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  1. I’m sure he will be in the highlights, all good. Yes maybe just one or two jumps max.
  2. The broadcast is only on Fuji and at an odd time of 1225am for only an hour? There is no live broadcast?
  3. I was going to but it seems like there is much to see in the whole of Tohoku. So I’m saving it for next time for a whole of Tohoku trip. Enjoy!
  4. The quality might not be good enough. Take a selfie with your iPhone as far away as you can stretch your arms right in front of you and it will turn out the right size and quality.
  5. Got my international ballot tickets, on short side but one day is front row and the other day second row!
  6. I will be travelling by myself as well and planning to stop by sendai for 3 days after on the way to Tokyo. Wouldn’t mind some company if anyone else heading that way. Someone made a video of visiting Sendai during the tanabata festival. You can compare your palm size to Hanyu’s!
  7. Won single day tickets. I only applied for single day ticket as can only be there Sat and Sun due to work.
  8. If credit cards are precharged the full amount then does that mean if you’re lucky enough to win both all event and single days then you have no choice but to pay for it?!
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