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  1. Training talented young girls has always been risky- so many of them fail to adjust to their new centre of gravity thanks to their growth spurt, increased body fat percentage and widened hips when the puberty monster strikes. The best way to tackle this is to train hard and consistently in order for them to get used to the changes in their body. However, many times skaters still go back to their old habit of jumping because they have been using the same technique eg. same jump height and timing for 10+years. Old habits die hard. Medvedeva has a hard time getting used to her new jump techniques. So will all Eteri's skaters when they reach puberty. From what i understand, 1. Yulia was never the consistent jumper that most Eteri's students are. She retired at the age of 19, still growing, without giving herself the time to adjust to her postpubertal body. 2. Liza has the best jumping techniques among the russian girls but even she needs 3 years to get used to her postpubertal body. No one blames her coach for her inconsistencies for 3 seasons straight because people understand what puberty can do to girls. 3. Medvedeva got injured because of overuse-related injury, and that happened to Yuzu many times as well, despite him having a good coach like Brian Orser. Injury is bound to happen if you're training to become a world / olympic champion. If you just want longevity, then it will be a different story. 4. Alina is dealing with growth and Osgood–Schlatter disease. Not to forget that she is doing 3lz-3lo, which is not good for the hips in the long run. She is bound to lose that -3lo in the future but that will not be due to Eteri. Tara lipinski and Mao Asada used to do -3lo combo but they were only able to do that in their early teenage years. -3lo has always been a teenage-girl's jumps and it has a lot to do with their faster rotation and lighter weight. 5. For a young tiny girl ( or even nathan chen) to do a quad, she does not have to jump high since she can compensate for the lack of jump height with faster rotations. So the impact of the quads to their body is not as huge as the impact to the body of huge jumpers like Yuzu or Yuna. Yes, Yuna's triples are so huge that they probably cause more damage to her body than some skaters' small triples/quads, and she has been landing huge triples since her teenage years. 6. Figure skating has been a sports for the young skaters for many years. Mao Asada was 15 when she won her first GPF and Yuna was 16 when she won her first GPF. They both survive puberty despite one of them having great jumping techniques and the other having poor techniques. 7. I believe Anna and Trusova will lose their quads when they grow up, but the history they made will not be erased. Yeah, some people prefer to create history than to have longevity in the sports. It is not like they dont have a choice. They can always leave if they dont like their coaches' method. The fact that they stay means that Eteri is able to give them what they want, and who are you to judge them? (They are landing quad lutzes because they want to, because they can, not because of their coaches) Just something to ponder, i guess?
  2. Huiqi

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Yuzu's PCS went up when he was the reigning olympic champion in 2014. He had 5 falls in coc and still managed to score PCS of over 80. Then his "inconsistencies" - losing the gold in worlds 2015 and 2016 and all his first GP events before 2018- affected his reputation in a negative way so judges started to underscore him. PCS is reputation-based. Just give Zagitova some time and the judges will start to score her less generously when Trusova etc go senior.
  3. That should be reflected in the score and if not, the problem is with the judging
  4. I agree that Nathan could have added more transitions into his programs but how do you know he hadn't tried it during practice without much success? Maybe he just couldnt land his quad with his mind occupied on complex transitions, much like how Yuzu just can't land a quad flip or 6 quads in a program despite having the potential to do that. Yesterday someone complained that Nathan's program is boring and a skater of his calibre *should* have better transitions and skating skills. That kinda amused me, as I have encountered Nathan fans that complained that Yuzu's program is boring because he does 4T and 4S all the times, and a skater of his calibre should be able to land 4F and 4Lz consistently.
  5. That's a statement and opinion. Okay, this I agree. So go on, I guess, lol.
  6. Not necessarily. Otherwise, all the Eteri girls would have the best interpretations and skating skills.
  7. *scratches head* I never say you criticised Nathan for having less transitions than Yuzu.
  8. However, Nathan is criticised for his music choice and 'empty' program, which is not exactly his flaw. Lack of transitions in a program full of quads can be a style.
  9. Sure you can. But I see you criticising the judges more than the skaters lol. Anyway, I am talking about people who criticise Nathan's style and program, not the judges.
  10. That is not always the case, but it did happen. Sorry, i misread the statement into 'he has to have good skating skills and transitions.' I hate it when judges overscore Nathan and underscore Yuzu but I do appreciate Nathan's program for the current season. Seriously, there is no perfect skater- if we can love Satton despite her chronic prerotations and underrotations, surely we can appreciate Nathan in some way. Personal preference i guess.
  11. Yea, the judges shouldnt award him 9+ PCS when they dont exist. Both his GOE and PCS are inflated. But that doesnt change the fact that Nate has his own style that is different from other skaters. Just let the boy skate and criticise the judges for the inflated scores.
  12. I never say that judges should be unfair. What I say is Nathan has his own style. You can criticise the judges for their biases. But there is no point criticising Nathan for having less transitions than Yuzu. LOL. They are simply different skaters, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.
  13. Why must Nathan have good skating skills and a transition-packed program? What the judges do with his skate is out of his hands and his program may be empty as you call it but to me the emptiness is a part of the artistry.
  14. I don't mind Nathan being not well-rounded haha. Time will tell whether he can improve his skating and transitions. And when has the figure skating judging ever been fair? :3 Figure skating competition is like the grammy, the best musicians may not win but they gain fans :3