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  1. I would give you my current yuzu wallpaper... if I could find the way to include pictures in answers It doesn't want the picture when I drag/drop it, or when I paste it, and in "insert media", it asks for an "existing attachement" or a website link. Anyone to help ? I swear I'm not a grandma but I'm confused here
  2. Sorry mokjarma, My laptop didn't show the video you put with your answer, that's why I asked again ! Thankfully she wasn't going that fast, and she was quite brave to come back imediately !
  3. I guess they should make the rink larger when he decides to take 4A into competition ! He might end up on the spectator's side at that rate if he adds 1 more rotation
  4. The moment I thought to myself "wow, I didn't expect her not to talk during the performance. Good ! Also she points how he marks the music notes with his fingers" ; she added "...he absolutely needs the 4sal to beat Chen" which destroyed all she said beforehand
  5. There's no stream for me yet ? Juste the "waiting" pictures. Which stream are you on guys ?
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