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  1. He intended wearing gloves but he was in the process of putting them on just before the warm up when he realised they were both right gloves...so we we will see them next time.. ..there is a weibo vid of what happened.. the face he made.....
  2. I always thought he wore them more for the hydroblade...i imagine that the ice can burn fingers ....no??
  3. I've seen a vid before of him sniffing Pooh's butt!! With Javi laughing beside him...i kid you not....im sure someone has it...
  4. Smelling flowers = normal Smelling medals = ?????? Extra Yuzu smells them of course!
  5. Mnnn pancake flavoured with maple syrup...
  6. Find him and hug him @Hydroblade.....he needs it...
  7. Because it's a much longer more intense programme......
  8. The one thing I wanted was him not to be kuyashii ...
  9. I said this too @kaeryth..thread moving so fast
  10. Lol...little nod to the red dress???