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  1. A HUGE shout out to starrynotte on Twitter for streaming the full show! Thank you  Enjoy!   Yuzu’s song segment (“Fly High”) starts around the 41:00 min mark
  2. Lynn487


    Hello! I sent a donation on Paypal, please let me know when ya'll receive it! Thank you for giving fanyus a platform and for all the work ya'll do in keeping this site up. Happy New Years!
  3. Thank you for the show and for translating yuzu’s words!
  4. I still have one more day before New Years, but I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all the lovely fanyus on Planet Hanyu. We've been through A LOT this year in terms of emotions, but we've stood together and shown our support to Yuzu- especially on his big change in turning pro. I'm excited to see him on this new journey, and it's been awesome to see all the new content we've been getting from him. Let's say bye bye to 2022, and Cheers to 2023!
  5. Watching this makes me so much more excited for this year's show!
  6. Credit to starrynotte on Twitter for streaming this special! Part 1 is a shorter cut of the broadcast from YouTube (credit to ARTHUR SGK on YouTube) Part 2 is the streamed broadcast (Yuzu Cut)
  7. I edited Yuzu's interview parts together from today's radio broadcast. Please enjoy! If anything is wrong with the audio, please let me know and I will fix it    Translation Credit to @marika_yuzu on Twitter (threads):                
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