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4 hours ago, ladyjay said:



I tried the site with a VPN and it works! But you do need to register an account in order to watch. I'll try and go through the process here but I got confused a lot so I hope this makes sense >.> 


First, you need to provide an email to login with. NHK will send a confirmation email, and click on the first link. Then, it will take you to another page where you get to choose what kind of access you want. It will make you create a password, then scroll down to the two buttons, a blue and green one. The blue one is temporary registration, which only gives you access for one month, while the green button is for permanent registration. For permanent registration, it does ask for full name, Japanese address and phone number, so I don't think that option is possible for us foreign fans. 


Once you click on the link for Telemasa, you need to login from the top right corner (where it says ログイン). Then you should be able to access the show.


However, the temporary registration should be enough for tomorrow! The episode will be available once the broadcast is completed.


I hope this can be of some help!!!!



Thank you!

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