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  1. This link doesnt connect me to the stream.....just to rabbit..but thank you for trying x
  2. No sign of the live stream on the YouTube link.....how is everyone watching??? Thanks
  3. Anyone got a YouTube link please..my other one just died..tia
  4. And if you lose it just says lose?? There is a payment option on mine even though it says lose I think!!!
  5. If you log on it where it says my page it will tell you....
  6. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    you're the best thank you x
  7. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    sorry to be a pain but has anyone a link again,, pretty please
  8. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    What has happened Boyang's magnificent 4Ltz??
  9. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    Wow...GO Jason ....THAT was spectacular
  10. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    I'd love to see Keiji skate to his full potential!
  11. PPOS

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    Hi everyone ... has anyone a link please??