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Junior Skaters of 2017/18 season

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Junior Ladies was the Star competition for me this Grand Prix final (of all the disciplines).

So clean, a world record (technically two, but one broken minutes after the other), a 3A+3T, a quad attempt, singing with the music, Alena's amazing Ina Bauer, I can go on.

The whole JGP was made fantastic by these six ladies and quite a bunch of the others that came close.


Even if only half of them keep this up as seniors, they will revolutionize skating.


Here is the medals ceremony:



Sasha, Nastya and Nana Araki are my favourites, but all of them are great.

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15 hours ago, Deliverpooh said:

I didn't know she was doing 4T as well!!:clap:



She said after the JGPF that she wants a 4T and a 3A for next season but heh, didn't think we'd see the 4T so soon.


It really would be good for her if she could land the 4S at the Junior Worlds. Even a UR is better than a fall, but hopefully she can get it fully. It's nice to plan all this, but landing these in competitions, properly, is another thing so before she starts piling them up, she can get at least the one. If she does though, just think about it.


She could be a lady with two quads and a 3A. That's top men level stuff!

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