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  1. Manga jumps
    General Yuzuru Chat



    4Lo: We are always completely,
    4S (actually 4T, but reversed for grammar): firmly within
    4T (actually 4S): your mind and body,
    3A: so yeah,
    1Eu: believe!!



  2. OUCH.
    General Yuzuru Chat

    That docu was so hard to watch :sorrow:

    The way he talked... And what he said just :13877886:

    As more info comes out about those days leading up to PC i am more convinced that we witnessed a miracle.


    I was thinking about how we admire him for his mental strength and such, but in reality i think i am beginning to fully understand why he said that he isn't strong, in fact he is weak.


    He talked about dealing with the feelings of anxiety, insecurity and nervousness as the days went by and PC got closer and he realized that:

    1. The pain wasn't going away and

    2. It took him longer than expected to get back on the ice (I was particularly hit by how he said "i think i'm done" when the days went by and he couldn't stand on the ice in January).

    I suspect that he feels weak in situations like that because there are a lot of things that pile up and make the situation less than ideal for him.

    He's kind of a perfectionist so those feelings he talked about were probably caused by being in a situation he couldn't control at all, which made him feel weak because there was not much he could do. So, to regain a sense of control and try to make up for what he couldn't do, he was training his mind (studying, image training, i bet he watched his videos a thousand times to figure out what he had to do differently). It worked, as the docu said when he jumped the 4S3T: He might have not been in the best condition, but his body remembered.


    He might not consider himself a strong person at all, because he did what he thought was his only choice: Skate through the pain and ignore the anxiety, nervousness, insecurity and feelings of weakness.

    It takes a particular kind of strength to be so committed to your goal that you don't even consider other alternatives, but it's hard to recognize it.  However, he deals with "bad" feelings a lot (kuyashii, nervousness, the pressure) so it might be why he considers himself a weak person.


  3. CiONTU
    General Yuzuru Chat
    10 minutes ago, Sombreuil said:

    I’m having an extremely bad day, in an extremely bad month at the end of a horrible year.  Sat down for a break and while I wouldn’t say my bad mood has gone this conversation about costumes has definitely taken the edge off my temper - my family would thank you if they knew so on their behalf  :thanks:

    Have CiONTU~The death bits~ and bask in the glory of 23yo Strawberry/Etude/RJ Yuzu (it's from my GDrive so no risk of having it removed FOREVER)

  4. savior
    General Yuzuru Chat
    Hace 4 horas, Salior said:

    Amidst all the heat, if you come across anyone who has mass downloaded videos or who would like to contribute their videos, a group of us have set up a new bilibili channel to avoid copyright strikes and attempt to provide a safe heaven for figure skating videos. We just started, so do contact us at [email protected] if you have sources. 


    Here's the site http://space.bilibili.com/391446247. I've just subbed a CWW video here, click pink button on right for new interface so the subs will show https://www.bilibili.com/video/av38525782/ 


    Also, Lorando is trying to rebuild her videos since she had no backups, so if anyone downloaded her eng subs do let her know! 

    I just found a pendrive with all of these. (I downloaded almost everything from Pyeongchang because I needed to rewatch that competition a million times). The CIONTU videos are the full broadcasts. If any of you guys need any video from here, let me know and I'll send it to you.

    Edit: I also have Pyeongchang FS - CBC AND CCTV (Chinese) version and the full 180213 press conference





  5. Notice Us XD
    Planet Hanyu Fan Demographics
    7 hours ago, Yuzu_legend said:


    Now I’m very curious what this operation was?! :pouty:


    The notice us Yuzu operation consists of taking one of our male members, making him hold the PH banner upside down with the help of a little kid.

    We... didn't do it:13877886:

  6. Videos
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Amidst all the heat, if you come across anyone who has mass downloaded videos or who would like to contribute their videos, a group of us have set up a new bilibili channel to avoid copyright strikes and attempt to provide a safe heaven for figure skating videos. We just started, so do contact us at [email protected] if you have sources. 


    Here's the site http://space.bilibili.com/391446247. I've just subbed a CWW video here, click pink button on right for new interface so the subs will show https://www.bilibili.com/video/av38525782/ 


    Also, Lorando is trying to rebuild her videos since she had no backups, so if anyone downloaded her eng subs do let her know! 

  7. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Does someone have a link to Max's comment that Yuzu's skating is like doing ski jumping while holding a tray of sweets? (I read that once somewhere but can't remember the source). That is SO AWESOME of an analogy, I can't get it out of my head. 

  8. rank
    General Yuzuru Chat
    8 minutes ago, LadyLou said:

    (or where they 100? also @Hydroblade or any other admin, what was the whole ranking again?


    Rank name Post count


    Tissue box 50
    First Pancake 100
    Baby Swan 200
    Sparkly Ruffle 300
    Let's Go Crazy! 400
    SEIMEI 500
    3A 600
    Layback Ina Bauer 700
    4Lo 800
    Pooh by the boards 900
    Notte Stellata 1000
    Romeo and Juliet 1100
    Parisienne Walkways 1200
    Requiem for Heaven and Earth 1300
    Mewzuru Nyanyu 1400
    Poohpalooza 1500
    Purple Pantsuit 1600
    Angry Seaweed 1700
    Boobskirt 1800
    Trashbag Pants


    Pooh headband 2000
    Hope and Legacy 2100
    Ballade No. 1 2200
    4A< 2300
    4S 2400
    4Lz Hunter 2500
    SEIMEI 2.0 2600
    Ballade No. 1.3 2700
    Popstar 2800
    R+J1 Fall 2900
    4S3T 3000
    Biellmann Spin 3100
    4Lz 3200
    4T1Lo3S 3300
    Recovery 3A 3400
    #YOLO3A 3500
    Besti Squat 3600
    Inside Spread Eagle 3700
    Outside Spread Eagle 3800
    Spread Eagle Sandwich 3900
    4A 4000
    Too busy celebrating Yuzu being the GOAT 5000
    hunny pot 5100
    Quad-Quad Combination 5200
    4SLo4s Fall 5300
    4A4T 5400
    World Record 5500
    All-Quad Layout 5600
    Quad Battle 5700
    Under Armour 5800
    Quint 5900
    Absolute Chamption 6000
    Yuzusynchronous satellite 6100
    5A< 6500
    5A 7000


  9. Haru yo koi
    General Yuzuru Chat
    13 時間前, VyVy99さんが言いました:

    Here's the music. It's so dreamy :tumblr_inline_mzx8zzarLt1r8msi5:I think I can't hate this too much, the costume kinda looks like a mermaid, I hope they don't screw up somehow.



    I have seen a very good Yuzuru MAD video with this music, but I cannot find it on YouTube now :59227c768286a__s:


    I translated the lyrics as I was so moved at that time feeling it was like implying the relationship of Yuzuru and Nanami sensei. 


    "Caught in shower lit with soft light

    Winter Daphne, bringing back memories of you

    Buds with flowing tears

    Start delivering a scent one by one

    It will come across the sky

    It will come over to you someday

    Spring, I’m still waiting it to come all the way.  When I close my eyes,

    I’ll feel you near, who gave me love, your voice with old memories


    My heart has been left at you

    Still longing for reply

    Even so many years later,

    Waiting for ever, and ever

    Beyond the tomorrow

    It will reach there someday for sure

    Spring, I’m longing for it yet to see.  When I stop walking, being lost,

    Gentle gaze of you who gave me dreams will embrace my shoulders


    Dreams, shallow dreams, here still I am

    Thinking about you, I’m just walking alone

    Like flowing rain, like flowing flowers


    Spring, I’m still waiting it to come all the way.  When I close my eyes,

    I’ll feel you near who gave me love, your voice with old memories


    Spring, I’m longing for it yet to see.  When I stop walking, being lost,

    Gentle gaze of you who gave me dreams will embrace my shoulders"


    Again, I'm sure I can never be a poet :68811363:


    EDIT:  The original lyrics are written in slightly classic Japanese, so it has a sort of gentle and grace nuance.


  10. ACI
    General Yuzuru Chat



    Already on sale on 



    Enter promo code: family0918 to unlock

  11. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat

    I came out of lurking to post the interview in which he talks about some thoughts behind both LGC and H&L (as well as many other thoughts before the 2016-17 season):
    Relevant quotes include:

    Let's Go Crazy:
    "I like this kind of songs. Although I had not listened to Prince before, this is the kind of song used for ice show opening or finale. I myself enjoy it, and I want to show it in a cool way, and I really like to be in unison with the music; it suits me."
    "It has some Japanese melody line, things that are in nature, the wind, the trees, the water; I would like to express these things of nature. In this sense, it is also connected to last year’s exhibition 'Requiem of Heaven and Earth’; so for the free, I want to gather together all the things I have experienced until now, and level it up further."
    "Inside me, I have clearly decided the theme but it is not conceptualised in words, it is not something concrete but something abstract, it can be taken in any way."

    and it looks like someone else got the link to the post about gender presentation before I could!

  12. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    6 minutes ago, WinForPooh said:

    @valkyrie My woolly brain is mixing up you and @SparkleSalad because sparkle used to be Wakababy. :facepalm: I can tell between all the different Yuzus just fine, but apparently there's only room in my head for one Wakaba.


    :tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:I'll just have to start using sparkle quotes in all my posts.:tumblr_inline_mueoe3Yabh1qdlkyg:

  13. Requiem T^T
    General Yuzuru Chat
    15 минут назад, Elle сказал:


    Don't! It's too soon and if u say it it becomes worse :8:

    Btw, that step sequence... I cried.



    Just dropping here for a second to say that in the very beginning of this video Russian commentator with enormous sensibility - which is a bit unusual - doesn't comment about silver or mistakes, but says: "Still the only one and great. Unique! Samurai with the face of a child....Yuzuru Hanyu!" And I start to cry already since that moment. 

  14. Yuzuru and HP
    What Hogwarts house would Yuzu belong to?

    Yuzuru has traits from every house. For sure the Sorting Hat would have a problem with him. So it would probably ask him where he wants to be sorted. I imagine it would look something  like that:

    *Yuzuru ignoring traits of every house. Using his deduction and observation skills*

    Yuzuru: Blue is my lucky color. Did you see most of my costumes? Also I already have a lot of ravenclawish neckties. 

    Sorting hat: Okay. Ravenclaw then...

    Yuzuru: Noo. Let me think a little bit more. Bees are cute. Bees are black and yellow. Just like Hufflepuff crest. You know what else is yellow? Pooh-san

    Sorting Hat: So you want to be in Huffle..

    Yuzuru: Wait... Snakes are cute too. Did you know that the there are 725 species of venomous snakes? Or that they don't have eyelids. They smell through their tongue.
    *insert random snake facts*

    ~after 5 minutes

    Sorting Hat: Is Slytherin your final decision?

    Yuzuru:  I just realized that there's silver in Slytherin crest. I hate silver. I love gold. You know who has gold in their crest? Gryffindor! And red is my favourite color

    Sorting hat:

    Yuzuru: :winky:

    Sorting hat: I give up. Go away



    So Yuzuru had to go to a different school of magic. His new school has 6 houses: Toeloop, Salchow, Rittberger, Lutz, Flip and Axel. He was sorted into Axel house which was named after its founder - Axel Paulsen. He will do anything to learn the most powerful of spells:  quadruple axel...

  15. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat
    5 minutes ago, MrPudding said:

    the idea of the ice show without him skating feels like he saw our posts about just wanting him to come out and sit on a chair playing around during galas and we'd already be satisfied :smiley-laughing021:

    Well, we did say something about suspecting he lurks... maybe if not personally, his antenna beams just lurk everywhere.

    Kind of like:

    Yuzu: *closes eyes, puts fingers to side of head* Let's see what is the interwebs saying now....

    Yuzu: *hair strands start standing up into antenna formation* Let's  see...pride at my medal, naturally...hmm, some anger at antis, oh....jokes about the purple pants and me doing POTO 2.0, nah why are they thinking that? ....oh, some suggestions that I act as a commentator for ice shows....

    Yuzu: *opens eyes, hair antennas flatten* Not a bad idea...I fulfill both obligations to sponsors and fulfill the wishes of fans in one move...


    *If he does lurk, I wonder if I'm mostly known as the weirdo who makes too many jokes at his expense* :headdesk2:


  16. A new chapter ;;_;;
    General Yuzuru Chat

    Okay I know we're all losing our shit bc yuzu is STILL practicing on a bad ankle (like someone stop him from doing all these jumps, why hasnt he gone to get that xrayed asap, I seriously don't get it LOL), but ever since his gold medal win and after all the interviews that followed of him saying he's truly happy and satisfied for the first time in his career after finally achieving his dream etc etc, seeing all the footage these past 2 days of him practicing for the gala just feels so incredibly freeing, like you can physically see the weight just lifted off his shoulders after all these years??? I've honestly never seen him practice or simply be in such an uninhibited way, no tension, no traffic jam in his mind, no pressure, just having fun and laughing at himself and his silly mistakes and joking around the entire time, start to finish !!! I've watched countless practice fancams of yuzuru throughout the years, and this is the first and only time I've ever seen him having fun and genuinely enjoying himself without any burdens?? Without those moments where you can see his mind switching back into work mode, like, "Okay, that's enough fooling around for now, x competition is coming up, gotta practice so and so bc it's still not good enough, etc."


    And I know a lot of things have been bittersweet lately what with this being the end of an era, but I truly love and appreciate that he doesn't have to feel the pressure or the need to sacrifice anything to achieve any enormous, long term goals anymore—whether that be something as simple as laughing with his coaches while training or with bigger things like calculating how he spends his pastime, he doesn't need to do that anymore! Like this boy has really, seriously sacrificed the most and prioritized the hell out of every aspect of his life for that one dream, so it makes me so stupidly emotional that now that he's achieved what he wanted, he can finally live and do things without the need to hold back or push anything/anyone away. It breaks me that javi won't be around for this new chapter of yuzu's life where he can finally just let go (or maybe he will be! I really hope so ;_; we'll just have to see with time I guess?), and it's also super bittersweet knowing that things are gonna change from here on out, but I'm just alkgjelkgj SO HAPPY !!! that yuzu is genuinely happy, that's all I could ask for! You can really see that he's enjoying skating and everything around him, whenever, wherever, and it's like we're finally seeing this whole new, more open and unrestrained side to yuzu that's just living in the most carefree way he's never allowed himself to. It feels like a breath of fresh air!

  17. General Yuzuru Chat
    General Yuzuru Chat



  18. Crazy Yuzu
    General Yuzuru Chat

    For the doubters and to further develop what Aotoshiro said, let me present you with a concise list of Yuzu′s more crazy achievements:


    2012 Worlds - won the free skate with a sprained ankle that kept him off the ice for four weeks after the competition


    2013 Worlds - won the free skate (was it?) with ankle pain in one leg and knee pain in the other


    2014 Cup of China - finished second overall, despite cuts on chin and forehead, that needed multiple stitches each, deep muscle pain in one thigh, a sprained ankle and bruised stomach/ribs and 5 falls, out of which two on quads


    2014 Grand Prix Final - won, despite not having much time to practice and practicing alone, without Brian. Also won despite stomach aches that then made the trip home almost unbearable.


    2014 Japan Nationals - won, despite an open, bleeding and infected wound in his stomach. Went straight to the hospital and got surgery a couple of days later.


    2015 Worlds - second - and not by that huge a margin - despite only being able to practice for around a week before the competition, due to multiple complications and spraining an ankle while trying to hurry to recover after his surgery.


    2015 - NHK Trophy, GPF - world record breaking performances despite the developing lisfranc injury (he won′t admit how bad it was at that point already, but it probably at least hurt).


    2016 Worlds - won the SP despite the lisfranc injury which was bad by then. He still finished second (and the FS issues were probably more due to accumulated mental problems, including the stress of the injury and having to drop the toeloop, than the injury itself), although by then he feared he wouldn′t be able to skate again. Was off the ice for six weeks after that.


    2017 Worlds - won the FS (and we can argue the SP issues were unrelated) despite an asthma attack two weeks prior and being unable to practice with music on (maybe in a few years we′ll know just how many days of practice he managed then; we might have another >>>.<<< moment then)


    2018 ACI - SP World Record despite being off the ice for a week as caution for a potential knee problem. FS issues due to having to simplify his program and not being used to the layout rather than off ice time or knee problems.


    Ok, for quite a few of those he didn′t really have much in the way of rivals (it was either just Javi, which means second is the worst he could do, or not really anyone in Javi-less competitions), but still!


    Anyone who can look at that and honestly write Yuzu off... well there′s nothing more I can say. Of course, anything can happen. I wonder how many thought, after 4CC last year that Nathan wouldn’t even podium at Worlds? But that can happen to any of them.

    For all we know, Adam could win the Olympics, followed by Misha and Keiji. Or someone we don′t even really know. Anything can happen, but that’s no reason to write someone off.


    On the other hand, considering we keep getting people worried and wondering, maybe we should make a “Yuzu’s chances at the Olympics” thread and compile pro and con arguments for success. Then, when people feel worried they can go there and see the arguments. (I’m not a big fan of the waves of anxiety that keep popping up, but it is natural for people to worry and not everyone follows the General Thread)


    (Also, if I got any fact wrong, please let me know. I wrote it all from memory, as I have to go to work and don't have time to double check ^_^; )

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