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Interesting Comments Thread

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"We are watching the president, chairman and CEO of men's figure skating right here right now"


A fun commentary:))


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This one tought me a new bunch of superlatives, idk if i were to quoute i'd write the whole commentary.


Edit: i kinda did it



"This is figure skating anthology. Starting today, nothing will ever be the same again in this sport because Hanyu turned it upside down.

There are programs that mark the history of the sport: Yagudin's "Winter" in Salt Lake City, yes but here we're beyond that.

This is the demolition of the scoring system creaqted after Salt Lake City!"


"This is perfect match of art and technical excellence! every element has intricate steps or transitions before it!


This is an unprecedented athlete, even though we're in an era full of great skaters and great technical performances, he just has no equal, no competition other than himself.


When he is in a good physical form, he's capable of painting these masterpieces. This is a program that rightfully enters the history of the sport and Yuzuru Hanyu becomes automatically legendary.


We're in the legend, this is the science fiction of figure skating!


..and Yuzuru Hanyu beyond any imagination."




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"But he can take the second place, I mean what else can you do? The other one is not human"




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"...Just give 10 for everything and stop.

    And then we can say game over and go all home.

    No, because this is 10. It's 10. Game over. 100."


lol at the comments on US judgexD


"I'm happy for Daisule Murakami who can say 'I was there too, that day'"


"The greatest we have ever seen on an  ice rink.

 There are no comparison. And we are not even interestd in those of another era anymore. There have been great champions in the past. Yagudin was exceptional, Plushenko was exceptional. but there we are in front on union of art and technique that has no precedent in skating history."


"In two weeks Yuzuru Hanyu gave himself the luxury and us the honour to watch four perfect programs"



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"looking at his face i think hes not here anymore"


"It's like he's on a mission to be not just the best in the world but the best there has ever been." -Carol

"Too late, he already is. And you know what? Not everybody gets him. Like some people think you know, they find him actually somewhat kind of boring. Who's that boring? That inetensity?" -Kurt Browning


"well that was a frightening face but now he has got winnie the pooh with him. All is good" lol



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