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Found 3 results

  1. until
    This is the sixth Junior Grand Prix Event in the 2019/20 Junior GP Series. The discussion thread can be found here.
  2. until
    This is the first Junior Grand Prix event in the JGP Series. The discussion thread can be found here.
  3. Welcome to our thread for discussing Juniors and all the events of the 2017/18 season! Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2017/18 The 21st season of a series of junior international competitions organized by the International Skating Union! The locations of the JGP events change yearly and they are as follows this season: Date Event Location Other Notes August 23–26 2017 JGP Australia [x] Brisbane / AUS [x] Aug. 31-Sep. 2 2017 JGP Austria [x] Salzburg / AUT [x] September 6-9 2017 JGP Latvia [x] Riga / LAT [x] + Pairs September 20-24 2017 JGP Belarus [x] Minsk / BLR [x] + Pairs September 27-30 2017 JGP Croatia Zagreb / CRO + Pairs October 4-7 2017 JGP Poland Gdansk / POL + Pairs October 11-14 2017 JGP Italy Egna (Bolzano) / ITA December 7 – 10 2017–18 JGP Final Nagoya / JPN + Senior GPF Links in the Event column lead to the appropriate start of the competitions in the Space Battles: Event Discussions subforum for easier access Links in the Location column lead to the intro post in this thread Skaters who reach the age of 13 by July 1, 2017 but have not turned 19 (singles and females of the other two disciplines) or 21 (male pair skaters and ice dancers) are eligible to compete in the JGP. The number of entries allotted to each Federation is determined by their skaters' placements at the 2017 World Junior Championships and the Federations themselves choose their representatives. Skaters/Couples entered for an event of the ISU Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating may not participate in the same discipline of an event of the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating (senior) in the same season. Points are awarded based on placement in an event. First place brings 15 points, second 13, third 11 points, fourth 9, fifth 7, sixth 5, fifth 4, etc. Top 6 ranking in all disciplines will qualify for the JGPF. Announcement World Junior Championships TBA
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