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  1. dheu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    The most amusing thing about this is that he has so many gold medals that he can accurately detect gold content by just smelling them...
  2. I feel the same way, Wonn (your pictures are exactly how I am feeling!!). I've been looking forward to seeing him in person since I bought the tickets in February, and now.... I'll still go to GPF, but it just won't be what I was hoping for. I don't have a lot of spare cash, so flying somewhere to see him will probably be out of reach for now. That's why I was ecstatic that he was going to be coming to a place only a few hours away from me. I should have known it was too good to be true!!! Now I'm trying to figure out where I could possibly see him compete live, and I've got no clue. He'll probably be at Worlds in March, right? But that's an expensive plane flight away and I'm sure all the tickets for that have been snatched up. Will I have to wait until next season? Ugh, it's so tragic, his season was shaping up to be another 2014-2015 record-breaker, and I wanted to be there for it. I also really wanted to see Otonal live...... Crying bunnies everywhere!
  3. dheu

    Books and Literature

    I can understand that, because that's how I feel reading Hardboiled Wonderland. It is the mixture of the mundane and the bizarre that throws me off, I think. Like in Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, I could not feel invested in the bizarre stuff because he would bring the story jolting back into the real world with what felt to me like overly detailed descriptions of the mundane, such as cooking ordinary meals. My imagination would be wound up with the strange girl and the story of the man in the well, and suddenly I have to read (what felt to me like) tedious paragraphs about his normal life. To be honest, I don't know why I had such a hard time with that book. I tried it multiple times, gave up the first time, and finally muscled through the second time. It just didn't grab me, and I wanted to be grabbed like I was when reading Hardboiled Wonderland. Maybe I should try his non-fiction. And I still want to read Kafka on the Shore... I started it awhile back but Real Life intruded and I haven't picked it back up again. But that one did have the "grab" from what little I read, so here's hoping that maybe I'll add that to my tally of Murakami Books I Love.
  4. dheu

    K-drama & co

    I just finished Stranger on Netflix (비밀의 숲 or "Secret Forest" is the literal name per Wiki). I found it extremely good, with a tight pace and a lot of characters that I ended up growing to like. The relationship between Si-mok Hwang and Yeo-Jin Han was perfect: two highly intelligent people who respect and trust each other and end up having a delightful camaraderie throughout the series. I would happily watch them sit and banter over dinner for a full episode, I think. I loved Yeo-Jin in particular. She was awesome! I liked how most of the characters ended up being sympathetic in some sense. Yeo-Jin says at one point that there are no black and white people, but shades of grey, and this series really plays to that quote. Even the main villain was a character whose point of view I could understand (and even kind of respect to a point) while still fully agreeing with Si-mok's declaration that the villain is a "monster". Overall, I really enjoyed it and would recommend it!
  5. dheu

    If It Wasn't for Yuzuru, I'd Never Have....

    See, my story is the opposite. If it wasn't for Yuzu, I wouldn't be spending hours scouring Youtube for any and all old performances I may have missed (meanwhile avoiding housework)...
  6. I was too! I thought the same thing for a moment. Stop worrying us, Yuzu! Oh, you're right! I missed those hand gestures before. I knew he would be directing them!
  7. Thanks for the links to this! I think this is my favorite medal ceremony ever, even despite poor Yuzu on his crutches. Yuzu continues to be so respectful to his competitors and to fans, and Kazuki Tomono and Morisi Kvitelashvili were really kind and helpful. I was rather impressed that they both reached out to help him up, and then Kazuki commandeered his flowers and gift and took the time out of his own moment of triumph to get them off the ice for Yuzu, and Morisi helped Yuzu down from the podium too. Such a great display of sportsmanship on all sides. It really warms my heart to see it. (On a side note, what cruel ISU official hands a guy with crutches two bulky objects to carry, and then ditches him on his own to try to shuffle back? I know it's all tradition, but surely they could have arranged to have someone standing on the side after the photos were done to take the flowers and the gift back to the boards for him... and kinda too) Also, at first I thought Yuzu was directing Kazuki and Morisi with his crutch (because for a moment they didn't look like they knew what came next after they got their medals and left the podium) and was thinking "that is so like him ", but from a different angle it's clear he was communicating with the photographers. No matter, I bet in his heart he was probably urging them to go ahead and do their victory lap.
  8. dheu

    General Yuzuru Chat

    I think the shocked girl from the second photo is the girl with the black hair cover in the third photo. You can kind of see it peeping out in the second photo. She probably saw the boy and, after Origin, thought "screw it, I'm going for a hug too!!" Smart girl! EDIT: Whoops, someone else already noticed that.
  9. I was calling myself rabid, not you. It just seems that it is easy for fans to get up in arms and in this case I didn't see there was really any reason for it, so I thought I'd say something. I apologize for offending you.
  10. Hmmm... but I'm doubting his doctor said it was okay to compete today, and he still did it.... I would never want him to compete injured, because this isn't the Olympics and the GPF isn't a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing. But I am still hoping he has a speedier recovery than expected and is able to participate. I'm sure he still really wants to show Origin at its best, and he hasn't had an opportunity yet. And darn it all, I really want to see him perform Otonal and Origin live!!!
  11. Well, I'm as rabid a Yuzu fan as anyone, but you can't hold it against them for them to be speculating when they don't know what's going on. Sure, they should have done their research; I'm kind of surprised they didn't at least glance at what happened at the practices, because that seems like good info to include when they're commentating (you know, all those "that jump was solid during practice" or "that skater really struggled during practice, let's hope they've got it together now" types of comments). The other commentator only made one comment about Shoma that I heard (from the video, I didn't watch the full event) and it was a simple "he wouldn't be able to go easy on his layout if he was competing against Shoma". Maybe that's the guy who loves Shoma and that's why he said it, I don't know. But as a single remark, I didn't find it annoying. As far as the "demand from Japan" goes, that sounded more supportive than anything. It was a "we don't know why he's not skating his best, maybe he is not feeling well, maybe because he's tired out from all the extra stuff he does, because he does a HECKUVA lot" speculation. Clearly one of the commentators was much more sympathetic to Yuzu and I liked hearing that, and the other one didn't bother me because his comments were not even close to as nasty as some other commentators (such as those French ones from the SP!!!). That's how I interpreted it all, anyway, and that's how I'll continue to interpret it, because I'm not going to get upset at some random commentator for a silly, ignorant comment. I'm a rabid Fanyu, but not that rabid. I'll save my anger for the real offenders, the ones with the comments that feel actually malicious (French commentators, grrr!).
  12. "He used his get-out-of-jail-free card on that one." "Gah... I wish I was a Winnie the Pooh salesman..." They had a few lines that made me laugh, even through the pain of watching Yuzu struggle a bit. Is this the video you all are talking about not watching again due to the commentators? I don't think their commentary is negative, to be honest. They are clearly a little befuddled by his easier layout, and one commentator makes the remark about the "empty" program and Yuzu not being able to have such an "empty" program when he is competing against Shoma, but that is clearly due to their own lack of knowledge about his injury. Easier layout was fine to me since clearly that was all he needed to stay on top. No need to push himself with an injury to have to deal with! And the first half of the performance was spectacular; I felt like he really showed all the choreographic details to perfection. The second half his performance does become more "empty", but I'm guessing that is because he's probably frantically trying to remember layout changes, so he's not fully mentally "with" the choreography. It hurts to see him fall and to see him skate off the ice on only his left foot, clearly favoring his right. But I wouldn't say I would never watch this video again. Other than their confusion, the commentators are actually quite complimentary. I just wish they'd done their research a bit about how the practices went, then they would have known that he injured himself. Things I loved in this video: the performance of the first half, the final spin (it was so fast!! -- too fast, he forgot which direction he was facing at the end ), how supportive Brian and Ghislain are in the K&C and how proud they are when he comes off the ice, how they're laughing and joking with him as though to distract him even though he looks a bit like he wants to cry, Brian holding a second Pooh bear like he's just so used to it that it doesn't feel natural to not have a Pooh there. I really loved Brian's expression in the video at 7:14-7:17, like a "I can't believe he pulled that off, what a guy!" type of look. Now... Yuzu just needs to rest and recover!!!! I won't say I hope he gives GPF a miss, because he's really the reason I'm going to it, but I know that is selfish. So I'll just say I hope he chooses to go only if he is physically ready for it. I really, really want to see him live, but I don't want him to injure himself more. Agh, the dichotomy!! Walking into the arena like a boss!! What a badass! With his two Mafia henchmen.....
  13. Actually, I love that he is that way, because it means he keeps striving to improve himself and he keeps pushing the bounds of what he can do and how well he can perform. And most importantly, it means he keeps competing, so yes, Yuzu, keep working hard! (Just as long as he doesn't stress out too much about it!!!)
  14. Please sell him to my family too! I would be so excited to get a text like that from my parents...
  15. Yeah, I'm not sure how a 4S could be done any better than that one was. Seriously, perfect air position, perfect landing, long running edge out of the jump, no UR or pre-rotation, light and effortless. I can't really comprehend how a jump can get better than that. It seems like it would check all the boxes and then some. As far as the 3A goes, if their only problem is the long running edge, doesn't the rest of the jump make up for it? Difficult entry, no tilt in the axis this time, great landing (maybe a little low in the knee???). He could have had a long running edge out of it, you could tell from the way he landed that he had good control and could have extended it, but he didn't because of the choreography. Is that enough to degrade the GOE of the whole jump, just because he chose to end it with a twizzle? Argh!!