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  1. hello guys I'm new to FS and it's been 24 days since I become a fanyuu.. I've been to this website for a while but as I don't really understand how it works, I rarely come here T__T this might be so random but the retirement of yuzu came to my mind, and it's been bothering me ever since 👉👈 i'm so so so sad for knowing yuzu just now </3 i just realized javi retired at 28 yo and figure skater are normally retired under 30s and now yuzu is 26 yo alr... esp bcs of the goddamn pandemic!!! and another thing is that as i'm completely new to FS, there are a lot of things i ne
  2. I'm still new here and I can't find the site for "costume" which i opened like a week ago T__T where do i need to go to see that "costume" site?

    1. mineyoo


      nvm i saw it on wiki hhhhhh sorry for bothering u all

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