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  1. General Yuzuru chat

    We have more yuzu news now that during the Olympic season. #fanyulife
  2. General Yuzuru chat

    Please, someone who bought a parade t-shirt can help me?! One week ago, I purchased one and today I wanted to check the delivery process but I can't have access to my history purchase, they don't recognize my command number. Does anyone have the same problem?
  3. I have to go to a seminar at 9am but I'm so full energy. Yuzu thank you and also thank you to all the satellites to have make this Olympics bearable and even fun !
  4. Does someone have the video of NBC focused on the coaches ?! Please
  5. I have just wake up, i just want to say that I'm just soooo proud of him. Our space kitty from Planet Hanyu is truly beyond reach.
  6. That troll, his smile towards the journalists, I'm dying
  7. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    I wonder what are thinking the casual viewers about this event
  8. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    there you go!
  9. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    it's the french television who provides it
  10. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    A stream with no commentary is the best thing ever
  11. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    the 360° is quite something, I can't wait to see Yuzu with it
  12. [2018] OG TE Men - SP & FS

    I like the program but the jumps