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  1. Yes, I also heard he said "about 20%"
  2. I read that you can call Kyodo Osaka and reserve a ticket for tomorrow. This information is running around now, so maybe everybody starts calling.
  3. And Oguni Elementary School has posted a photo of the children holding their cute banner with big smile at the arena! http://www3.schoolweb.ne.jp/weblog/index.php?id=0710104&type=1&column_id=535326&category_id=1714 They must have been in the same side of where I was. I couldn't see them. What a heartwarming episode I think Yuzu invited them to the show since it's impossible to get tickets by group.
  4. I have one ticket (Seat A) for Sendai June 1. It is W-Block Row-15 on East side. If there's anyone interested, please DM me. I am going to Makuhari today, and to Sendai on May 31 and June 1.
  5. I am Japanese, I don't know the details, but I read somewhere in last April that there opened official Chinese FaOI website. I myself didn't see that website, but people here were talking about it and according to them, they sold Chinese fans cat.A tickets for Kobe and cat.S for Sendai,and for Makuhari, I don't remember which kind of tickets. There was a sale for Makuhari, too, for sure. Knowing that information, when I tried to buy a ticket for Sendai, I avoided cat.S tickets. I thought there might be less cat.S tickets left. My guess is that those tickets are valid ones, but the agency sold some tickets to the another agency and they are trying to sell fans at more expensive price??
  6. https://ameblo.jp/kose-sports/entry-12443652658.html A new entry of Yuzu blog. Yuzu's voice is so nice I've been waiting for this a whole day
  7. I don' know when exactly, but a sure thing is it's after Rostele because Yuzu was saying "I'm again injured."
  8. You don't need to sign up or anything. I just posted my message without registering, and my message appeared right after. (People of Ameblo are not checking the comments now?!) I'm not sure the blog accepts posts from overseas but I saw some comments of fans from Italy, Taiwan and China. BTW, his blog entry (https://ameblo.jp/kose-sports/entry-12443581161.html) is short but very cute and easy to read . It can be a very nice read for Japanese learners!
  9. I'm sure you already know but just as a reminder, you can leave your message on Yuzu's first blog article: https://ameblo.jp/kose-sports/entry-12443651939.html Click the middle box コメントする. (Already nearly 600 messages are posted.) Then there pops a box. From the top, タイトル(title) コメント(comment/message) 画像認証(verification by copying numbers) 名前(nickname) URL(if you want to show your twitter account or something). After writing your message, click the green box 投稿する. It will take some time to be shown on the blog site because all the messages are read by administrators beforehand. Surely Yuzu will read all the messages and English should be no problem for him.
  10. https://scontent-nrt1-1.cdninstagram.com/vp/e7634b51ac73601274586b85029a55be/5C16EC0C/t50.2886-16/48088617_202461950659519_2418288425797265221_n.mp4 Has Yuzu started rehabilitation on ice? I'm not sure if it's the latest video, but if so, I really really hope his rehabilitation will go well. I know last year he had pain after going back to ice in December and rested again.
  11. You may be reading it right now I ran to the book store nearby to buy it this morning. I was so surprised (or even shocked) to know the whole training during the rehabilitation as well as the practice at PC (the first 15 minute practice, etc )were planned by Yuzu himself without any involvement of Brian. I had imagined Brian advised him, but no, it wasn't. It was planned cautiously by Yuzu's strategic mind. Also, according to Brian, Yuzu had never skated perfect Ballade No.1 after starting again his training in January. I still can't believe how come Yuzu could manage to skate clean short program at the most important moment of his life!
  12. To those who read Japanese, you can read some sample pages of a book "Team Brian" that is published today here: https://br.ebookjapan.jp/br/reader/viewer_bookmark/?sku=62044486&bid=JPN-EBI-60802577-0-0&sessionid=YD0oHTxlHJ6F7Mp3aXBF3cszAxmwK15d (I hope the link will work.) I cried reading this! Yuzu is an extremely sensitive and considerate person!! I knew it but still I have no words. Yuzu performed Swan at Helsinki for Brian's late father.
  13. I can see you already did your best! お疲れ様でした(Otsukaresamadeshita)!! Yes, I believe it'll be easier to find them later, but also don't forget we will have another clear files of Ghana next week! This will be even harder to find... I'll drop information here when I find anything about stores in Kansai area.
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