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  1. a wink would do right or is it just for a certain skaters too? but really what can you do? twizzle was gorgeous and creative and that jump has everything you can asked for i'm
  2. He recently elected to the ISU Athletes Commission right? Nice choice, well suited to isu
  3. Is it that subjective? I mean even without icescope or sensors you can sense a huge jump or can see transitions and skating skills. To me those are the least subjective ones among other PCs
  4. There has been a in my mind. Okay so i was thinking why it was 0 in sp and when he people made mistake in the fp it still counts and was like I’ve never think sp as a much strickt program and free well “free” lol Its funny how i just noticed that but i haven’t paid attention to the layouts when i first started watching it was all about element quality Blue for skating (for ana) red for cm (for gana) Both suits him well
  5. Yup i noticed that too but to me stiff hands and arms are much bigger turn off than not pointed toes and down shoulders (etude photo is beautiful chopin is gorgeous, his position is firm but hards are so relaxed and soft)
  6. Question: does corret axis and posture is when your spine is perpendicular to the ice? Because i like Yuzu’s little tilt the most and perpendicular ones are kind of ugly looks more stiff. I mean when yuzu is a little tilted he get much more distance on the jumps and much better flow when exit but when i see some other which is not tilted its kind of has less flow as if they are just jumping where they are and falling the same position and its not that artistic imo
  7. yup me too ISU needs to listen, if they haven't muted it already
  8. Okay let alone the number of comments, the 100s of likes on comments?! what kind of solidarity is that XD
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