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What is your opinion on NBC Sports Gold?

Is NBC gold worth it  

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Trying to decide if I will re-subscribe.  I liked that you could easily replay a lot of old competitions, but they suddenly removed all the programs before last year's GPF with no warning.  I've been too lazy to learn how to use VPN's or sign up for Fuji. 


I've noticed a lot of comments about other streaming services crashing so as long as Yuzu competes, I'd rather pay money than deal with the stress of worrying about not being able to see it, especially with the way ISU's been cracking down on YouTube.   And competitions are more fun to watch when I can watch with you guys. 


But beyond Yuzu, I doubt it's worth it for me.  I still have to look for streams for a lot of events and most of the time I re-watch all the same events on Eurosport because I actually like commentary for competitions.  Though I do enjoy no commentary for replays.  



1. Great quality picture

2. Extremely reliable stream - haven't had any issues

3. Convenient/easy to use.  I like that I can watch on TV any time with my Roku or online anywhere and don't have to have anyone translate to figure out how to watch

4. If you're interested in US sectionals you can watch them (though I personally don't care about them)



1. Cost.  Pretty sure 59.99 is the most expensive skating service.  I could probably get multiple streaming services and have access to more competitions for less.  

2. No extras.  Only Skate America had the gala, hit or miss with the medal ceremonies, and no interviews



Most events are no commentary. 

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Like you, I have mixed feelings. I do like the convenience, and I like that I’m not chasing down a stream to watch a comp. The stream itself has been good quality as well, with no major issues even when Yuzu skates. I also generally prefer watching without commentary so not having commentators for everything aside from SA was nice.


The downsides: during Skate America it was really odd that they still had the stream cutting out for commercials even though there were no commercial breaks. Also, not a big fan of the fact that the galas aren’t included (except for SA) and I don’t think that was clearly communicated prior to buying the pass.


Overall, I’ll probably renew it just to have a reliable source to watch skating. It’s expensive but on the whole not too bad, and I guess subscribing shows there is an audience in the US outside of the Olympics.

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