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  1. mewana

    [2018] GP Helsinki Men Free Skating

  2. mewana

    [2018] GP Helsinki - Ladies SP & FS

    OMG KAORI MEDALS YAAAAAS (Still hope for GPF ;-;)
  3. Oh my god It's also been my dream to see Yuzu do a program to literally ANY Cowboy Bebop Piece (Rain, Blue, something jazzy like Too Good Too Bad). If there's anyone who can sell Cowboy Bebop and its chaotic energy it's Yuzu.
  4. -What got you into anime? What was your first? I'm going to deviate here, but the very first manga that really got me into the manga/anime fandom was Yotsuba. Reminiscing about it and I still can't help but love these faces: -If you stopped watching/reading, what got you back into it? I stopped b/c of overload in School and overall life, but finally decided to get back into it this summer by choosing something totally outside of my typical genre list as I usually HATE Slice of life or Comedy: The Life of Saiki K. Honestly I related to the main character on a whole other 20 levels lol. (Except for the powers part..) -Do you have a favorite genre? Anything dark, depressing, tragic, epic, and challenge kuo with a real story-line. I've come to accept that I'm a Masochist . Although always up for the occasional adventure/light hearted series. My (current) fave list includes webtoons and manga since that is what I'm mostly interested in, but these are not in order since I'm fickle: 1) Bastard (Webtoon)[SOMEHOW ENCOMPASSES ALL OF MY FAVOURITE GENRES] 2) Code Geass (Anime) 3) Shinsekai Yori (Anime) 4) Hotarubi No Mori E (Anime) 5) Hunter x Hunter (Anime) 6) Gakuen Alice (Although it has the worst ending to end all endings, it's here for old times sake) 7) Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu (Anime) 8) Cowboy Beebop (Anime) 9)Saiki K. (Anime) 10) Tie between Baccano!, Durarara! and Psycho Pass (Anime)
  5. YES!!!!!!! Despite the slow pace of the drama, I never felt it was slow due to the world building and political intrigue. Although some people really got into the plot at episode 11, I was immediately sucked in by episode 1 haha. I have had so much trouble after watching Nirvana in Fire in finding something of similar epicness/caliber. (tbh it includes my favourite romantic/bromantic subplots up to date as well). Although I never rewatch shows, I think I'll definitely have to revisit it! In terms of other series, there's Nirvana in Fire 2 (Albeit I did not finish watching it, doesn't have same cast but still a great watch!). I've put a lot on hold so far but some other favourites include: Guardian (Ok despite the several plot holes and low production value, still have one of my favourite bromance/bl couple to date) Ashes of Love(Awesome world building and plot. However, I've put this one on hold for bit b/c I'm not a huge fan of love triangles and this one contains a love triangle to beat all love triangles)
  6. mewana

    Favorite Yuzuru moments

    Yuzu's "Bitch you THOUGHT" face after completing his 2017 Worlds FS.
  7. mewana

    [2018] JGP Ostrava (26.09 - 29.09)

    So excited for tomorrow! Cheering on russian tiny queen Kosto. Sincerely, huge axel jump stan
  8. Had a BLAST today, when I saw yuzu for the first time I literally did not believe he was actually real.... (That skin glow tho is in a diff dimension ). Wondering if anyone knew if there is gonna be a Men's FS practice tomorrow morning and what time he would be on?
  9. Hi guys, now that ACl is fast approaching, I was wondering if anyone had any resources or blogs about common FS competition watching etiquette/what to bring to the rink? I'm quite new, so any help would be appreciated
  10. mewana

    Banana Fish

    Oh hell yeah I'm down!!! Literally looking at all of the promos is making me impatient lol.
  11. mewana

    Banana Fish

    Oh my lord I want to watch it so bad but sadly I'm an anime binger and have 0 patience. I hope the anime so far is living up to the manga!
  12. mewana


    Many of my friends are vegan, and they eventually persuaded me to become vegetarian (Sometimes I cheat with the rare fish once a month though so not fully fledged). For my whole life I haven't really been that excited about eating meat (Fried Chicken as an exception), so making the transition, especially surrounded by vegan friends, was not the most difficult for me. I don't know about ever making the transition to veganism though, b/c I love cheese/cake/cheesecake with a dying passion.
  13. Ahhhh so excited I was going to go anyways to experience my first ever FS competition since its so close to where I live, and now that there is a large spark of hope that Yuzu is going I'm just. so.. pumped!!!