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  1. Last night I watched his interview, felt very happy, and went to bed... I understand his Japanese perfectly while my English is far from perfect. I wait for someone good at both languages translate this nice interview, but you understand almost everything . About 3Lz, he said "It was (highly) evaluated." Obviously he's happy about it. His tone during the interview is serious but very positive. He might have been a bit angry with himself and his scores, but still he was very calm and his mind is analytical. His words on the board is "to become the strongest myself ever" and this is for Montreal Worlds.
  2. Yuzu's interview right after Origin at ACI was aired a few minutes ago. He was unbelievably beautiful here... I was waiting for this TV program the whole week and I'm so satisfied now
  3. You may not believe it, but actually it is. One very very small sticker (not 2 stickers but 1!) is the only reason for the price difference. We are joking "Is a secret code for Yuzu's secret movie written with invisible ink somewhere on this sticker??" Personally, I recommend you the normal edition without a sticker. I've got the special one with a sticker, but I don't know what to do with it!
  4. Thank you. I went to the sub rink of Saitama Worlds to see the practice, that's why I was wondering about Montreal. Practicing without fans observing everything closely might be better for Yuzu.
  5. Does anyone know if there is a sub rink? Should we think we won't be able to see the practice at a sub rink?
  6. After winning gold medal in Sochi, Yuzu sent Yamada Mami-sensei gloves as a gift from Sochi. Mami-sensei gave those gloves to Kazuki Hasegawa, then a middle school student, who asked a question about pressure before the competition to Yuzu in the yesterday's TV program. Kazuki said four years ago "I don't wear them. I treasure them. When I can jump a quad, maybe I'm going to start to wear them."
  7. It appears to be on the first floor of Marubiru (Marunouchi Building), which is located in front of Tokyo Station.
  8. The video says the Blu-ray/DVD will include 15 performances from 2015 to 2019 season. I'm very anxious if it will have Helsinki H&L. Joe Hisaishi is famous for being very strict about his music's rights.
  9. Mika Ninagawa who photographed famous blue roses Yuzu of the cover of anan AERA will be a guest of a talk show hosted by Sawako Agawa this Saturday. Mika will talk a secret episode of the photo session. (for some minutes, I think. A talk show is only 30 minute program.) You can see the trailer with the link above where Mika says "I was very nervous (at the anan AERA photo session). I could hear voices from his fans. I thought like I'll try hard to take the photos everybody wants to see!"
  10. Did he? I don't remember anything In the pamphlet of FaOI Makuhari, he did say he could only perform 20% for both Otonal and Origin. I was surprised to read this. Origin, yes I understand, but also Otonal??
  11. Some people say that those images are from last year, and others say that Origin is just background music. I realy don't know what is true...
  12. This article doesn't say he will do ACI this year. It only says he competes at ACI every year. Obviously the writer doesn't know anything about this year. We have to wait for JSF to announce the participation of all the Japanese skaters in B comps.
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