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    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sorry, I need to @ you, since my thoughts almost exactly, only I always see him as more of a 2.5d stage character, since he has the whole 'come out of a 2D work to a 3D world' thing down to a t. Optionally, since he's said he'd like Sota Fukushi to play him, he could be a Kamen Rider character, sans the (lately, tho I'm still gathering power for Build so who knows) ridiculous spandex and plastic final forms and with a lot more flair and sparkles. Going through his opponents with power of friendshipshut up Gentaro determination is also his forte, after all. Also, I haven't been on the planet for so long, so many new emojis to use, yay!
  2. https://ok.ru/live/1333003623955 this doesn't work for you? Some girls are rabbiting, look on twitter for links, maybe rooms aren't full just yet!
  3. kazuki ganba! (I'm breaking the trend lol)
  4. he didn't do his best, but he smiled at the end of the FS and is currently first by five points so I'm taking that!
  5. time to die! But, thanks for making my first wish come true, Misha!
  6. he got literally less than a decent 2A would get...god, child, it's really not ready, YOU're not ready to try it, your program is dying because of it!
  7. Keegan's exit on 4T-somebody tell judges to give it positive goe for originality already xD
  8. my stream died, you little *****! oh you live now?
  9. I don't care what they say of Yuzu,or, I do care, but he probabbly doesn't, he can't hear them over his two OGMs and sunshine smile he has this season anyway. But. Saying that the kid like Kolyada, who does everything in his power to not let his mistakes overwhelm the feel of the proogram, who had one of the better spins of the group whose SS were hurt ONLY near the falls and step-out points gave the program up (I believe that's literal translation? I'm not sure I need to find recording of it to check again), because his score isn't as high as it could be? Well, yes, now I'm a butthurt FS fan on top of humanistics student taught about media's ethic and I will whine, if only not to feel ashamed to potentially go job-hunting in the same occupation, tbh
  10. I've alredy asked French fanyus if they have a way of filling a complaint against those commentators, since they practically bashed skaters on-air (almost) more than TAT does to her disliked skaters (they said Kolyada "gave up" on his performance when actually the performance part was great, it's the jumps that iffed out), and I'm actually considering filling a complaint to my eurosport and asking them to forward it to their international office, or something. Ppl were screaming at Kurt for shading Alina's tactic on FP last season, so I do hope it will get a proper response, as well.I can't believe they're working for technically the same company as the Max and B.ESP uncles, too... Or maybe we will be accused of being Fanyus again, but whatever.
  11. I think he got a 2A call for it, but none the less it was an ugly pop, and when he wasn't throwing himself onto performance, it was visible how defeated he looked, and please, please, please someone send him to Mihoko or any super huggable, supportive coach because... He really doesn't need improvement on his technique right now, it's his support system that needs upgrade. Maybe they kept forgetting this +5 scale goes to both plus and minus? That would solve the secret!
  12. that's...16th? I think? Just a little more, and He'll overcome Plush and the rest... That's on the organizers, they should ban Voronov from entering the ice, or force him to wait for Yuzu to finish his bows, since I suspect they cannot lower their sweeper numbers post-Poohvalanche. Or his mother should mention to him to wait until Yuzu is done, since she seemed to be his main upbringing parent in that short Japanese segment on the boy last year... anyway, I don't think Yuzu can do anything about it on the eyes of few thousands viewers (plus little kids are a fatality for him)
  13. Final boss conquered xD Pretty sure that's how it went, after he abandoned his 'I'm going to be chill~ehe*wink*' delusion also, is that why ISU tried it in the first place? i know we call them evil, but what if they're trying to Lelouch Yuzuru into longer career? Lol in my dreams. With your ava it looks like Yuzu speaking it into existence during Ina Bauer, and I'm all for it xD
  14. Okay, but like... yeah, twizzle sandwitch didn't work, so let's go for the good-ol back-counter-twizzle exit combo coz why not. also combo problems? PROBLEMS? I'll show you tf up. Arms up, that's it. He's so absolutely extra