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  1. Could I please be added to the sightseeing group? Not sure how tired I'll be after each day but would like to see if I can join.
  2. Ok, so I went back and found the email that said our tickets would be emailed to us soon, and saw this, but I don't really get it: "If you have Price Level 1 tickets please know your Super Fan Bag ticket will also be included in the ticket package sent to you. If you purchased the Super Fan Bag as an extra, the ticket will also be included in your package. This ticket will have to be brought to the venue during the event in order to redeem your Super Fan Bag at the designated table. Super Fan Bags can only be redeemed in person during the events." Has anyone else gotten the voucher for their Super Fan bag? I got mine as an extra but don't see a voucher for them. Thanks!
  3. So I'm looking at the email with the tickets, but I just realized there isn't one for the Super Fan bags. How do we get those if we purchased them?
  4. Can someone remind me what the official hotel for the event is again? I doubt there's any rooms left but it doesn't hurt to check.
  5. For everyone who's headed out to ACI soon (or who's already left) I hope you have safe travels! Looking forward to meeting everyone, here's what I look like and what I'll be wearing (one day it will be a Pooh Bear onesie!) for anyone who'd like to say hi! See you all in Oakville soon!
  6. Sorry for the confusion! I have SCI tickets for sale, not ACI - my mistake! I'm on both forums and I accidentally posted to the wrong one! I just left my reply in order to explain how ticket sales work. Sorry again!
  7. **EDIT** . My mistake, I was thinking this was the SCI thread **** Hello! The way the ticket sales usually work is that you pay the person and they email you the digital copy of the tickets (it's usually in a PDF). For those who bought their tickets already, we don't have those PDFs yet though, since Skate Canada will email them in a couple weeks once it's closer to the event. Most major competitions will do this. I sold a ticket to a competition last year this way and it worked out fine. I'm pretty sure this is how most of us have bought or sold tickets to figure skating competitions, but if anyone has had other experiences please chime in.
  8. Much closer... close to the very front! I'm very grateful and excited!
  9. Hi Everyone! Thanks to a generous Fanyu, I've found a closer seat to purchase so I'm selling my two all-event tickets! Please contact me if you or anyone you know is interested! Two All-Event Skate Canada Tickets For Sale Section 114 Near Kiss & Cry Selling for BELOW COST Thanks!! Can't wait to see everyone there!!
  10. It's not expected in any way, so don't feel like you have to bring anything. I think the majority of casual fans don't, just don't be surprised if other fans notice you're a Yuzu fan too and offer a small gift or candy or something (especially the Japanese fans). I had Japanese and Chinese fans notice the Yuzu and Pooh Bear charms on my backback and give me key chains or yuzu fruit flavored candy etc, even though they could hardly speak English, which was really sweet. Some people only bring a handful of things to give to people they plan to meet with ahead of time (like people they know on here or Twitter, etc.) While others will bring big bag full of pins or photos or cards and just give them to every Yuzu fan they meet, lol. When I went to Helsinki GP last year I got keychains, pins/buttons, little photo cards, candy, and lots more. One person said she didn't have a lot to spend so she just folded a bunch of paper cranes which was really nice. Another person make tiny little cross-stitched charms with Pooh Bear. Another was giving away candy that's from her home country. I made keychains by printing out pics of Yuzu on my home printer and putting them in clear plastic keychains (I got 50 on Amazon for really cheap). Two different Japanese skating aunties gave me rare/hard to find Yuzu products you can only get in Japan (a keychain and a clear file). There's no protocol, it just kind of happens while people are meeting and talking since there's so many of us Yuzu fans at any event he competes at lol. I still haven't decided what I'd like to make/bring but it will most likely be either a pin or a keychain. (also tagging @cvdnce since you were asking about suggestions of gifts)
  11. I'd love a luggage tag, even if Yuzu is a bit tan, lol! Also, not sure if I've asked you this yet, but where did you get your buttons made? I'm thinking of making some too and am asking for recommendations of where to order them from. Thanks!
  12. Since I'm looking to buy a better seat at SC, is it a good idea to do so before the tickets are emailed to everyone? Or should I wait since no one actually has their tickets to sell yet?
  13. Thanks, I ended up selling the extra set I had already, but I heard that this FB group is a good place to get tickets if you need them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1938256079778873/?ref=share I hope you can find some there!
  14. Hey thanks, I'm actually in row L so one row closer than that. But thanks for offering! My friend isn't going to go, so now I'm thinking of selling my 2 row L tickets and trying to get a closer seat... if that's even possible, lol.
  15. Is anyone else still waiting to buy their flights? My friend who I'm traveling with will skip the event if Yuzu doesn't end up going but I'm worried that if we wait for an official announcement it will be too late and the airline prices will go up dramatically. Personally I'd still be willing to go if at least the other TCC people (and hopefully Julian!) will go. I don't think you can get a refund on economy tickets, so I don't think buying and then possibly getting a refund is an option. What did people do last year? And how close to the event did we find out that Yuzu is going? I think I'm just starting to get a little anxious, lol.
  16. Turns out it's affected over 15 people.... There's really no excuse for this. I feel terrible for everyone it's happened to.
  17. What about DSLRs with "regular" lenses, not the huge telephoto ones? I have a canon eos T2i with a couple of standard lenses that I'd like to use. Also, won't it be hard to get good pics with the hockey glass in the way?
  18. Just putting this out there, if anyone has a SCI ticket for sale that's close (first 10 rows) I'd be interested in buying it.... Or if anyone knows of any other sites where I could get one let me know. If I could get a good enough seat I'd consider going this year. Thanks! (I may also be able to include ACI tickets if that helps sweeten the deal!)
  19. You click the link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/2019-autumn-classic-internationalinternationaux-classiques-dautomne-2019-tickets-62259895022?aff=eprofsaved#tickets then you click the tickets button and you'll see a link to enter a promo code, there you'll type: club Good luck!
  20. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Seriously, thank you so much for sharing! If not for your post I wouldn't have been able to get tickets for myself and my friend - she's never seen Yuzu skate in person and it was her dream to see him at ACI this year! People like you are why I love this fandom and love Fanyus so much! Fanyus are the best!
  21. All event was sold out immediately for me but I got a ticket for each day! Is there any advantage or difference if you get a ticket for each day versus an all-event ticket? Wondering if I should try again on the actual sale date for all-event.
  22. I did the pre-sale and the best I could get was Row O in section 103 - but that's also because I was also buying 2 tix and tried to get gold seats first. I called the box office today just to see if there was any chance of getting a better seat that way (there wasn't) and she told me that in my section row O is only 20 rows back (I was thinking it was worse) so I'm feeling a little better.
  23. I did the same thing I just hope they give us at least a day's notice instead of "RIGHT NOW", so I can at least plan to step into a conference room and buy the tickets and either scream for joy or cry depending on whether I get the seats I want or not, lol.
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