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  1. kamui

    [2018] GPF - Ladies SP & FS

    RISE RIKA! RISE! The axel overlord blessed you!
  2. kamui

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    For once, the judges did a good job. I can't believe I'm really saying this
  3. kamui

    [2018] GP IdF - Men SP & FS

    Jun is going to the final!!!!!! We're blessed!
  4. Finally a good podium but I still feel sad for Marin and Polina
  5. I'm so happy for Kaori , I love the way the music builds up toward the ending!
  6. kamui

    2018/19 Coaching changes

    Brian is like Marie-France Dubreuil with ice dancers, he wants to have as many skaters as he can so he can buy some shiny Louboutins (yes MF wore Louboutins at olys)
  7. kamui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    We have more yuzu news now that during the Olympic season. #fanyulife
  8. kamui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Please, someone who bought a parade t-shirt can help me?! One week ago, I purchased one and today I wanted to check the delivery process but I can't have access to my history purchase, they don't recognize my command number. Does anyone have the same problem?
  9. Thank you so much for the advice, last week I tried to make a reservation to see it on the other websites you mentioned and it was already full for March, I didn't know they weren't official! You've just made my day!
  10. kamui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    i remember during one of the fantasy on ice show from this summer, they said a lot of fanboys was there
  11. kamui

    Team Russia

    I think this whas the least bad decision they could make, we'll see how Putin is going to react.
  12. kamui

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Actually, without Shizuka and her gold medal we wouldn't have Yuzu since Ice rink Sendai would have not been reopen.
  13. kamui

    Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    C'est vrai que c'est encore assez loin , je te recontacterai sans doute plus loin dans l'année
  14. kamui

    Ode à Yuzu - forum francophone

    Ah oui plus proche que ca y'a pas, le monde est vraiment petit parfois Je vais simplement voir le programme long et le gala. Si cela serait possible que vous puissiez m'y amener ou simplement me ramener, cela serait vraiment génial.