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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    he's not a judge tho, he's on the tech panel....
  2. Chopin

    @Aotoshiro please, i'd love to hear you (or others) talk about chopin n yuzuru's interpretation! yuzuru and romantic music match really well, i'm so glad he chose (and continue to develop) op 23 to skate to bc it's my favorite ballade
  3. Chopin

    i have this irrational fear whenever i watch my fave live that if they fail its bc i watch them live, its totally stupid but i cant get rid of it lol i guess i'll try to watch ASCI live and then if it goes well... maybe i can conquer it
  4. Chopin

    ooh i'm happy for you too! it's gonna be amazing! if only i could also watch him live (but its expensive ) but even if i have the means to do it i dont think i can, i cant even watch him live online bc i'd be too scared the only time i watch him live online was world's sp this year bc i couldnt hold back n we all know what happened
  5. General Yuzuru chat

    never seen that third one! n that spin after that i would love to see yuzu's own take on those! but the most notable n great thing about it is that its a sequence of hydroblades n sadly i dont think seimei's music construction allows that. but maybe we'll get an ex with those! that'd be awesome
  6. Chopin

    wow i love your description about it being a tornado that the skater gets caught! i cant play piano but that climax already sounds really difficult to me (pity they dont include the other climax bc its also beautiful, although i think yuzu's choice of cuts are already perfect) i wonder what new spin he could add though? i used to think the camel+donut spin is too 'calm' (?) for that part but then he added the hand movement n it feels different already (i kinda wanted more stuffs to happen but like, what? i feel like changing position after donut in that part will disturb the flow, or maybe he could change position on the note where he start the hand movement but idk enough figure skating knowledge to imagine what position n i dont want him to scrap the hand movement completely) the sit spin is his forte n he has a lot of variations on this, so this part could be more likely to get something new added. but personally, i just really want him to dicth the A spin n skate-over-head spin in the last part lol but since those variations are the ones he practices the most n therefore he could spin really fast (which fits with the music), i'm not holding my hopes up
  7. General Yuzuru chat

    @Hydroblade that's a lovely n wonderful idea! you guys and your dedication wow This made me curious on how Shae Lynn does hydroblade n if its actually like this i sadly have to say that i prefer yuzu's (unless we're talking about other type of hydroblade she did)
  8. Chopin

    !!!!! i know right?? im so, so glad that Chopin 3.0 put the two spins back there and change it so that the sit spin (and those hand movements) fit in with the climax more! i could scream about this forever. like, especially if you listen to the whole piece of Ballade No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23, you know that steps-quad-steps just doesnt cut it, or more like, the steps dont cut it. here, it used to be like this, from 1:19 to 1:51 yes, its a quad-triple combo n every steps n hand movements match with the music and its awesome already, (the quad-triple took the highlight though as i assume ppl will be more interested in whether he land it or not. its also the combo jump) but that climax part is long and imo every note there (1:19-1:51) deserves to be highlighted. i also feel like that note after the quad combo (1:39 -1:45) is such a waste to be only steps (yes yes he hopped and they did what they could with the choreography and i still appreciate it ) on another hand, the second half, 2:32 - 2:39, is really suited to steps-quad combo. that note at 2:39 especially feels really good after he lands the quad-triple. sorry yuzu that hand movement is not enough for me disclaimer, i'm not a die hard classical music fan nor i understand anything about classical music (other than occasionally making it my background music as i do something), but if you guys have moments to spare please listen to the whole piece of ballade no 1, here 0:00 - 09:00, its the first one. i feel like maybe people will have a new perspective after that (like i did before bc i initially doubt the placement of the first spin but its actually a perfect place and his hand movement in the donut spin improved it more ) sorry for blabbering i just really love this program, a lot.
  9. General Yuzuru chat

    well if his ultimate goal is to land all the quads in a program, and he wanted to retir* at worlds in japan, it means next season we'll have the 4A and then the next season 4F . it all fits together. imagine retir*ng after that though, skating world would feel such a huge loss why do i feel like shirota was only conveying concerns after what yuzu said to her? after all, he did this kind of audio checking stuffs with sochi before i guess we now know yuzu is not taking the chance that it will be fixed before olympics
  10. General Yuzuru chat

    i hope think by soon they mean next season n not this one i mean, judging by the way he's going it seems like only 1 new jump per season. imo 4lz is already risky, he could already win with the layout that he had announced. but his team knows the best for him
  11. General Yuzuru chat

    omg you explained this much more clearly than i ever could. totally agree w you! tbh everytime ppl were like 'this is a step back', 'nothing new' or the likes i always had the urge to reply with 'but consistency is a new challenge for him?' but that sounds too confrontational and harsh so i just dont. err. anyway, he pushed the sport so much already, upping tech content, breaking records, being such a complete skater etc, its not like that history is suddenly erased just because he choose to recycle programs lmao. i mean he won Sochi by recycling both of his programs too, you know. i dont think he was the one with the highest BV either since cmiiw i remember at least someone else in gpf 2013 attempted a 2 quad sp (but failed). also theres a reason the past 3 seasons is called The Road To Olympic. it seems yuzu and team understands this deeply n prepare for it far earlier than others. so it may seem like he's not doing much now simply because he's just... very prepared from long ago.
  12. General Yuzuru chat

    wait this deoesnt mean he's getting rid of 3A-2T(rippon) right? because as much as i love this new one, i love that one too
  13. General Yuzuru chat

    his 4Loop looks perfect i'm so glad it stabilized quickly, and he was injured last year! looking back at how much time he needs to stabilize 4s lol
  14. General Yuzuru chat

    lmao i knew it. may yuzu reach the consistency that he aims to achieve!
  15. General Yuzuru chat

    i was only gonna check the news and get back to my real life, but it seems i cant keep whats in my head to stay in my head lol. so here's my two cents. i was pro 4Lz for a while back. and then after i knew he is aiming for consistency this season, i started thinking new jump with low success rate maybe is not a good idea, after all. i agree with @norwhite that one of the things about olympic is showing this sport to new people, casual viewers to be exact. and for yuzu, the opportunity to get probably most of japanese people watching him on national tv. his whole country, watching him with expectation, most are casual viewers who probably only understand you fall=you lose. and not only yuzu brings his favorite masterpiece that will be widely loved, he's also aiming for clean back to back performance. possibly because he regrets that he won sochi with a 2 fall free program so much. i think people underestimate how regretful he feels about that free program in sochi. i remember he said after he won world this year (or was it around wtt? whoops) that he thought people's attitude around him wouldnt change much even if he dont get the oly gold (no pls) but he really, really want to give clean performances. i think thats the most important thing to him personally now. and of course we all hope (and believe) that a clean yuzu will win the gold no matter what, when, and where. (and if it proves otherwise when he's testing the waters with all these competitions before oly, we know he's training that 4Lz)