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  1. I admit I would like him to skate on some music by Yanni, just because the songs have a very diverse range and can combine strong parts with soft parts, fast parts with slow parts etc. without giving the impression that they were just glued together. I don't really like it when skaters have various song just put together and it's very obvious (annoyingly obvious) when the transition is done. Some even stop completely and wait for a few seconds doing nothing until the next part starts like they would start a different program (this is quite visible sometimes in pairs and dance). About Shae (and other choreographers for that matter), do we know that she chose the music for the other skaters? Or maybe they come to her with a song. I thiing she said that Evgenia came to her with MOAG ideea and she just did the cut. Maybe bad choice of music is not always on her.
  2. They are saying unkind things, because she's hyped a lot, including by Orser. He said in a recent interview (posted on Twitter, mind you) that she now skates the best she' s ever had. And people don't see that, they saw a bit of a meltdown in SCI. She also said that what happened there is not normal, because she does clean run-through in practices. I mean, surely you can't base your reputation on what you do in practice at the training rink. You have to show that you can control your nerves in competition. That is quite a big part of it, just ask P. Chan and Nathan about the Olympics. And she hasn't done that yet except on maybe one or two occasions since she left Eteri.
  3. To be honest, I expect the Russian skater's not to get many calls after the latest RusFed public complaints no matter the skates, but I would love to be wrong and see those calls there if justified, despite the intimidation attempts.
  4. They theoretically gave her the chance to a bronze in Canada and a silver in Russia. That might have been enough to qualify. It was anyway the best she could get this season. In Russia, there're more chances for her to get high PCS than Nhk or Coc. Also, I think they wanted to keep the opportunity open for Alena, so they did not made Alena battle both Rika and Evgenia in Nhk. Sasha is clearly unbeatable if she lands her jumps (unfortunately, only jumps matter these days), so CoR was likely like an expected 1-2 for the Russian ladies. Too late now anyway, the only thing Evgenia can do now is derail some or other skater's plans, by doing some good programs and pushing others down the standings. Tennell might benefit from it, if that happens.
  5. I don't think people complain about the same songs beings used by so many skaters, but by him using the same songs again and again. On the other hand, no offense, but Nathan's La Boheme is not that modern, it's from the '60s. Marton's Art on Ice is from the 2000s. Personally, I wouldn't want him to repeat again next year, because I would feel that he's becoming obsessive about the programs (more than usual) and that's not a healthy mentality for him to have.
  6. They still have Platinum seats, just not ll event. Except for Saturday, there are Platinum seats. The thing is, it seems there are separators from one section to another, so it will not be possible to move from Silver to Gold or Platinum. At least, that's what it seems from the virtual tour. The problem with the glass is not only for the first rows in Platinum, but also in Gold and Silver and also for the upper rows in platinum above the exits. I have seen the problem with the distance from the ice also in COC this past weekend and it was the same at the Olympics, to allow room near the rink for skaters, staff, media, etc. (it seemed like that on TV). Unfortunately, for me Worlds in Canada is pretty far and expensive, so there's not much chance of me going there. Hopefully, for all those who go there, the arena is better.
  7. Well, if they got worlds, GPF is not that surprising. Basically, first 2-3 rows for each section will have the glass right in front and the people will see the skate through the glass. From this point of view, those who thought they are getting excellent seats might be disappointed and at a disadvantage compared to those who have bought seats starting with row 4-5 up. On top of that, the first row is way above the ice (except for the ground seats which I didn't see for sale even in the beginning) and quite far away from it. IMO, WC2017 Helsinki was great at sitting (at least so it seamed from the TV). The prices are exorbitant regardless of the glass, because they saw they can get such prices, which is true. I would not have paid so much even for worlds if not for Yuzu. Can't imagine the shock they will have when they won't be able to sell the tickets for such prices after he's gone.
  8. For the 2010 world's, the glass was there. I don't think they will remove it, it's quite a lot of it, even between sections
  9. There seems to be a separator for each section when checking with the virtual tour. Even between sections of the same value there are glass separators.
  10. also, I hope there's a glimpse of a chance of Han Yan getting a second assignment. i thin COR is too close, but if someone wd from NHK...
  11. I could not watch the men live, but I caught up just now. I just want to say after seeing Boyang 4Lz that nobody should have gotten GOE greater than him this season for that jump. he's just missing some transitions in and out of it to make it a +5 (with the right passport he would have gotten a line of +5s already). seeing that, I remembered Yuzu saying to Boyang "your jumps are amazing". It was like hearing Yuzu in my had at that moment.
  12. Let's see when the judges do their jobs with appropriate goes
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