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  1. Hi guys, now that ACl is fast approaching, I was wondering if anyone had any resources or blogs about common FS competition watching etiquette/what to bring to the rink? I'm quite new, so any help would be appreciated
  2. mewana

    Banana Fish

    Oh hell yeah I'm down!!! Literally looking at all of the promos is making me impatient lol.
  3. mewana

    Banana Fish

    Oh my lord I want to watch it so bad but sadly I'm an anime binger and have 0 patience. I hope the anime so far is living up to the manga!
  4. mewana


    Many of my friends are vegan, and they eventually persuaded me to become vegetarian (Sometimes I cheat with the rare fish once a month though so not fully fledged). For my whole life I haven't really been that excited about eating meat (Fried Chicken as an exception), so making the transition, especially surrounded by vegan friends, was not the most difficult for me. I don't know about ever making the transition to veganism though, b/c I love cheese/cake/cheesecake with a dying passion.
  5. Ahhhh so excited I was going to go anyways to experience my first ever FS competition since its so close to where I live, and now that there is a large spark of hope that Yuzu is going I'm just. so.. pumped!!!
  6. mewana

    K-drama & co

    Just started watching it too b/c I get sucked into historical dramas every 3 seconds lol. I find the use of english, korean and japanese throughout the drama pretty cool. Kinda feels immersive.
  7. mewana

    Banana Fish

    Ahhhhh Banana Fish was one of my fave mangas to read (i'm probs a masochist too)!!! When I heard it would be adapted like 9 million years after the manga finished I cried a little inside.
  8. mewana

    General Yuzuru Chat

    Youtube stream started!!!
  9. Ahhhh got my tickets, super excited to go to my first comp!!
  10. Hey guys what time zone does 10 am refer to for when general sales open? (MUST.GET.TICKETS >:3)
  11. mewana

    [2018] Continues~with Wings~

    @liv oh man I'm from Ontario too and its bad...... hopefully it ends soon ;-;
  12. mewana

    Music talk

    Honestly if Yuzu does any kind of mashup of any Cowboy Beebop songs (esp any of these) I'll die.