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  1. The USFED don't care what changes occur, they will find a way to benefit anyway. I'm waiting to see if they will call Vincent PRs and URs or just ignore the new rule.
  2. Honestly, it's like they changed everything according to Mishin's and RusFed desires - the combination of Flip and Lutz and the 'q' respectively. With the latter, they even admitted it was because last year RusFed was upset that for once the judges did their job and called Scherbakova's URs and wanted to avoid that happening again.
  3. This 'q' thing was so obvious in the favor of the Russian girls (aka Eteri's up until now, will see later with Sasha). Now, they won't get URs anymore, which diminished the BV, but they will get 'q', with BV staying the same. The pre-rotation thing will be used arbitrarily by the judges, to lower GOE for those they don't like, not for them.
  4. I think they are more likely in their favor with the 'q' thing. Now, they won't get URs anymore, diminishing the BV, but they will get 'q', with BV staying the same. The pre-rotation thing will be used arbitrarily by the judges, to lower GOE for those they don't like.
  5. I can't believe they leveled Flip and Lutz as jumps (both triples and quads). Why do that? The entry difficulty of the Lutz seems not to matter anymore. This change is in no one's favor but those who are not capable of jumping Lutz. Yuzu is not one of them, both his triple and quad are excellent. So, this is definitely not in his favor. They seem to make the changes a bit clueless, they raised the BV for the quad Loop as it was not enough for it's difficulty, but lowered the BV for the Lutz to be the same as Flip, because the judges don't know/can't spot the difference between them. For Yuzu, it was like throwing him a bone with one hand and taking it with the other, as he has both these quads and they are both excellent. They should have left the Lutz the same, raise the Loop as it is more difficult and also raise the 4A, as it's the only jump for which the quad is not double in BV than the triple.
  6. I was going to say the same... these two programs are Hanyu 100%, there couldn't be any other programs more Hanyu. These journalist have no actual clue, have they?
  7. Yuzu's video today was impressive... For me, it speaks of his dedication to skating (what he does), to his fans, to the recovery cause he's championed so much... The effort he put into it speaks volumes about him, the attention to details is beyond imagination and the fact that he managed to evoke such powerful feelings with just snippets from each of his programs shows how much attachment his fans have for what's meaningful in his life. I think the mood of this video is very appropriate for the times we are living right now. I think he speaks from the heart, without the need for any words.
  8. I know that PC Chopin was performed majestically, but for me PC Seimei will always win, even with the mistakes, because of that last part. Yuzu was truly unleashed there, truly free, truly happy. I could feel his happiness through the distance and through the screen. And it was obvious right after he finished the program. Whenever he's in doubt with himself, he should see that part of the program again, to get the feeling of what happiness skating brings. I think he even mentioned in an interview that he was supposed to be grave, like Abe no Seimei, but he couldn't control himself because he was so happy. So, not necessarily from a performance point of view, but from a feeling point of view, that program in PC is no1 for me. From a performance point of view, there are so many that I couldn't choose (might go with GPF 2016)
  9. Would anyone fall for their schemes with these prices again? Especially after releasing better tickets later on. I have a feeling people will be more careful and buy later after this.
  10. They look awesome! I would like one, please. I prefer the snow one, if still available. Name is Valentina/vd_turnan.
  11. Are they held responsible for releasing better seats later? I bought my ticket late, form another person, so I didn't read their initial statement of releasing best seats for all-event. But it seems logical to me to give the best seats to those who pay for the whole thing. Seeing what's going on lately with the release of better seats, I would complain as publicly as possible if they indeed made a statement first of giving the best seats to ell-event buyers. Honestly, makes you lose all faith in the process. Who'll buy all-event so early after this charade?
  12. 35CAD for 500MB of data??? Is mobile internet really that expensive there? Indeed, in some cases international roaming might be better.
  13. Such an event takes probably a year to prepare. They decided about it mid season.
  14. This way of talking can be found with other skaters too. Timothy Goebel spoke about skating in the US being a girls sport and that Johnny Weir got a lot of backlash back then because his skating was effeminate. Apparently it's a thing in the US even for skaters who are gay to portray themselves as being "manly" (to be read: strong jumpers, not very much artistic) at larger competitions with the purpose of not pushing fans (especially older ones) away. They say it's a culture thing. Not everyone is open minded about these things. There are some countries where this subject is very taboo and people look at you strangely if you don't condemn homosexuality. Things may have started to change, but apparently it's going very slowly.
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