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  1. Happy Birthday Yuzuru. You are the twinkle in God’s eye and the a beacon of light to the world. we love ya. 🎂💝
  2. Happy new year 🎆 to all the citizens of one planet Hanyu🥂
  3. He is just the cutest love skaters on a stick⛸ thanks for sharing
  4. I live in USA and want to go but iam lost on how to get tickets. HELP.
  5. I just watched the slow mo video of yuzuru. No other way to describe him but “ empyreal illuminessence”.
  6. Hi ladies. I hope we can all meet up in Montreal for skate Canada. I just have to see him in person or where ever he will be 🙋⛸
  7. Hi I read your article in Japanese news. Just wanted to say I was so glad that someone else felt that way. I too fell under his spell. Just like you. My husband thought I was silly. I have to see him in person. Went to Vancouver but he was unable to attend. I am not sure where he will be next. But if you hear please let me know. Like you I am willing to go anywhere to see him. Thanks for answering me. Hope to see ya at the next event. 🙋⛸
  8. I just read the article at https://www.japantimes.co.jp/sports/2018/12/04/figure-skating/moved-hanyu-fans-story-love-legend/ about your experience and wondered if you are a member of this forum. Would love to talk to you about your experiences.
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