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  1. Yeah.... I looked back after I wrote it and realized it was extremely long.... I went overboard. Sorry!! Overall I enjoyed the series, but I think it's because I enjoyed it that I got so nitpicky. I wanted it to be just a bit better by fixing those niggling things, because then it might have been one of my favorites. As it is, it falls solidly into "B" category for me, while Healer is definitely "A". Yes, I've seen that from some of the series I've watched. Most of the time I'm alright suspending disbelief, because in the end these are just TV shows and nothing is going to be truly believable. The ending for City Hunter was rushed, but I guess at least we got a satisfying ending of some type and not some train wreck. Thank you! I thought I was the only one would didn't buy into their relationship. Maybe he's one of those people who falls for people he actually just wants to help, like Raniya. He mistakes worry for love? I don't know. Oh well! And yes, I prefer Chang Wook too. His acting feels more "real" to me. Thanks for reading my novel!
  2. I added it to my watchlist! Once again I got sidetracked from The K2. I don't know why I am delaying it.... if I am reluctant to get back into K2's romance (which I felt was the weakest part when I was watching the first time - Ji Chang-wook was kicking butt all over the place and Song Yoon-ah was fascinating, but I'm not sure I buy two people falling in love over a package of ramen...) or if I just need to mentally prepare myself for The Shower Scene again.... I watched City Hunter instead. Generally I thought it was fun, but nowhere near as good as Healer. My favorite parts were the interactions between the prosecutor and the City Hunter, and between City Hunter and his adoptive father. I'm going to put the rest of my thoughts in a spoiler tag, because of Spoilers and also because it'll probably be long! So... some problems, in my eyes. Some frustrations. Overall, despite all the nitpicking, I did enjoy it, though. It was fun and made me laugh, though some of the scenes I found funny may not have been intentionally so....
  3. OMG, his apartment is amazing. I would love to have it too, and I don't even like living in apartments! I want a library like his.... Finishing "Dream High" has made me want to finish "My Love from the Star" too, so I think I'll do that today. And then I have to get back to K2. So much K-drama to watch!! I love it. I have "My First First Love" tagged on Netflix to watch too. I'll let you know what I think of that one when I get to it.
  4. Just finished "Dream High". I thought it was great. The acting was decent, considering most of the actors were idols. The story wasn't really anything revolutionary or groundbreaking. There were some timeline jumps here and there that felt a bit abrupt. But somehow I thought the series was greater than the sum of its parts, because the characters were fun and the drama was resolved nicely, in just the way I wanted. Which should have made it predictable, and it was, but predictable in a good, satisfying way. And Kim Soo-hyun was brilliant in it, as he always is... He's such a good actor, he just brings his characters to life and you can actually feel the emotion in every inch of him. Maybe that's why I love "Dream High" as much as I do, because of him and Sam Dong, who is the best character ever and deserves to win at everything. I actively hated Hye Mi at the beginning of the show, so it was good to see her character change, although I couldn't tell if her expression was always supposed to be as blank as that (which the show did make jokes about) or if her acting ability has its limits. Probably the first one, because she seemed more genuine later in the series. Pil Sook and Jason were pretty much the most adorable couple I've seen in any K-drama. I've watched almost every episode in "My Love From The Star" too (Kim Soo-hyun in this show led me to watching "Dream High"). I don't know if I want to finish it. It is becoming quite sad as it approaches the end.... Cheon Song Yi tends to get on my nerves at times. I get that she is supposed to have an ego, and most of the time it is played really humorously. But then occasionally I find it irritating. Like the moment when Min Joon has to confess that he must leave soon, and breaks down into tears.... and she yells and storms away. How can anyone yell at a crying Kim Soo-hyun?! I did not think such a thing could be possible! (lol at myself)
  5. Thank you!! I love Dramabeans but have not heard of the others.
  6. Okay, so for some reason viki was acting up while I was watching K2. It must have been spazzing out from the shower scene, because I couldn't watch past a certain episode. So I put that series on hold for a while (as I wait for my copy to ship in to me.... don't judge me! ) I ended up watching "He is Psychometric" while I've been waiting, and I actually really, really liked it, even the ending. Overall, I really liked this show and I'll most likely be watching it again. I've always loved shows with psychometric characters, for some reason, but there aren't a lot of good ones out there. I think I'd classify this one as a really good one. I'm glad I stuck through the slightly strange, off-kilter humor in the beginning of the first episode, because that almost put me off.
  7. Okay, I saw it... To be honest, I may have seen it a few times. He is... just... too hot! How funny that you guys mention "He is Psychometric" and "Her Private Life"! I just noticed these two today and added them to my list of series to watch (after K2, of course, because OMG Ji Chang-wook!!). Clearly we have similar tastes in K-drama! Okay, somehow that doesn't express my excitement enough, but that is really enough emoticons for one post.... I can't wait to see what he will be starring in next. And he looks... very nice in that uniform.
  8. That sounds right up my alley. I can't wait to see more with him. He really is unbelievably hot, especially when he is fighting.... And if there is a shower scene, I'm definitely in.... Thanks for the "Romance is a Bonus Book" recommendation! It was so cute and fluffy. It made me feel all warm and squishy inside (and I wanted to hug all my books after the end of it; it should have been called "Ode to Books", lol). But seriously, I loved the maturity of the main relationship and how believable it was. I loved that both Cha Eun-ho and Kang Dan-i were older, not 20-year-old-might-as-well-still-be-in-high-school-based-on-how-they-behave young adults. They both have real life knowledge, they have both experienced hardships, they know how to communicate and understand each other without the need for silly drama. I liked all the characters, and I liked the storyline. I really felt that first episode where Dan-i is trying so hard to get any job, but no one will hire her even though she has so much experience. I think the only thing I would have wished for are more scenes about the relationship between Eun-ho and the author, even just sporadic flashbacks somehow integrated throughout the early part of the series. I feel like we didn't see enough of the author to really feel the tragedy of his illness and its impact on Eun-ho, although Lee Jong-suk really sold the moments that he was given. But otherwise, I truly enjoyed it. It was nice to come home at the end of a stressful day and unwind with a few episodes of this nice, warm, fuzzy series.
  9. Thanks for posting this. I've become a bit reluctant to start up a new drama lately, for fear it will fail at the end. It don't know why it seems so rare for a drama to have a good ending.... (Also, I'm tired of love triangles and silly miscommunication incidents that could be easily cleared up if both people in the couple just talked to each other for a minute. Hmmm.... maybe I haven't been watching the right dramas lately!) Anyway, I'll have to try "Romance is a Bonus Book"! Have any of you guys seen "Healer"? Wow, Ji Chang-wook was kind of a revelation in this. Other than a few rare moments, I think his acting was perfect. And... he is extremely good looking.... I tend to be a sucker for these types of action/spy series, so this was right up my alley. Park Min-young's character was cute and peppy at all the right times while still being a believable human being, and I absolutely loved her relationship with her adoptive father. Yoo Ji-tae was great as the mysterious, slightly suspect benevolent figure, and I liked the relationship between his and Ji Chang-wook's characters. The storyline was twisty enough to keep me interested and there was enough emotional weight in what was going on to keep me invested in all the characters. I actually ended up buying this series so I can watch it again.
  10. This song dedicated to their fans sometimes feels strangely appropriate for how I feel about Yuzu....
  11. Just the highlights for me in where the new programs rank, I won't include everything. Sorry for the wall of text. Once I got started, I couldn't stop myself. FS Seimei -- I love the power and thrill of his skating in this program, and the choreography is really interesting. This was the first program of his that I really, deeply fell in love with. The step sequence at the end always gets me fired up. Favorite performance: Olympics 2018. It may not be a flawless performance, but this is the one I feel the most, with the way he fought for it and the beauty of all his movements. Romeo & Juliet V1.0 -- I like the choreography and the music for this program a lot, and I love his sit-spin twizzles. Favorite performance: Nice 2012. The raw passion and talent is so obvious, and this particular performance was so mesmerizing. The first time I saw this, I gasped out loud at that moment he fell, because I was so lost in his skating it was almost a shock to the system. And then his scream before the step sequence... chills! Hope and Legacy -- H&L is an opaque program to me. What that means is that it feels undefined, there is no obvious story or emotion to it, and when he skates it he seems remote from the audience. Some of his other programs draw you in, but H&L does not for me. Instead, it feels like a dance he is performing for himself, like a mad skating god dancing on a hidden pond, and we just happen to be hiding in the bushes watching it. It is captivating and beautiful, and yet distant somehow. I don't know how to describe how I feel about this program; hopefully that makes sense. Favorite performance: Of course Worlds 2017. Origin -- Origin is brilliant and fascinating and full of fiery power and remote fury, maybe like that mad skating god raging at us for spying on him, lol. I love what we've seen so far (although I mourn the loss of the sit-spin twizzles...). But particularly the 4T-3A, which may not give him the most points from a technical standpoint, but damn it looks beautiful and I love it! I would put Origin higher but I just don't feel like we've seen it to the full extent of its beauty yet. It may be an unpopular opinion, but I would like to see it come back next season just so he can perfect it. Although I will still stand by what I said in the other thread: that it feels like it should be a performance piece instead of a competition piece. Favorite performance: Worlds 2019. SP Otonal -- My new favorite SP, and maybe my favorite program of his ever. Every movement is important to building the overall feeling of the performance, and the step sequence is gorgeous, particularly the movement from low hydroblade to soaring ballet jump. That is my favorite moment of choreography ever. Favorite performance: Rostelecom 2018. While I like the music cut from ACI better because it generally fit the choreography better, I think I like the overall performance at Rostelecom the most. He is beautiful and so smooth in his presentation, and the step sequence has been changed slightly into one that flows much better. Chopin Ballade No. 1 -- This one is almost up on the same level as Otonal, just not quite. What more can I say about it? It is just... breathtaking. The choreography might as well have been created at the same moment as the music itself, it fits together so well. Favorite performance: Olympics 2018. I love how frenetic he is during the wilder moments of the music, during his step sequence. It's like he just becomes the music. Exhilarating! Parisienne Walkways -- I love this because he doesn't do enough of this kind of program: swaggering, rock-star-level charisma over the ice and over the audience. It's just awesome. Favorite performance: Olympics 2014. He looks like he is having so much fun. I can't help but grin like an idiot watching this performance, and it's just flawless from beginning to end. EX Notte Stellata -- I cry watching this one. It is truly beautiful. His delayed axel is so gorgeous! Enough said. Favorite performance: All of them. Haru Yo Koi -- This one is just below Notte Stellata for me. It is also truly beautiful and touches my heart. My favorite moment is the ice thrown into the air, although the super-low hydroblade is lovely too. And the delayed axel! Favorite performance: Helsinki 2018. Something about this performance is special to me. The lighting is gorgeous, and he floats across the ice like a cherry blossom fairy. The only thing is I wish they had drawn the camera back a bit more for when he throws the ice into the air, but that detracts nothing from his joyous and ethereal performance. Just look at that expression on his face at the end!
  12. I wish I could read Japanese novels. I read some Japanese and have been working to improve my understanding, but a full book is beyond me at the moment. I wish I understood more, because there are so many books by Japanese authors that never see an English translation. I'm impressed and envious that you can read in both (even if English books are a chore for you). The biggest factor for me is the kanji.... Fantasy, sci-fi, and classic literature are my favorites too. I need to get "The Lord of the Sands of Time", that looks interesting!
  13. The most amusing thing about this is that he has so many gold medals that he can accurately detect gold content by just smelling them...
  14. I feel the same way, Wonn (your pictures are exactly how I am feeling!!). I've been looking forward to seeing him in person since I bought the tickets in February, and now.... I'll still go to GPF, but it just won't be what I was hoping for. I don't have a lot of spare cash, so flying somewhere to see him will probably be out of reach for now. That's why I was ecstatic that he was going to be coming to a place only a few hours away from me. I should have known it was too good to be true!!! Now I'm trying to figure out where I could possibly see him compete live, and I've got no clue. He'll probably be at Worlds in March, right? But that's an expensive plane flight away and I'm sure all the tickets for that have been snatched up. Will I have to wait until next season? Ugh, it's so tragic, his season was shaping up to be another 2014-2015 record-breaker, and I wanted to be there for it. I also really wanted to see Otonal live...... Crying bunnies everywhere!
  15. I can understand that, because that's how I feel reading Hardboiled Wonderland. It is the mixture of the mundane and the bizarre that throws me off, I think. Like in Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, I could not feel invested in the bizarre stuff because he would bring the story jolting back into the real world with what felt to me like overly detailed descriptions of the mundane, such as cooking ordinary meals. My imagination would be wound up with the strange girl and the story of the man in the well, and suddenly I have to read (what felt to me like) tedious paragraphs about his normal life. To be honest, I don't know why I had such a hard time with that book. I tried it multiple times, gave up the first time, and finally muscled through the second time. It just didn't grab me, and I wanted to be grabbed like I was when reading Hardboiled Wonderland. Maybe I should try his non-fiction. And I still want to read Kafka on the Shore... I started it awhile back but Real Life intruded and I haven't picked it back up again. But that one did have the "grab" from what little I read, so here's hoping that maybe I'll add that to my tally of Murakami Books I Love.
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