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  1. Aw it seems I can't see the video since I don't have a weibo account Has anyone seen it uploaded elsewhere? I'm pretty sure I haven't seen it before, especially not with the six pack comment lol Editing to say that I'm a dumb-dumb! The twitter thread has a link to a gdrive upload
  2. besp worlds H&L was uploaded newly by "Figure Skating" (new account I think). I have various performances downloaded already (and various small clips, interviews etc) and can definitely share if there is some kind of communal file hosting/sharing thing to use? I don't have a bilibili account to use for it and I don't use my youtube account for uploads.
  3. I'm so glad he's prioritizing his health/recovery. If it goes as predicted (in the sense of what we've been told about estimated recovery and rehabilitation time, and about the injury not being as bad as last year) then I do think Worlds is his next aim. I feel bad for him - like Brian has said so often Yuzu really just loves to skate, it must be so frustrating to be kept from it time after time. I think Yuzu has mentioned that it's limited what can be done for his injuries at this point due to not enough biological material being left to work on through surgery (sorry I'm having trouble saying that in English). Retirement is such a hard thing to think about. Most of all his health is the biggest concern, especially if he wants to continue skating non-competitively afterwards and also just to live without much pain or many complications later on in life. No matter when it has to end, his competitive career will forever be legendary. But it was heartwarming when he declared he was not thinking about retirement yet, I think during the interviews after Rostelecom fs?
  4. Adding another happy birthday! I hope he got to celebrate early with his family before he went to Canada again and that he's doing well I wish happiness, healing and support from his friends/family/coaches can outshine any stress or bad feelings he might have.
  5. Hello! I'm from Denmark and just created an account today after having lurked for a bit over a month. I vaguely knew about Yuzuru for a few years but I never managed to dive deeper into figure skating or him as an individual until recently due to health issues taking up all my energy. I really regret not being able to do it sooner so I could have followed along in real time. It wasn't until this october that I finally fell into a rabbit hole and basically binged all information and also learned about the sport. My first real time event was Helsinki and what a wonderful experience to finally have! I was really looking forward to being able to experience his following events but then the injury happened and I'm wishing all the best for him and his recovery. I'm so happy to have so much information to take in and lurking here was so helpful for me as a complete newbie.
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