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  1. I love your idea of putting up an "ISU needs reform" banner! just want to ask, is your ticket still available?
  2. For SALE Skate Canada International All Event Ticket Section: 22 Row: D Seat: 107 Price: $ 230 CAD Interac E-transfer ✅ PayPal ✅ Ticket will be transferred to you under your name on Ticketmaster and emailed to you ✅ This seat is a very good seat near the FRONT. Good view DM me! Let me know if you are interested!
  3. hey there! just wondering how were you able to sell your tickets so fast? i thought it would've been hard to sell them Thanks!
  4. hey there! Just wondering how were you able to sell the ticket to quickly? where else can we advertise our tickets? I thought it would be really difficult to sell them. thanks
  5. Hi there! I may be coming after all. Can you add me to the group chat?
  6. oh no!!! i hope that they'll remove the glass barriers. as given in the photos, glass barriers are used for hockey games, but i think they would remove it for figure skating, at least they would remove them for the judges
  7. what does "asked for the OGMs" mean and what does "OGM" stand for?
  8. not sure about ID and entering an event. But I have friends who purchased tickets together under one name...so I suppose you should be able to entre the game even though the name on ticket is not your own. I suppose that as long as one of the persons going with you has their name on the ticket and then it should be fine.....only my assumption though. As for buying tickets, I'd say it's just an honour system...hope y'all can figure this out! or y'all can hop on a group call and purchase tickets individuals at the same time to make sure that everyone can sit together
  9. i just went back to check the ticketmaster website. Seats in the first three rows are $300 and afterwards are lower. So i suppose those are P1 seats. anyways everything happened so fast when getting the ticket...
  10. looks like our tickets are P2 tickets...since the Skate Canada website says that all P1 seats include a super fan package....but for us we had the choice of adding the super fan package...so I think section 19/20/21 are the real P1 seats....this is just my guess tho
  11. has anyone purchased the $75 super fan package? I really wanted it. but it was my first time buying anything from ticketmaster and I forgot to add it to my order in the flow! anyone knows how to add the package? or do you think we can purchase the package at the venue during the event? I really want the souvenir pin loll
  12. OMG thank you for much for the info! I thought the insurance would have allowed me to return/get refunded for the ticket if I don't want to show up....now I'm sad ;-((( another $8 wasted...
  13. awesome! thank you so much for tips! do you think it'll be worthwhile for me to return/resale my section 22 seat and buy another one in section 19/20/21 when those seats are on sale? TBH i just really want a seat that is close to Yuzu and get a good view of his performance. section 22 is a little too much on the side LOLLL. Would you try getting another section 19/20/21 ticket when those sections become available? this will be my first time attending a sports event lollll
  14. haha now I'm kinda confused. What type of ticket am I getting? Mine is section 22 row D. Price is $200. Is this P2 or P1? (row D is the 4th row I believe)
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