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  1. I’m living for this drama in these trying times 😂😂
  2. she’s prob gonna be pissed lmao
  3. I don’t even like Sailor Moon but omfg Jason Brown ❤️😭
  4. I’m really bummed out the Hungarian ice dance team didn’t make it to the free dance.
  5. This is really heartbreaking to read. I know it’s probably not the same in the ice dance discipline but I wonder if they too, go through the same mental exhaustion.
  6. They haven't. http://www.figureskatingresults.fi/results/1920/CSFIN2019/SEG008.HTM They couldn't have because I'm on the official paid live stream and right now, its the ladies practicing.
  7. Guys I have the Finlandia Trophy paid subscription and the Ice Dance hasn't started yet either. I'm wondering if something happened that its causing a delay.
  8. Since I don’t see a thread for it, and this seems to fit the most, I’m Team Hungary. Anyone else??!
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