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  1. Of course, that bot about 'does he walk on earth in skates" immediately made me think of...
  2. We will have time for shows - wonderful shows - when he does give up competition. For now, he has goals to fulfill first...
  3. He may at least be there, even if he can't skate... but it hurts, even as we are so proud of what he managed at Worlds.
  4. Especially given he still looks younger than the whole pack of them on some days....
  5. How much do we love Nobu? His support for Yuzu has always been so heartwarming, free of any envy or rancour.
  6. Yuzu has been dealing with the JSF since he was what, 16? He knows them better than we do....
  7. I'm trying to think of some sort of art/sculpture with ice crystals... or snowflakes.
  8. No that's unfair, and I speak as someone who gets absolutely nothing good or bad, just a void, from Nathan's skating. He has fans in other countries with reason, he is great at what he does and while his personality seems to be very ordinary, it also seems to be a good man: pleasant, hardworking and as generous as Yuzu or Javi. He will have fans, just as any top athlete does, and he and they need to be respected. But I don't believe for one minute he will ever be - and probably doesn't want to be - as loved and revered as Yuzu at home or worldwide (the only one I can think of who was near is Plushy. Oh, and Yuna of course). He also won't be the saviour of the sport in NA that they are hyping and hoping for. He doesn't have a country that cares very much. Nor does he - nor any of the others, not even Shoma or Javi - the lighting in crystal aspects Yuzu does, the bishonen appeal, the unearthly emotional connection with his audience, the love and respect of a whole country, the vulnerability, the tragedy and triumph, the symbolism of being Sendai's hope and the phoenix, the symbol of courage and strength for the people who have needed it. There are many sporting legends, and Nathan may well become one of them. But Yuzu is a legend in many more ways, more than human and all too human, to many of his people, and I wouldn't be surprised in the years to come if he is named as a national treasure.
  9. But - if they were being truly honest - would Browning, Kwan and Mao? I'm upset - I wanted this for him so much - but he's been beaten before, he's risen. And even if the injuries get too much, he can aim for the 4A and then head off into immortality, as the greatest complete skater, and the most loved worldwide, of the IJS era if not all time.
  10. Sounds like he was fine after the fall... so I will try not to worry. Not much. Okay, not too much. Okay, not frantically. It is probably a mercy that I won't be able to watch the SP live though....
  11. thank you, all of you... I guess we're just too worried about any fall now...
  12. So what approximate page number will we get to by the time the SP starts????
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