then they will make a big deal out of his friendship with Nathan and they may even give Nathan the Most Entertaining Program Award and then parade the two of them around together. They want us to stop being mad at them so we'll stop threatening to leave them when Yuzu retires. Of course, the intelligent way to do that would have been to score Yuzu fairly, but that boat has already sailed. They're thinking, "
  10. Yep, I did my research about what Japanese folks think are lucky. I actually had to buy the 5 yen coin from e-bay because American banks won't carry these very low value coins.
  11. I almost bought some of those, out of curiosity, but they cost too much to have them sent from Japan. Because they are considered good luck, they have every variety you can imagine in Japan.
  12. These are Fanyu Good Luck Charms I will be handing out at Worlds. (You can find me at seat: SECTION 101 - ROW R - SEAT 10) Obviously, I expected Yuzu to be doing Origin there, but it's still good luck and will remind us of purple Origin. At least I added a Ballad feather In Japan, 5 yen coins are considered good luck. They also consider KitKat bars good luck because "Kit Kat" sounds like the Japanese word for "sure win." Because of this, KitKat bars are very popular in Japan... and, well, they're yummy ,chocolate covered wafers, so... Anyway, I'll post a reminder as we get closer.
  13. Well... I got the purple roses and they're very lovely, but the 1,040 which I bought take up a lot of room. I'm driving to worlds, so I can easily manage several thousand of them (I hope I can afford more later,) but If anyone is joining me in this endeavor, you should know, one package of 80 roses is 13x10x3" inches. Since they're made of thin foam, they are very lightweight.
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