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  1. This group is so good! I mean Misha, Kevin and now Boyang...
  2. Oh yesss! Clean! and I almost missed it, because I was cooking lunch.
  3. Okay, I love The Greatest Showman soundtrack, but he makes it look...boring. Still, nice skate.
  4. I really like Langer! But, when Kamberska is commenting, I usually switch to ok.ru...
  5. I'm finally catching something live. Please don't mess up Kenji! Also, Verner is commencing on Czech TV, yay!
  6. Confession: I like both of his costumes. (yes, even The yellow pants)
  7. The only guy with clean jumps so far. Nearly falls in choreo sequence. XD
  8. Is it just me or is the camera work really better than yesterday?
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