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  1. It’s not still sure but my relative who is supposed to be with me might not make it on 13th &14th😣 so if someone are interesting her tickets, let me know.
  2. Same official massage came an hour ago I hope everyone goes well on that day
  3. I just noticed . yes, you are correct. Well, on sale 13 seems like really wrong post
  4. my time is US EST. Well, on 13th on Thursday is for other country such as Asia, I guess.
  5. I've been confusing The ticket sale is coming on 13th or 14th on Friday? At the eventbrite, Look the date underneath the photo capture of 2019 Autumn Classic, On sale 13 June 2019 at 10:00 AM However, go click Detail and open, you see SALES START 14 JUN I don't get it
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