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  1. FANTASY is ageless!! ....now back to reality.....WHEN are we seeing his PERFECT 4ltz!!
  2. Em.......is it creepy???
  3. I CANNOT tell you where my mind goes with this comment!!!
  4. This TOTALLY cracked me UP ....may i add ....as a medical professional....i insist on helping out....i shall sacrifice my time to sit rinkside for ALL practices and performances with specialized delicate skin balm which i am available to apply ( LIBERALLY) at a moment's notice should our boy slide or fall and suffer from ice burn or any chaffing......I'm altruistic like that,ALWAYS willing to sacrifice myself
  5. So.....is there any fan arts of this monumental MOMENT??? ( asking for a friend ) ......And it's not like the thirst has only started....for me this is a LONG TERM thirst going back to a wilding yuzuki....
  6. The dichotomy of Yuzu......one minute he's all leather and rippling muscles and hotness and MASTERFUL.......next minute he's all sparkly and graceful and emotive..... What is NOT TO LOVE about this incredible young man.....he enthralls me and i could not take my eyes off him
  7. Ohhhh that was extra.....the mask removal as he was leaving the ice
  8. This is the same one...no prob...i could watch Zuzu over and over....did ANYONE see that extra back movement he did up and down during the choreography..... like a wave ..
  9. If you're all watching baseball I'm on the right station
  10. I'm still thinking about Masquerade after many rewatches..It's the moments of stillness too that get me.....the quiet intensity before the next burst of emotion.....I'm just so grateful that this incredibly talented beautiful young man decided to stay on after his second oly gold.....we are so lucky to have him in our lives. And the moment in CM when his closed eyes pop open so we can look into his depth and soul.....i just can't with how beautiful he is....
  11. the perfect mix of all emotions... he showed them so well with those contrasting programs today,,, i love the tranquility and beauty of crystal memories too,,, my heart melted when he sang as he skated too
  12. i am jesting with you... please do not be sorry,, i enjoy the banter! i know Yuzu is the perfect man with impeccable manners..... ( but inside he's a panther....ROOOAARRRRRR ) and p.s... you are so right...i am definitely a SCREAMER,,, i cannot help myself when i see Yuzu perform,,, so i am absolutely a rowdy ( in a nice supportive i love you yuzu kind of way) fan auntie..... as my fan friends would attest to!
  13. i do not mean literally pouncing( on me, or anyone) ladies!! i mean he has a very intense side to him that he lets us see when he is skating,,, i was just playing with words,,, no intention to offend anyone if i did,, i know Mr. Hanyu is the quintessential gentleman
  14. i dunno. .. it's all IN THERE ,,, he has a very passionate intense side..... he's just so full of emotion,,, he moves me beyond anyone else i have ever watched skating.... what an incredible young man
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