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Greetings and salutation from Planet Hanyu everyone!


One thing that is often talked about when it comes to Yuzuru Hanyu is just how much he loves figure skating and how devoted to it he is with his entire being. When we created this home for all his fans, we thus in essence created a home for figure skating in general and for all fans of it, no matter who they support. One of the goals of this site is to promote the very thing he, and we, love so much - figure skating itself.


This particular section of the site will be devoted to accomplishing that and we hope you'll join us as we talk, celebrate and cry with all the athletes, from all over the globe, during the years to come. Our hope is that in the future, when perhaps one day among the many other coaches we may see a familiar figure, this place will still be around, not only as an archive for his achievements but as a still vivacious, thriving place where those who are carrying on his legacy, and creating their own, have many, many fans supporting them on their journey.




The forum is divided into two sections:


- Igloo itself (please do not open threads here without moderator permission)

- Skating Knickknacks - the new subforum you can see now (you're free to contribute anything and everything there!)


Thank you!

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I'm posting here in response to a number of posts in the general thread about being fans of other skaters as well as YH.  There are some people here who are fans of Yuzuru and only of him but there are also a lot like me who have come back to skating after a while due to him and have rediscovered their interest.  There are others who are finding the sport because of him. Suddenly I am watching the JGP, following pairs as well as singles, etc etc and I don't think I am the only one.

This is only possible because the atmosphere here is live and let live.  I don't think Yuzuru will necessarily retire soon even if he wins at PC but even if he did I would like to think that this planet would continue to follow other skaters ( and ex skaters!) and carry on being a place where people can be FS fans without the unpleasantness that characterises a lot of other places on the internet.  I know that there are some who are here only for him but the conversation on the main thread today, which has failed to rise to the internet bait about the response of another skater to media queries about Yuzuru's injury, and instead of responding with an avalanche of criticism of the skater in question ( as I'm sure the original twitter was hoping and may have succeeded in provoking elsewhere) has made the point that though he is our favourite by a long way we can still appreciate and be supportive of others and enjoy competitions.  This encourages me to think that Yatas vision is possible. :fingerscrossed:

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On 11/19/2017 at 12:29 PM, Deliverpooh said:

Is it allowed to create a thread for an individual skater, instead of for a country-team?


Sorry for the lateness, but no. We've decided early on that we'd structure the forum this way and there's plenty of space for all individuals in the current team threads. It's also what we can currently moderate well.

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2 hours ago, Deliverpooh said:

How about a community for Junior skaters for the 2018-2019 season?


We do have a current one

which is still active, and we'll switch it out for the new season, when we archive the whole of the lot (so season specific threads). I hope this is ok! Posting here until we do switch out is just fine, just like other threads of this type.

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