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  1. Tokyo Disney Christmas Fantasy ad feat Yuzu and Pooh
    General Yuzuru Chat
    5 minutes ago, MrPudding said:

    tokyo Disney should really sponsor Yuzu :smiley-laughing021:



    Setting: Tokyo Disney Christmas 

    Shots of the Christmas decorations, happy families, friends and couples strolling around, some disney christmasy song as bgm

    Yuzu: Warm memories come from the heart

    Shot of Yuzu's hand holding a big yellow paw

    Yuzu: Family and friends always make everything better

    Shot of Yuzu looking at his side with a tender smile

    Big Pooh mascot looks at him :POOH:

    They run to the castle, image blurs a bit, text appears on screen:

    Yuzu: Tokyo Disney Christmas Fantasy, November 8 to December 25



  2. Bracelet stones
    General Yuzuru Chat
    3 minutes ago, 五十嵐 美幸 said:


    Fits a certain person's character, wouldn't you say? :biggrin:

    Yeah, especially the last one i think. Although i'm a bit lost at 試験 :slinkaway:

    ETA: The powers on the other one are also interesting, although i just skimmed through the images. In case anyone wants to read it/translate it:


  3. Royal Intrigue Exposed
    General Yuzuru Chat

    October 23, 2017


    Royal Intrigue Exposed!

    After the recent explosion of Mt. Irene, and the sighting of Lady 4Lz, secrets from the palace have   The King before the formal presentation of Lady 4Lz    

    started to surface. An anonymous source has exposed the gossips and inner workings of our dear ruler's Harem, threatening the stability of court life. Among the names that were dropped are the Duchess of Biellmann, Duchess Sit Spin, Baroness Spread Eagle and Countess Ina Bauer.  The informers mention that the Empress 3A's health isn't the best due to the imminent birth of Princess 4A but her sickness is normal for an expecting mother, not to mention that Princess 4A is predicted to be a very difficult baby. 

    The office of the Prime Minister refused to talk about these issues and assured us that these are just unfounded rumours and that the servants who started them will be punished. "The punishment for this kind of breach of trust is a diet of paprika and tending the PCS fields for a while" replied the Minister's office after our editor, very worried, asked what "punishment" meant in this case.

    It was strongly advised that the citizens pay no attention to these rumours and instead join the celebration to welcome 4Lz to the family.




  4. September 23, 2017
    General Yuzuru Chat

    September 23,2017

    The Daily Spread Eagle Express

    Massive eruption of Mt Irene brings joy to Planet Hanyu citizens.

    A World Record level eruption of Mt Irene was observed today.

    The eruption is comparable to the Great Chopin Eruption of 2015, surpassing it almost 3 points on the Score-Type Eruption Scale.

    Prime Minister Pooh gave a few words: "Recently we received a small flock of swans at the king's palace. Their presence proved beneficial for our King, as their wings provided comfort to work through this score-type Eruption. My head is also a bit sore because of all the squishing but we're very happy with the king's results".

    The Eruption contained approximately 112.78 tons of blue, white and gold glitter and, surprisingly, pancakes. 

    Another eruption is expected today, prbably a Costume-type Eruption.

    Either way, Planet Hanyu's citizens are well stocked with chocolate and alcohol to make it through the eruptions.

    Be on the lookout for the smelling salt emissions in case you start feeling dizzy.

    More on this story as it develops.

  5. August 6, 2017
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Sunday, August 06, 2017



    Planet Hanyu's population prepares for Mt. Irene eruption

    By Hydroblade

    As Mt. Irene's activity increases, the citizens of Planet Hanyu have been seen preparing for the inminent eruption. Citizens have been seen panic-shopping, buying (among other stuff) big quantities of hats, alcohol and chocolate. The atmosphere of nervousness prevails as the tweeting earthquakes have entered a period of worrying silence and the maple crickets' "shuu" and "paa"s have changed into "su-ton" and "su-pan".  As we know, this change in the noise pattern indicates that the eruption could happen as this article is being read.

    Distant flutes and ghostly off-key chants have been heard in the vicinity of Mt. Irene however, it isn't clear if this has any connection to the eruption.

    There were attempts to reach the king but all calls have been attended by Prime Minister Pooh, who refused to give us its predictions and only sent small jars of the King's special Chopin Honey and a small note filled with emojis attached to the box, which is still being deciphered by the Department of Cryptology.

    The population is advised by the Planet Hanyu Geological Institute to keep as calm as possible and try to relax with sessions of Warhorse Bingo.

    More on this story as it develops.

  6. September 12, 2017
    General Yuzuru Chat

    September 12, 2017

    The Daily Spread Eagle

    Residents of Planet Hanyu were woken up today by a terrible and unexpected eruption of Mt. Irene. This time, our venerable volcano has released tons of paprika that now litter the valleys of Mt. Irene National Park. Cleanup crews arrived shortly after the eruption, to dispose of the offending vegetables as soon as possible by orders of Prime Minister Pooh. 
    This event is suspected to be a reaction to the message received from a big mothership that passed near our System earlier. 
    Citizens are advised not to try and interfere with the decontamination operations, and especially not to pick and eat the paprika: it is not edible and its possession has been deemed illegal by the Hunny Office. 
    The office of the Prime Minister is sending out volcano survival packages consisting of a small crate of tomatoes, chocolate and eggs.
    More on this story as it develops.

  7. August 4, 2017
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Friday, August 04, 2017



    Program-type eruption threatens Planet Hanyu

    By Hydroblade

    Mt. Irene, Planet Hanyu's most active and iconic volcano has been rumbling lately and the planet's inhabitants are also noticing.

    The area near Mt. Irene has been experiencing increased gold dust emissions since last week. Although this is expected as the beginning of the season approaches,  an increase in volcano activity has been detected over the last three days. A small crack has appeared near the top of the volcano, and combined with the frequent tweeting earthquakes has led scientists currently surveying Mt. Irene to declare that an eruption is imminent. 

    This volcano is the only known active volcano that spews beautiful glittery molten gold, and instead of ash emissions fine gold dust is expelled from the crater. Small puffs of a substance akin to smelling salts are also generated by the volcano, which makes it easier to survive the unpredictable eruptions of Mt. Irene. 

    A big surge of activity was detected in 2004, with two big eruptions happening in February and March. This year, it experienced a rather spectacular eruption in April 1st which was welcomed with a big celebration on the Planet. This April eruption provided great relief to all citizens, after  the looming eruption threats of 2015 and 2016. The golden lava is an essential part of the life in the planet, as it's greatly favoured by King Hanyu. 


    However, not all eruptions are met with such joy and celebration. Earlier this summer, the Great Chopin Eruption caused some distress among the population. The pattern of the tweeting earthquakes and the noise of the crickets living near the volcano, tiny insects which produce "shuu" and "paa" sounds and have a close link with the eruptions, has made impossible to determine whether the eruption will be a joyous or a distressing one. The only things that the scientists can confirm is that the eruption can happen any time over the next two weeks and that it is definitely a Program-type eruption. 

    Planet Hanyu's population is advised to keep calm and prepare their hearts for this eruption. The Planet Hanyu Geological Institute released some tips to deal with this incoming event:

    • Keep your BV calculators fully charged: In an event of an eruption of the Program Type, BV calculators are essential tools to predict the possible outcomes of the season. Not everyone owns one, so those who do please be ready to provide your calculations to the general population.
    • Keep monitoring the news: Sometimes an approximation of the full program can be put together thanks to snippets shown in the different programs.
    • Be ready to help those who might require emotional support: An eruption of the Program Type can be a very emotional event. Please help those who might need guidance or reassurance.

    Remember that Program-type eruptions aren't isolated events. They repeat through the season and often change through the Grand Prix Events.  Keep your hearts ready and your expectations for a 4Lz sighting moderate. 


    it is friday, i am sleep deprived and should probably be taken away from the computer


  8. Part 3
    General Yuzuru Chat
    57 minutes ago, SSS said:

    come on Hydro~ get up at 4:30 with me and laugh/cry with me:13877886::10742289:

    Oh no, i will be awake for the SP >:) you're right muahahaha


    Also,  I was thinking about telling you guys this or not, but since a lot of you were really happy when i was able to give the swans to Tracy, i wanted to share more happiness with you :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:

    The stars aligned again and somehow,  @robin  and @sallycinnamon managed to talk to Brian a bit in the venue. And he confirmed that there is a golden swan chilling on his desk (probably watching over him and his hair) and that Yuzu also has one :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:. I'm sure Tracy has hers too, as i gave them directly to her (the other one was for Mama Hanyu!)

    So the wish and the message reached him and his team. I hope he looks at them and he can feel all the support and love that those swans carry on their wings


  9. Part 2.1
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm finally seated, slept a bit and now I can tell you what happened :biggrin:

    I went to eat and buy an envelope to put the golden swans and when I came back @Xen and company were "Hydro, we were looking for you! Tracy was here earlier and we took a pic with her" I felt so saaaaaad :sadPooh: so I finished my last golden swan, a bit sad.

    I saw Tracy coming down the aisle and my mom told me to go. I hesitated a bit because she was taking to someone but I figured that if I didn't do it I would regret it, so I gathered courage and went to her.

    I apologized for bothering her and talked about our little swan project. She asked me why swans instead of cranes and I said that it was because we felt a swan represented him better than a crane (she nodded and said "yes, excellent idea!"). She asked me who I wanted her to give the swans to (what is English, sorry) and she said "Brian, Yuzu, his mother and the other coaches? It's that what you want me to do :) " I said yes, and that there was a note included in the envelope explaining what it was about (i used my username instead of my name and put a link to the planet) and that I was very happy that she agreed to do it. And that she had no idea just how much it meant to me.

    I went inside the rink and guess who I found there? Brian :biggrin: so I got a pic with Brian, told him I have Tracy something, briefly explained it to him too and got a pic with him :biggrin: I also got to thank him for the work he has done, and fit everything he has done for Yuzu. He said "thank you so much, I really appreciate that" and he sounded so sincere, my heart felt all warm 💖

    So that's it, that's the story of how the swans reached team Hanyu :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:


    (I told Tracy I came from Mexico and she gave me the kindest smile and said "aww, aren't you sweet!?". My heart melted and I can't begin to express how much I like her and Brian. They're wonderful people and I'm really glad Yuzu has them watching over him :sadPooh:)

  10. Part 2
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I'm shaking guys...

    A part of the thousand swans I made are golden. Gold around their neck. I wanted to give them to team Yuzu.

    And well...


    Tracy told me she will give one to Brian, one for Yuzu, one for her and one for his mom.

    I included a small message inside the envelope. So our message is definitely going to reach him.

    I can't even cry, I'm just happy that he will definitely get it.

  11. Part 1
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I was DYING to post about this but i was waiting to get pics :biggrin:

    I bet most of you know about the thousand origami cranes legend, right? If not, well, supposedly, if you make one thousand origami cranes, the gods grant you a wish (i think that other versions of the legend say that you'll get health, luck and happiness)


    Before Worlds, i made a small origami swan with golden paper, folding it so the gold was showing on the neck. And we all know what happened :biggrin:

    So i took it as a good thing, and thought about doing a thousand origami swans for this season. Yuzu said once that White Legend was his favorite program, and well, we had Notte Stellata last season. A swan felt more fitting to wish for a good season filled with health, success and that smile we all love so much.


    I commented this with @yuzuangel and also @hamaguri and they kindly offered me their help in making swans.

    It doesn't stop there though :)

    Yuzuangel and i had the idea of giving the swans out to other Yuzu fans at ACI, to spread the wish. And we took it even further :) we want to reach all the competitions!

    So far we have ACI (of course), CoR (courtesy of @sallycinnamon who already got some swans mailed to her haha), Olympics and Worlds. We're still working on getting in touch with someone attending NHK, GPF and ideally Nationals (if any of you are attending and want to help, we'll be very happy haha)

    So, any of you attending the competitions we have covered so far, will probably get a swan :) they're made with love and a strong desire to see him attain his goals this season.


    Pooh drowning in some of my swans:rofl: (you can see a golden swan right on top of him):



    Some of hamaguri's swans(she said she will take out the silver one. Only gold for our Swan Overlord!):



    Yuzuangel's swans which will take a trip to Moscow :biggrin: (spot the rebel swan)


    I hope these swans can reach many Yuzu fans, and ofc i would love it if most of you attending get a swan :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:  

    As fans, i think we're always thinking of ways to support him, and we can't be in every competition (if only!) so making our wish reach as many competitions as possible in this way is another way to support our Trollzuru Hanyu. So we will let the origami swans take over the world :tumblr_inline_ncmif5EcBB1rpglid:


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