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  1. Slicked-back hair-Zuru !!!Without any hesitation
  2. I want to say something about my mood.

    Because of the terrible epidemic,I can’t go shopping or just simply go out of neighborhood.

    I don’t know when it will finish so when I was upset,I always watch  

    Hanyu’s competition.And I told it to myself - “Hanyu never gives up and always challenges himself.He has so many troubles in the life.Did he stop?Why do you think you have no hopeless?”

    Luckily,I can know Yuzuru Hanyu and depend on him to get through difficulties.:cri:

  3. Hanyu is my light,especially during the trouble time.

    I will support Yuzuru Hanyu forever because he let me know the importance of being stronger than before and the meaning of trying your best.His life is dramatic and incredible.With disaster and injuries , he never give up and became two times Olympic Champion.

    No one know what effort he did and no one know what mood he had in this OG.

    So,Hanyu,I hope him can laugh forever and reduce injuries:yuzupout:

  4. I haven’t talked online for a long time because of the awful epidemic!:yuck:
    The epidemic situation in Shanghai is very unpredictable. Recently, my community was temporarily closed. We have to do nucleic acid testing every day.


    Studying online again…I miss my schoolmates and teachers,I want to meet them (not just hearing the voice…)


    Terrible week beginning,right?

    Hope everything will be fine in the coming days.:knc_yuzu2:

  5. Today is DRAMATIC!!!Another neighborhood in my neighborhood was blocked for an hour due to the epidemic, but now it is temporarily lifted.
    Besides, we have the chemistry exam ( only 30 minutes ) Not difficult but it’s hard to say if I have a good score.

    Chinese Score:126/150

    That’s all.This week comes quickly.

    1. Emixxx


      :nod2:Forget lovely yuzu emoji

  6. One day without any exam!!!
    I jumped 416 ( 4-minute-rope-jumping) It is normal but it is the best for me.

    I made a silly mistake on Chemistry writing from memory)That’s awful and my teacher Lin asked me why I couldn’t make it all correct.(ok I will try next time)

    The epidemic in Shanghai is much worse and we need to wear masks all day.

    what’s more…the weather in Shanghai is changeable.It is strange ( this week’s temperature is over 20???)

    That’s all.:puddingpooh:

  7. Trust Yuzuru forever!!! Wish he will be lucky next time
  8. Some about today.

    First, we watched the tug of war ( grade 7 and 8 ).It is unbelievable that our tug-of-war champion was in last year.

    Next, Chinese exam…Actually we are used to having exams so it is common to us.

    Finally, the maths problem in the last class was easy enough for me to work out before finishing class!!!

    Good day:winky:

    1. Emixxx


      The meaning translated by translator is very strange...okk my English is too poor...

  9. My daily life…there are many terrible things took place this week.

    First , I hate arguement but it really happened…I didn’t join it but it made me feel bad.

    Next , I really tried to forget the sad feelings after Beijing OG but it’s difficult.

    Besides , my life is so busy that I don’t have much free time:yuck:

  10. I dreamed him for many times but I always forgot quickly. Only one I remembered… He took a message for me before the OP (so crazy !!!) Then I replied (just encouraging).That’s all , I only remember that he wore UA ( so handsome)
  11. How lucky I found this website in the end! There is so much information about Yuzu
  12. Hanyu maintains his clean jumps, uses the blade correctly, and on top of that technique, he can achieve amazing artistic expression. I don't think hanyu's ability has deteriorated in recent years. On the other hand, he become powerful and in the OP (Seimei) at the Olympics, his footwork has become more and more fluid. Yuzuru Hanyu is incredible!!!
  13. Hello everyone!!My name is Emily and thank u for looking at my introduction. My nationality is China and Hanyu is really popular in China(especially during the OG).I am 16 in this year November and I will take the high school entrance examination in June.I promise I will work hard and try my best always , just like Hanyu. I became a fan on 24th of July in 2021. I really want to meet the other fans and talk about Hanyu together. I was late to know Hanyu but luckily , I finally knew him. Exactly, I was touched by him. Sorry for my English is poor(it isn’t my first language*) Happy to meet you!!!Welcome to chat with me!!
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