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pyeongchang-2018-olympics-logo-A44E48654|February 17, 2018



King Hanyu wins his second Olympic title

By Hydroblade

With an outstanding performance that moved the whole world, King Hanyu skated to the top of the podium at the Pyeongchang Olympics.

Gliding to the sound of bewitching taiko drums and mystical rhythms, the King overcame the difficulties that appeared on his path to glory during this season, cementing his status as the Greatest Of All Time🐐. Prime Minister Pooh was still unable to attend, although his presence was felt in the most glorious of Pooh rains observed until now that was cast upon the Gangneung Ice Arena, among the cheers of the crowd who had the privilege of supporting the King in his most important battle yet.  

In a public ceremonyu, the King received his second Olympic Gold Medal, a feat that was seen for the first time 66 years ago.


This event had repercussions on our planet, in the form of a joyous Mt. Irene eruption which contained glittering Gold dust, a faint and sweet chocolate scent, and an unknown teal colored powder that vanished the whole paprika population of the planet. The altars set up on the planet's various rinks were reported to shine and the Pooh Special Forces had to be called, as the minion Poohs staying in the King's palaces began to riot and threatened the planet's hunny supply.


We extend our congratulations to the King, hoping for his health and looking forward to his feathery form at the Exhibition Gala.

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Sunday April 15, 2018


A total success: Continues~with wings~, the King's special Celebration Party.

By Hydrobladelarge.jpg

The three-day long special party hosted by King Hanyu in Tokyo, Japan, was a complete success.
With important figures that have inspired our King's prosperous reign, eager crowds witnessed his return to the ice.
According to our previous information, the King wasn't going to be able to skate during the celebrations, due to the injury he sustained last year. However, he presented a no-jump version of past programs complete with the original costumes, which evoked a sense of nostalgia and pride among the crowds.
Prime Minister Pooh, who was watching from the sides, spoke for the first time in his newly restored tissue box cover version. "It has been amazing to watch the Yuzu recreate such important moments such as his first senior program, Romeo and Juliet 1 and of course, Parisienne Walkways. I hope that everyone feels that same happiness of looking at how far he's come since he was a noodly little prince."
The King invited kids to ask him questions on stage, showing us his kind big brother side, as well as a brief talk show with his idols. He also demonstrated some of his signatures moves, with the help of Takahito Mura.
"Next time we see each other, I will be jumping" Declared King Hanyu on the last day with a mischievous smile, making everyone hope that that day will come very soon.
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  • 3 years later...

The Daily Spread Eagle - July 14th 2022

Planet Hanyu's most read newspaper


Warning issued for all satellites around the Planet.

Pooh geologists have been monitoring Mt Irene and a worrying increase of activity has been noted

Rumblings have been heard from the environs of Mt Irene. Dust and gas could be throw into the upper atmosphere causing disruption to the normally smooth operating conditions for satellites. Risk of reduced concentration, tuning into the ISU website by default and Twitter communication overload


Prime Minister Pooh has ushered all of the Jump Ladies into the Palace Throne room to await the arrival of the Ice Emperor and to prepare for an announcement which may herald another important sojourn into the world of international ice arenas. 

The court seamstresses are working day and night to finish the Ice Emperors wardrobe in time for the sojourn. The court musicians are practising day and night.


Pooh Forest bird population have become extremely agitated. Some have even taken up roost in the gardens of the Ice Palace and there are reports of a deafening cacophony of Shu Paa calls made by the flock. The palace Poohs are issuing umbrellas to protect Planet visitors from the swooping birds. 


All satellites and Planet inhabitants have been advised to eat honey and drink plenty of juice box liquids and to avoid consumption of paprika



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Daily Spread Eagle  - July 19th 2022


Announcement from Prime Minister Pooh


The Planet Hanyu Court Physician has issued the following decree exempting all who have suffered emotional trauma due to the Ice Emperor's recent announcement


To whom it may concern:

(Insert Name) had a serious Yuzu crisis last night and cannot be expected to function today.

I, Perelandra, Court Physician to the Ice Emperor and inhabitants of Palace Hanyu, believe that Muffinator should be excused from all duties today.


Doctor Perelandra, winner of the Pooh Perseverance Award



Honey cakes


Beverage of choice

Snuggling Kittens or other small, furry creatures

Sympathy broadcasts from planetary satellites 

( ranting in the salt mines )

Gazing at pictures of Pooh san

Ensure adequate supplies of tissues


Take in large quantities, whenever tear duct activation ensues. Repeat as necessary

Alternative therapies include salt spreading. Prime Minister Pooh will be releasing salt from the stockpiles in case of emergency

Avoid  'Paporika' and excess reading of a Terrestrial social platform known as Twitter

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Daily Spread Eagle - July 20th 2022


Rumblings from Mt Irene caused massive eruptions of vapours and strange gravitational fields causing satellite orbits to be severely disrupted and erratic functioning issues.

Pooh geologists report that these effects could continue intermittently throughout the next few months. The geologists who monitor the activities of Mt Irene have extrapolated many years worth of data and conclude that the activity of Mt Irene is linked to the activity of Planet Hanyu's Emperor. Seismic shifts in behaviour or actions may have a sympathetic response from the volcano.


The Ice Emperor made an important announcement to the palace Jump Ladies and Pooh inhabitants which was the source of Mt Irene's eruption. Geologists reported that a chasm appeared on the side of volcano facing the palace and that liquid gold spilled forth cascading down the side of the volcano. The gold has created a shallow pool which engulfed and eradicated the paporika weeds. The liquid gold is expected to solidify within the next few weeks. The path that the gold took as it poured down the volcano sides has left an interesting golden tracery pattern resembling the wings of a bird. Some even claim that they are the wings of a swan but others say the wings resemble those of a dragon. 

Some of the forestry worker Poohs have taken the opportunity to collect some of the gold as it will be useful for decorating the palace and creating a new throne and Imperial regalia. 


The court physician recommends continued adherence to the prescription regimen advised for satellites in yesterday's news


Prime Minister Pooh is awaiting further instruction from the Emperor regarding Palace refurbishment and daily regimen for the Jump Ladies

The Emperor's most recently issued statement:

"I will work harder to be the best Emperor that only I can be, thank you for your continued support, please keep supporting me."


The Palace received messages from envoys and ambassadors from other galactic regions, in support of the Ice Emperor


PM Pooh advises satellites to read news and announcements from Planet endorsed sources only, otherwise there is considerable risk to satellite working operations.

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    Daily Spread Eagle - August 2nd 2022


Ice Emperor Issues a New Decree


Henceforth, there will be no further annual sojourns.


Following the eruption of Mt Irene on July 19th 2022, a river of molten gold poured out from a gargantuan fissure, from the sides of the volcano.

The gold formed a large lake at the base of the mountain and obliterated the pestilential overgrowth of Paporika plants. Forestry worker Poohs have been collecting the liquid gold and ensured its safe transfer to the Palace.


The jump Ladies had already been gathered at Palace Hanyu and had been eagerly expecting announcement of this year's sojourn. Palace officials have reported that the ladies were astonished and somewhat disappointed, when the Ice Emperor declared that the annual sojourn was instead cancelled. The sojourn destinations had included some of the Emperor's favourite places - Moomin Valley in Finland, a new opportunity to pay respect to the vaunted blade smiths of Sheffield in the United Kingdom and Torino in Italy, land of the chocolate roses. However, the Emperor expressed that he had misgivings regarding the reception that he might receive, which in recent years had become increasingly unwelcoming. As a result the Emperor announced his final decision that he will no longer undertake the yearly sojourns. 


The Emperor travelled throughout the lands of Planet Hanyu to deliver this message in person.

Envoys from Earth gathered to hear the Emperor speak of his decision and there were many requests for an audience with the Emperor to discover the reasons behind his decision and to pose questions as to what the Emperor's plans might be. The Emperor spoke of how much he had enjoyed making the yearly sojourns and presenting the most beautiful stories from Planet Hanyu to the inhabitants of Earth, but that he wished to spend time and effort on bringing the stories of Planet Hanyu to a different audience. When pressed further about his plans, the Emperor responded in an enigmatic fashion, stating that he hoped that people would continue to enjoy the stories that he wished to convey from the rich culture of Planet Hanyu. The envoys asked the Emperor when and how he would bring these stories, but again the Emperor replied that he had not yet decided, but it would be soon. The envoys begged the Emperor to explain everything more clearly but the Emperor declined and took his leave. 


Prime Minister Pooh has given the following official statement issued from Ice Emperor Hanyu:


Ice Emperor Hanyu is now on retreat in order to spend time on the creative processes required to showcase the stories of Planet Hanyu.

During the Emperor's time in seclusion, Palace Hanyu will undergo decoration using the gold from Mt Irene. 

All envoys must return to Earth to await further announcements and invitation to attend the Emperor on his return. 

Palace Hanyu will not be receiving visitors whilst the Emperor is in absentia


The Court Circular / Society pages

There has been much speculation as to the whereabouts of Emperor Hanyu. Many envoys, Planet Hanyu citizens and satellites believe that the Emperor has journeyed to the fabled Ice Cave of Sendai and will seek enlightenment there. It is also thought that he may also be attempting to locate and then tame the mythical ice beast Yonkaiten Axel. 

It has been rumoured that the court musicians and tailors have received instructions from the Emperor and their work is now TOP Secret. The musicians and tailors have retired to the Palace ballroom and sewing studio respectively and locked themselves inside. Only the most trusted Pooh retainers communicate with them and bring their requested supplies.


In further news:

A multitude of artisan Poohs have been seen entering Palace Hanyu and there will be there for some time. Wagon loads of barrels containing enough honey to last many months have been delivered to the Palace. 

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The Daily Spread Eagle - August 8th 2022




Dawn broke on what was expected to be another calm summer Sunday. With the Emperor's absence the Palace compound has fallen into the habit of weekends with very little to do. The artisan Poohs were allowed to down tools and visit relatives in the One Hundred Acre Wood and Forest. Thus the daily activities of Palace refurbishment ceased on Friday evenings to be replaced with relative silence. 


The quiet was interrupted by the sudden arrival of a flustered and over heated messenger, whose horse had thundered over the drawbridge of Palace Hanyu just after day break, waving the Imperial banner and shouting that the courier carried a special message from the Emperor Himself


Prime Minister pooh was summoned from his quarters to meet with the messenger, still bleary eyed, clad only in his nightgown and cap. Immediately after having received the messenger, court pages were dispatched to rouse the jump ladies and the summon Town Crier.


Within a quarter of an hour the bells of the Palace Campanile rang out across the Planet. The Town Crier began .....




Hear Ye Good Citizens a Proclamation from Ice Emperor Hanyu


The Emperor has made his way safely to the Ice Caves of Sendai. There he has consulted with an oracle and received great benisons of wisdom.

Emperor Hanyu has become an Adept with the use of a communication crystal and will henceforth, be able to communicate by means of the crystal to remote realms. Thus,  they may also be able to view the Emperor as he performs the rituals of skating, upon the the frozen surfaces of the lakes within the Ice Caves.


The Jump Ladies were given specific and private instructions from the Emperor.

Palace heralds issued the following notice:


Ice Emperor Hanyu will make the inaugural performance of the preparations for the rituals of skating from Ice Caves Sendai and transmit views of the rituals by means of the crystal communication.

The communications will take place on the 10th day of the month of August, at noon

The Jump Ladies are to be present at the event

Notice is hereby, given to all Planetary inhabitants, envoys and satellites


This news caused widespread celebration amongst the satellites orbiting Planet Hanyu.:animated-smileys-character-075::jumpingyellow:There was a period where satellite orbits became chaotic before finally resuming a semblance of stability.


Court news:

Certain special envoys from the Northern realm of Toronto had received notice of the Emperor's July 19th announcement. They had received the Emperor's confidence because of longstanding loyalty and fealty of service to the Emperor in years past. The three trusted envoys have been awarded the Imperial Snow Flake for leal service. 

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Planet Hanyu's least favourite gossip magazine has published shocking revelations about the truth behind the alleged abandonment of Old Man Pooh san



The senior editor at the Daily Spread Eagle pleads for the Planet inhabitants and satellites to remain calm and pay no attention to this libellous slur on the Ice Emperor's good character.


Prime Minister Pooh issued a statement from the Palace, "It is simply not true, the Emperor would never, ever abandon such a loyal citizen such as Coach Pooh. Old Man Pooh san, is a Member of the illustrious Order of the Imperial Snowflake and one of the Emperor's most trusted advisors and beloved friend.

There were added concerns, because Lady 3A fainted when this gossip was made public. Prime Minister Pooh would like to assure everyone, that Lady 3A is being attended by the Court Physician and will make a full recovery, once the gossip was shown to be entirely fallacious.



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  • The Daily Spread Eagle - August 12th




The morning of August 10th began with a flurry of Court activity. Enormous sheets of white silk were hung at one end of the Throne Room, Ballroom and Inner courtyard. Chairs were arranged and all of the candelabras twinkled in the light of the sun and the lit candles. 

At eleven o' clock the daily routine of Palace Hanyu was halted and the staff began to file into the Ballroom and courtyard.

At quarter to midday, Palace officials and the Jump Ladies entered the Throne room and took up their positions in the chairs at the front. 

Finally, Prime Minister Pooh hurried to the front of the Throne Room, requesting quiet just before the noon day bells began. As the last chime faded away, a hush descended on the Palace. 

For a few seconds nothing happened, Prime Minister Pooh started to wring his paws and his forehead was furrowed with a worried expression. Suddenly a gasp was heard from the jumps ladies, tiny flickering lights had appeared on the white screens of silk. The little lights danced across the white silk, red, green and blue dots winking and slowly enlarging until they began to overlap. A darker shadow was emerging from the centre of the screen where the lights coalesced. The image flickered one more time, then the face of the Emperor came clearly into focus, followed by 'Oohs'  from the excited audience and exclamations of 'the Emperor', before once again melting into awed silence.

The Emperor's face loomed out from the screen, for a moment he looked quite serious and stern, before his expression turned into his familiar smile. He waved at the gathered spectators and spoke. The Emperor's voice rang out "Good day, citizens and satellites of Planet Hanyu, very good day"

The Emperor, explained that he would now begin showing the preparatory movements for performing the ritual of the Ice Caves. The Emperor seemed move away from the screen into the distance. As he did so the interior of the Ice Cave was revealed and the Emperor could be seen in the distance gliding to and fro across the Ice. The Emperor gathered great speed and as he did so a hint of shadow appeared at one side of the cave, the shadow grew larger and seemed to be matching his movements. The Emperor indicated that he had noticed the shadow and delicately placed his crown on the ice surface. The Emperor glided quietly around the floor of the cave, then in the blink of an eye he sped back towards the crown leaping into the air. For the briefest of moments, a curl of condensed breath swirled around the crown and a flash of a sinuous body covered in light golden scales could just be picked out at one side of the ice cave, the Emperor tried to turn rapidly in the air, flung out his hands and with his outstretched arms attempted to grasp the golden creature. Just as quickly, there was a flash of gold and the creature had disappeared from view, retreating to the depths of the Ice Cave complex. The Emperor said nothing, he merely bent down to retrieve the crown and replaced it upon his head. Murmurs arose from the crowd "was it?' "no it couldn't be" "impossible" "He nearly caught it" "Yonkaiten Ax...", to much shaking of heads and shrugged shoulders.

For almost one hour, the Emperor slid smoothly across the frozen floors of the Ice Cave, spinning and jumping, swiftly gliding from around the cave.

Each time the Emperor leaped into the air one of the Jump ladies would stand and then turn several rotations on the spot before resuming her seat, Lady 4T, Lady 3T, Lady 3A, Lady 3Lz, 4 Lo, on and on. 

The Emperor was not alone in the caves the oracle and assistants followed the Emperor's every move, their hands made a strange clacking sounds every time a jump or spinning movement was performed.  

The Emperor once again came close to the screen again and gave a short message to the throng. " I would like to improve myself and be the best Emperor, that I can be."

With that the image on the screen broke apart into tiny motes of light before winking out. 


Prime Minister Pooh stood up and addressed the Jump ladies and Palace staff. 

"So ends the broadcast of Ice Emperor Hanyu a well deserved success I believe"


The Palace was filled with sounds of much rejoicing and the court physician was relieved that none of the jump ladies had fainted.

Ladders had to be brought to the Throne room in order to recapture the Shikigami, who had escaped during the broadcast and were hiding in the chandeliers, whilst everyone had been occupied.

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The Weekend Lutz - Daily Spread Eagle Special Edition


Emperor Hanyu Performs Ice Cave Rituals and Broadcasts to the Planet


A special message was sent from Ice Emperor that the entire court should gather at Palace Hanyu to view another ice crystal broadcast form Ice Caves Sendai.

Prime Minister Pooh received the communication via crystal broadcast and was instructed to make suitable arrangements at the Palace for inhabitants of the Palace and Planetary satellites to receive the broadcast. Emperor Hanyu informed the Prime Minister that the preparation for ice rituals was now complete and that the Emperor wished to share this with the entire planet.


The atmosphere in the Palace became increasingly joyful and the Jump ladies in particular became increasingly excitable and easily distracted from their duties. As the day of the broadcast drew closer the general mood within the palace was ebullient. The ladies would continually pester Palace staff for news and required constant reminders as to how many days before the Emperor would appear. 

The day of the broadcast dawned and the Palace was thick with an air of anticipation which pervaded all of the court activities. Eventually Lady 3A declared that as it was now nigh on impossible to focus on any of the daily routines, they should be abandoned in favour of preparing for the imminent broadcast. 


The ladies adjourned to the ornamental gardens, where a screen of white silk had been draped between two balconies and seated themselves on cushions, facing the screen. The Palace Poohs had prepared a the Emperor's favourite hotpot and drinks made with melted chocolate with candied ginger and marshmallows. 

The dusk settled over the gardens and the screen began to flicker with tiny firefly lights. The lights began to spread across the screen and eventually the scene of the Ice Cave interior was revealed. The caves were dark but illuminated with blue flames, the brightness of the flames increased and the Emperor stood on the centre of the cave. He was wearing a garment made from blue feathers tipped with gold, recognisable as the plumage of the male Shuu Paa bird. 

An ethereal melody began and the Emperor began to dance and glide across the ice cave floor. The music swirled and seemed to emanate from the cave walls themselves. 

The Jump ladies watched completely entranced. The Emperor moved smoothly across the ice faster, then leaping, turning this way and that, intricate steps, expressive arm movements, twirling across the ice floor. The music stopped then changed this time to a tune played by a flute and drums, the lights were now green like a bamboo forest. The performance told the story of a powerful mage and once again the Emperor wove a magic spell using a sequence of steps, twists and turns. As the flute notes faded, the Emperor threw his arms out wide to capture the universe, then he brought his hands together, palms facing one above the other, enclosing mischievous spirits to prevent them from causing trouble in the mortal realm.

The Emperor was exhausted after his exertions, but his face was suffused with an expression of contentment and relief. He had triumphed over the demons of chaos and prevailed. 

The Emperor addressed the Jump ladies and Prime Minister, he assured everyone that he was well and making good progress with his endeavours at the Ice Caves.

The Emperor declared that he had performed the End of Summer Ritual in the manner that he had always envisioned, and that this pleased him greatly.

He hoped that the rituals would continue to have great meaning and lift the hearts of inhabitants and satellites surrounding the Planet.

The Jump ladies were yawning now that all of the excitement was dissipating, Lady 3A ushered them all back to the Palace leaving Prime Minister Pooh to converse in private with the Emperor. 

The Planetary satellites whirled around the Planet sending messages to one another and to other planets and worlds. 

Everyone, including the Emperor was delighted with the resounding success of the rituals. 




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  • 2 weeks later...

The Daily Spread Eagle - September 6th 2022


New Portrait of the Ice Emperor Unveiled

Artisans visited on Emperor's Royal Progress


The Inhabitants of the court of Planet Hanyu have enjoyed a rather peculiar and disrupted summer. 

Following the Emperor's astonishing announcement on July 19th, that there were to be no further annual sojourns. The court had witnessed an eruption of Mt Irene, which had spewed molten gold and the Emperor had taken his Summer Progress alone to the Ice Caves of Sendai.

The court had at first been allowed a quiet respite and had at first believed that the summer months would be quiet and a little dull. The Palace had settled into a routine of listening to the daytime work of Palace refurbishment as the worker Poohs brought the molten gold from the base of Mt Irene and the artisans fashioned a new throne, Imperial regalia and various other decor to embellish the formal receiving rooms. Artisans were in a constant state of activity, alongside the court weavers, seamstresses and costumiers. 

The jump ladies had descended into a slump. Deputy Prime Minister Yuzu Pooh had to constantly remind them of their duties, which they performed reluctantly in what could only be described as trance like 'ennuie'.

The daily routines were disrupted with news of the Emperor's quest, the Ice Crystal broadcast of the ice ritual practices, a second broadcast of the ice rituals and then news of the Emperor's Progress. 

The Emperor was making an extended Progress due to the cancellation of the usual annual sojourns. The Emperor was taking the opportunity to visit many of the artisans and other valued citizens of Earth, who had shown great service to the Emperor.

News came of the Emperor's visit to the maker of winged jewellery Phiten, one of the Imperial portrait artists AERA and a fine clothworker Yuima Nakazato.

The Jump ladies were all a flutter with excitement at the prospect of winged necklaces, new silk clothing and a portfolio of new portraits of the Emperor.

Deputy PM Pooh called for calm for the unveiling of a huge portrait of his Imperial Majesty in the newly refurbished Palace Gallery, his received a terrible fright because the jump Ladies almost trampled him in their haste to see the portrait of their most beloved Emperor. There were gasps of delight then the jump Ladies were rendered speechless. There was the portrait in a golden frame, the Emperor was depicted in all of his magnificence, adorned in a flowing garment of white silk, decorated with a design of indigo blue and sleeves with cascading ruffles in a myriad of blue shades. The Ladies were so entranced with the portrait of the Emperor that they lost track of time and gazed at the portrait all day long, which required the serving of luncheon in the gallery itself.

At night fall the ladies had to be coaxed out of the gallery, with many exclamations of how much they missed the Emperor and were already wondering when there would be more news or when he would return from the Ice Caves. 

Deputy PM Pooh commented that he was lamenting the absence of the Emperor and the Prime Minister OM Pooh san.


( Royal Progress was often undertaken during the summer months, for clement weather when the Monarch made a tour of their Realm. They would often stay at the residences of Nobles and ranking members of the Royal Court. Whilst the Monarch undertook the Progress, the Royal Palaces were cleaned and refurbished, including the unenviable tasks such as dealing with the sanitary arrangements. Whilst it was a huge honour to host the Royal household, the cost to the host could be enormous.)


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  • 4 weeks later...

The Weekend Lutz


A Very Busy Month


As the heat of the summer began to give way to the cool of autumn. The expected quiet of Palace Hanyu became filled instead with an incessant pattering of footsteps running between the offices of Deputy PM Yuzu Pooh and the apartments of the jump ladies. 

There were several days that messengers arrived at the Palace with news from the Emperor, or that the Court gathered in the Throne room to watch crystal broadcasts from the Emperor.

Messengers delivered news of the Emperor appearing outside the Ice Caves to speak with crowds of Poohs who had journeyed to the North in order to see their Emperor. There were reports that the Emperor had allowed viewings of his Official Sojourn attire and portraits and other regalia of state were displayed so that many Pooh were able to admire accoutrements associated with their beloved Emperor Hanyu.

Some enterprising artisan Poohs had been allowed to reproduce miniature portraits and facsimiles of the costumes and other artefacts. The Emperor was said to have viewed the displays himself and commended the artisan Poohs for their industry. Eventually the display had to end due to the autumnal weather. 

The Emperor made several communications using the crystal broadcasts and he even left the Ice Caves in order to visit residents in the Notrthern parts of his realm. Using the crystal broadcasting Emperor Hanyu talked about himself and his plans to invigorate activities in the realm overall as well as his ingoing quest to tame the infamous ice beast Yonkaiten Axel. 

Last but not least came the announcement that the Emperor would be appear in front of a select number of visitors invited to Planet Hanyu for a special audience. The events would be hosted in two arenas of ice. Both places had come to the aid of the Emperor when the Winter Palace had been destroyed after an attack by voracious water dragons who had ravaged the northern territories and caused great suffering to the resident Poohs. Many Poohs had perished and the Emperor had tried to rebuild their homes and support their families. This had occurred during the early years of the Emperor's reign and the memory of those fateful events still weighed heavily on the heart of the Emperor. 

The jump ladies were thrilled with images if the Emperor wearing clothing made from spider silks. The Emperor assured the Palace inhabitants that he was well and working hard to restore the northern part of his realm and that his quest was moving forwards steadily. The jump ladies would soon receive a book containing portraits of the Emperor wearing the spider silk clothing in rooms whose walls are decorated with flowers.

The Emperor had also attended a gathering of Dignitaries, but his visit had been very brief and he had returned swiftly to the Ice Caves in order to devote himself to managing affairs in his own realms.


Deputy PM Pooh and his staff, will be organising new announcement portals to update satellites with all of the news of the Emperor. 


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  • 1 month later...

The Daily Spread Eagle - November 3rd 2022




Just before the festival of Hanyu - een Emperor Hanyu returned to the Palace to oversee the finishing touches to the refurbishment of the new Ballroom. Emperor Hanyu had  draughted the design for the hall to resemble the Grand Ballroom, however, his design was to have a floor of ice and the decor in pure white marble with pale blue architectural details. The Emperor had also consulted with artisan Poohs to have new Imperial Regalia and other special sculptures created to mark a new era of Emperor Hanyu's reign.


The Emperor was delighted with the hall and began preparations for the artisan Poohs to bring in the specially commissioned gold sculptures.

The gold sculptures had been crafted from the gold, which had erupted from Mount Irene back in July following Liberation Day. The design of the sculptures was shrouded in mystery, yet they were said to represent important events from the Emperor's childhood, before he had ascended the throne and young adult life as the new Emperor.


During the Emperor's absence at the Ice Caves of Sendai, the jump ladies had been charged with refining their jump duties. Now that the Emperor had returned they were desperate to demonstrate how committed they had been to carry out the Emperor's instructions and to see the new clothes that the Emperor had commissioned for the grand opening of the new ice hall.


The jump ladies were called to an audience with the Emperor, they gathered outside the doors of the Ice Hall. The Emperor put his fingers to his lips and gestured for them to follow. They crept inside and Emperor Hanyu closed the doors behind them. The ladies gasped in awe at the size of the hall, the ice and the golden sculptures. The ladies were only permitted enough time to rehearse some of the jumps that the Emperor had requested and they hid their disappointment that the new clothes were not on display in the hall. The ladies were sworn to secrecy about the details of their performance and the appearance of the Ice Hall. Then the Emperor bade them all a good night, before slipping away to his private apartments, with the Emperor's promise that all will be revealed very soon indeed.










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November 4th 2022


                                                                                             THE DAILY SPREAD EAGLE



                                                                            EPIPHANY DAY - EMPEROR HANYU MAKES HISTORY




The Palace inhabitants awoke to a morning of clear skies, threaded with ribbons of cloud tinged golden with the sun rise. The Palace gardens were filled with roosting

Shuu- Paa birds, who entertained the gardeners with gentle sounds of shuuu-paaa

Crowds if Poohs began to gather outside of the freshly gilded gates, before finally entering the Palace grounds and wending their way to the outside doors of the new Ice Hall. As they entered, each was presented with a crystal bracelet which emitted a soft white glow. The bracelet became brighter with wear and movement. Excited murmuring passed from bear to bear. The crowd of bears shuffled forwards, thousands upon thousands had made their way to Palace Hanyu, to pay homage to their beloved Emperor. 

The crowd was enormous, but good natured and full of warm feeling towards their ruler. Before long the crowd was inside the darkened Ice Hall.

A hush descended and the bracelets flickered, then blinked out. The darkness inside the hall was absolute, even the soft whispers halted and the hall was silent, save for the sound of breathing and the occasional cough, followed by a whispered apology.


Very gradually, a golden light began to emanate from one wall of the hall, as the light increased the golden sculptures were revealed. There was a golden archway with gears and hands of a giant clock. The Poohs were delighted and clapped wholeheartedly at the beauty of the sculpture. The bracelets glowed a faint blue


The Emperor entered the hall through the clock archway, both arms outstretched. The Poohs began to roar and cheer, stomping their feet and clapping their paws. "Emperor Hanyu" , "The Emperor", " Hurrah"


Emperor Hanyu began the Ice Stories, first telling the story of the Mage Seimei, who had brought wisdom to the ancestors of the Hanyu dynasty. The bracelets glowed purple.


The story finished, to cheers and applause. As the noise died down, a sound could be heard, ticking and gears whirring, the a metallic clank as the hands of the clock changed from the 12:07, the Emperor's birthday to 11:11 the number of good luck. The crowd exploded with more cheering, then a hush once again as the next story began.


This time the music was performed by musicians who lived close to the Ice Caves of Sendai, they had composed and performed this music for and with the young Prince, when he had begun to perform some of the ice rituals. The Poohs clapped and stomped in time with the music.


The Emperor began to relate stories of his childhood, how he had learned the rituals of the ice and about his tutors and those who had inspired him as a child.


The bracelets flickered and turned a purple colour. The Emperor whirled about on the ice, now as The young Prince, screams of delight erupted from the gathered Poohs as the Emperor performed high kicks. 


Then the music merged into a story from the Emperor's childhood, the inspiring story of Spartacus - slave who became a Gladiator but went on to win freedom for slaves

Some of the Poohs were crying softly, the story was very moving. 


The music shifted to a love story, full of emotion and drama. The Emperor was a vision of beauty. Gliding and twirling as one with the ice, his image mirrored as if a dream emperor was dancing with him under the ice, the spirit of the ice itself.


Then a new story, the Emperor and the spirit of the ice beneath his feet. The robes were sheer and fluid, like water as the Emperor floated over the ice. 


The lights dimmed, the glow of the bracelets faded. Suddenly the Ice Hall chandeliers flared and the Emperor stood a the centre of the room. The Poohs cheered their appreciation, clapping, stomping. The Emperor beamed at them, bowing deeply to each side of the room, calling out " My Friends, My Poohs" to ever more thunderous applause. 

After much begging the Emperor was persuaded to perform once more an encore to Dream of Spring and of an Evening in Paris.

The Poohs were beside themselves. Smiles, tears of happiness and paws sore from clapping so hard. They loved their Emperor and their Emperor was overjoyed to share the love in return.


Finally the Poohs were ushered out from the Ice Hall chattering excitedly, this would be a tale to share with Grand Cubs and dreamed about for many years, never to be forgotten.


The Palace was nigh on empty, just the Emperor triumphant, his jump ladies and the Imperial staff.


So came the end of another magical and joyous day in the reign of Emperor Hanyu, Ruler of Planet Hanyu, First of His Name


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