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  1. LittleLottie1881

    Yuzu's Under Armour - Where Can I Get One?

    Hi, I'd really like to be able to buy one of the grey and black long sleeve Under Armour tops that Yuzu wears during practices. Any idea how to get one? I didn't see it anywhere on the English or Japanese UA websites. Thanks!
  2. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    Is this it?
  3. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    Kind of obscure but does anyone have the footage of Yuzu after a competition where he's frustrated he didn't do well and keeps saying "I want to train, I want to train"? I might have been in some kind of compilation video or something about him.
  4. LittleLottie1881

    Looking for Nicole Zarate

    Hi! Thank you for reading the article I was in, I'm so grateful I got to see Yuzu skate in person! You're very lucky to have seen him so many times, I hope I can see him again someday. I hope he heals his ankle soon too, it's hard as a fan to know that he's injured isn't it? Since I've only been a fan of his since the Peyongchang Olympics, this is the first time I've experienced this. I hope he's resting and healing right now. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too! Have a wonderful holiday!
  5. LittleLottie1881

    Looking for Nicole Zarate

    Aww, thank you!! I'm glad you like the article and also that you love Yuzu so much! Yeah it can be tough for husbands to understand at first, haha. Thankfully mine is starting to come around and supported me going to Helsinki. I'm sorry that Yuzu wasn't at Vancouver while you were there but I hope he's recovering well. We don't know when his next competition will be, he'll have to decide on how well his ankle heals first. I hope to see him again someday, and I love to meet other fans so maybe we can meet if we both go. I'd like that. I'm on twitter as @nicolecarina so feel free to find me there if you like. Thanks again!
  6. LittleLottie1881

    Looking for Nicole Zarate

    Hi! That's me. I sent you a DM, happy to chat about anything related to Yuzu or my trip.
  7. Thank you! I'm so glad that he was able to convey my admiration for Yuzu and my gratitude for fellow fans.
  8. Hi Everyone! I just wanted to share that I was recently interviewed about my trip to Helsinki to see Yuzu skate. One of the things I talked about was how great communities like this one are and how the members encouraged and helped me to go. So thanks again to everyone here! Here's a link to the article if anyone would like to read it: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2018/12/04/figure-skating/moved-hanyu-fans-story-love-legend/
  9. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    Thanks! I had seen the video but I don't know how to make gifs, lol
  10. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    For the life of me I can't find a copy of the pic or gif of Yuzu in the red sweater making uwu/puppy dog eyes with his fingertips on his lips... it's from this Ghana chocolate photo shoot, can anyone help me out? (also, where's a good place to find yuzu gifs?)
  11. Hi! Quick packing question: I only have room for one pair of boots in my carry on - should I bring rain boots or leather boots? There will be some rain but I don't know if it will be that bad... My leather boots are cuter and I can wear then when it's not raining but the rain boots will be perfect if there's a lot of rain on Friday. I can't decide haha, any suggestions?
  12. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    VLC Player worked! Thank you sooooo much!!! There goes my productivity for today, I'll be watching Yuzu vids all day instead, lol!!
  13. LittleLottie1881

    Media Link Requests

    Thank you so much! I just downloaded the clip from the mega.nz site but I can't open the file with quicktime or imovie for some reason?? Any ideas? It looks like that folder has a ton of great footage and I'd love to be able to see it!
  14. Thanks for the advice everyone! I don't think I'll have time to make the pins after all, so maybe I'll just bring candy or something lol. I'll see if I can get a small-ish Japanese flag and just write Yuzu's name on it or something. And good idea to bring something to keep my legs warm. I actually really hate being cold, but for a chance to see Yuzu skate I'll handle any temperatures! I'm pretty shy so I doubt I'd talk to any skaters even if I saw them haha, but seeing them at a distance would be great!
  15. Hi! I need some advice from people who've gone to comps before, any tips appreciated! Plushies/gifts - I'm bringing a pooh bear, but I'm guessing I'll have to get out of my seat to be close enough to throw it? (I'm in C3 row 14, the side the judges are on) Will I drive everyone on my row nuts if I get up after 2 or 3 performances to throw something on the ice? I was thinking of bringing things for other skaters too. Or should I just put things in the gift boxes for each skater I heard they have at these things. Flags - I was thinking of buying a Japanese flag to hold up when Yuzu's done skating but my husband thinks it would be weird since I'm American... but I said it would be weird to hold up an American flag after Yuzu skates, lol. Should I try something else instead? If I can find the time I was hoping to make something to share/give away to other fans I meet - I was thinking of the round badges/pins people put on bags (the kind with a safety pin in the back). I could just print out pics of Yuzu from the internet and use those - but do you think people would be upset since they're not pics I took myself? I wouldn't sell them, just give away for free, like just 20 or so to be nice. I can't draw so I thought of this. Meeting other skaters - I know Yuzu doesn't meet fans but if I could I'd love to meet Junhwan Cha, Jason Brown, or Boyang Jin. Do they do any type of meet and greet? If not, any tips on meeting them? I'd never be rude, loud, or bother them if they're obviously not wanting to talk, just wondering how other fans have met skaters. Any other newbie tips? Thanks in advance!! I'm so excited I can't stand it! Only about a week and a half to go!!