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  1. Does this only hold if the airline cancels the flights or if the individual passenger decides to cancel their flight?
  2. Did you still get a credit for a future flight? Or was there an option for complete refund versus flight credit?
  3. As far as I'm concerned, you should be refunded the amount you paid. Not a penny more or less.
  4. I can't recall if I saw someone mention cancelling a flight with Air Canada on here or on Twitter....nonetheless, has anyone had any luck getting a complete refund from cancelling an Air Canada flight?
  5. I want to hope so, but that tweet was also made 6 hours ago (6 PM their time)
  6. I am also willing to take the risk (I'm also type 1 diabetic lol) I'm not so well off financially that a cancellation without a refund or won't be getting a refund anytime soon is not appealing to me (plus the fact that I bought one of my tickets from someone else is going to make that a nightmare). Those who are writing to officials are better off requesting that measures are put into place to ensure sanitation and safety of spectators as well as athletes imo.
  7. Hope everyone traveling/at the event will have this mindset :’) (the reply from The Baking B)
  8. I really hope they don't cancel, but I agree that a firm position needs to be made by tomorrow imo. Masks/gloves should be mandatory for those in attendance, not just for those who would prefer them.
  9. I feel like any cancellations would've quickly followed the Long Track event cancellation since the events are happening in the same week. Any cancellation later than this upcoming Monday would be a nightmare on the organizers end.
  10. It’s not geoblocked in Canada! That’s usually the location I set it to on my VPN 😂
  11. Who all is staying at Hotel de I'ITHQ? Can you like this post if you feel comfortable sharing I'll be arriving to Montreal Thursday morning around 9 AM - probably won't get to the hotel till around 10 AM and will depart shortly after to Centre Bell; is anyone else heading to CB around this time? I'm traveling by myself and a little hesitant with navigating around
  12. I went to 2019 4CC (sitting in the upper deck) and 2019 Skate America (sitting second row) and both were amazing but different experiences. I went to 4CC because I HAD to see Rika's Beautiful Storm program live and even though I was far away it was such an amazing experience and I still could see a lot and you def get an aerial view of the action. While sitting in the second row for SA was awesome, I had tunnel vision at times sitting that close. Long story short, going live, no matter where your seat is, is such a wonderful once in a lifetime experience and you can always watch the broadcast of it later!
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